56 thoughts on “analysis on how low UGAZ could go….plus a great natural gas trading strategy.

  1. Took a trade on DGAZ today @ 119.29, still long. Setting my stop @ break even for now. Will probably exit my position tomorrow to lock in profits. Keeping an eye on my 21MA and using it as a support on the 15 min chart.

  2. Great video bro. I think itll gap down until the day before the report tbh. I think itll get bullish sometime on wednesday and shoot up on thursdays report.
    I shorted 2 NG futures on friday and am holding them until wednesday πŸ™‚
    P.S. Have you discussed the correlation between the s&p500 and NG?

  3. Today ruined my whole swing trade strategy. Lol. I am at a small loss now but I will see how the week plays out. I'll take my losses if I have to as they are minimal.

  4. No upside until Thursday… maybe… it will ping off your red line sometime between tomorrow and Thursday. Dont bet against the trend when no resistance or support.
    Got long 30 on GASX late Friday, got every bit of today and still in! If check out the charts on the drilling companies they all set up to drop another 5% or the first draw, whichever comes first.

  5. Very interesting second part on options. I've never taken the time to sit down and learn about them, glad you snuck this in there.

  6. Nice information man. I really appreciate these videos. Thanks for more info about options. As I buy & sell options. But dont know about them. I just grab a few bucks here & there. Made 20% on an $Acb put in the last 2 days…as that stock is falling hard. Thanks once again!

  7. Made a few bucks on DGAZ in at 110 out at 118 and made quite a few on LK today too…thanksπŸ‘πŸΌ
    Great explanation on options it's making sense now but need a few more examples!

  8. I traded Dgaz today only because I help ugaz over the weekend. Sold my ugaz for a loss – 200$ and bought Dgaz at 119 sold at 124 for +100$. Alittle upset but what can you do right?

  9. This was the dip I was looking for. I cracked this ugaz code. All you have to do is the opposite of what everyone thinks. Nibbling now!! Nibble mode engaged!

  10. By Wednesday before close we should see the price movement to the upside.
    But if cotinine to drop it wl be no upside till next year.

  11. Still cash but nibble ready, let adds run while I read some posts
    So when putting support levels on ugaz chart do I have to put them at a slant to account for decay?

  12. Thanks for mixing in some options commentary. I sold 5 UNG 19 PUTS in October that just expired worthless last Friday for a nice $555 profit. Definitely a favorite way of mine to enter positions if put to me, or just collect the premium and move onto next opportunity.

  13. i bought more UGAZ, may double down tomorrow, also started collecting 5 shares of TVIX per day, you can't relay on the weatherman to foretell the future of worldwide commodities. (also, you can modify some options contracts to be how ever many shares you want, just change the number of shares to 50 from 100 for example)

  14. Still no forecast for net/net storage…. I'm estimating a net draw of -8 bcf for Thursday and this is derived from the HDD and weather along with last week's drop to a net of +3 on an estimate of +45. We shall see. LOL ACTUALLY, last week's +3bcf is very interesting and bullish when you compare it to last year on 11/15. We'll make our money as long as you settle for less than you planned. Whatever you do, don't say "I'll hang on to UGAZ until next winter!!!!" You will die the death of 10,000 ant bites

  15. Too many people who are looking for easy money will get burnt. This is not an investment. This is a day trading vehicle. You were right about DGAZ as it has been moving upwards. I traded DGAZ but got out for a profit too early. Let the other daytraders take the risk. I am out for now.

  16. Interesting topic i am very new at this i am just studying and trying to learn some from ur videos altho i am interested in penny stocks but i need to learn ur style too Thank u for good contents Mahalo from Waikiki

  17. Do you really expect gaps and moving averages in UGAZ and DGAZ to control the prices of NG futures? Gaps in UGAZ and DGAZ occur because their official trading hours are just a fraction of the futures trading day, those gaps may have been filled in the futures market, or even after hours not shown on daily chart. The 3X leveraged derivative tail doesn't wag the commodity futures dog. I would just pay attention to the gaps in the futures chart, in fact base all U and D trades on the futures chart. Just sayin'. Thanks for the vid.

  18. Hey All, I only trade the 1 year 1 day chart on ugaz dgaz look at it study it you will see the clear trends about every 21-25 days switch from one to the other ugaz dgaz

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