American Pickers: Mike Makes a Trade (Season 18, Episode 1) | History

– You’re always riding in style,
man. BOBBY GREEN: Thanks. Although, I don’t know. I’ve thought about
selling this, because– – Really?
– –I have too many projects. You’re going to sell this? I might. I might. What’s the I might price? Um, I’ve got– I mean, I’ve got a lot into it. MIKE WOLF: I bet. You know, um, but
I’d to get $40 for it. $40K. Yeah. Just because it’s got
all the bells and whistles. It’s turnkey, ready to go. MIKE WOLF: Throwing that
truck in front of me is like throwing a piece
of meat in front of a dog. BOBBY GREEN: Look at that. Yeah. MIKE WOLF: That is smoking. We’re hanging out with
my buddy, Bobby Green. He just showed us one
of the baddest looking Ford trucks I’ve ever seen. Look at that, Frank. BOBBY GREEN: Oh, the
interior is my favorite part. FRANK FRITZ: Oh, yeah. BOBBY GREEN: It’s
all vintage leather. And it even has a brand
in it, like the boss. MIKE WOLF: So you have,
Frank– the hide’s branded. FRANK FRITZ: I know.
I see that. I like the way it’s stitched. BOBBY GREEN: And
it smells so good. It smells like– Smells good. It’s got the ’54
Dodge baby hemi, the Chevy 12 bolt rear-end. The paint’s got the right
amount of stank on it. The leather inside is amazing. This build is exactly
what I would do. – So you like this truck?
– Yeah. I love the truck.
– Oh. $40K, I mean– believe me, I’m not
discounting that at all. I’ve been there.
I’ve built stuff. It’s like– FRANK FRITZ: It costs. –I know every inch of this
is– it’s perfection, man. Yeah. Well, I owe you $30. And I’d rather not pay you. Right. So you’re talking– We could do a trade
on the bike if you want. Then I owe you $10K. – Yeah.
– Man. I don’t know.
Let me think about that. Yeah, don’t think
too hard about it. You should drive it, because
you’ll either love it or you’ll hate it. – Can we hop in and drive it?
– Yeah. You can drive it.
Sure. Go around back a few times. All right. [music playing] MIKE WOLF: Woo Yeah. You can tell it’s got
some horses underneath. FRANK FRITZ: He said
take it around the block a couple times on the– MIKE WOLF: He didn’t say
take it around the block. FRANK FRITZ: I thought he did. MIKE WOLF: He said
take it for a drive. This truck is built to drive. It’s not built to
hot rod around town. It doesn’t have a great
big huge motor in it. We get out on the
interstate, no problem keeping up with traffic. [bang] – Gah.
– Oh. Whoa. That was a biggie. MIKE WOLF: Break us in half.
You like it? I was kind of
counting on that $30– – It’s got of a–
– $30 grand. [horn] BOBBY GREEN: What, did
you guys drive to Vermont? MIKE WOLF: We had
to shake it down. I know that everything
on this truck has been done the way
it should be done. So you’re at– you’re
at $10 more on that. If I give $10 more on
that, then we’re good. Yeah.
I would have to. And that’s really less than
probably what I have into it. The way I’m kind
of looking at it is– FRANK FRITZ: Plus,
we have to ship it. He’s style cramping me,
telling me how much money I’m going to spend in shipping. FRANK FRITZ: No he’s
just trying to– he’s trying to put in perspective.
– Yeah. Yeah. The last time I had a
vehicle shipped from the coast, I had it shipped from Oregon. It was $1,700. – Yeah, that’s actually good.
– Is it? Yeah. Usually it’s about $2,200. So you think it’s $2,200
to ship that from here? – It could be.
– To like say Nashville? – Why don’t you drive it home?
– That’s an in– – Drive it home?
– Drive it home. – You think it would make it.
– Yeah. FRANK FRITZ: A lot
of guys are into– MIKE WOLF: What do
you think, Frankie? What did you think of it? I thought it a great truck. I know you can’t
build it for $40. BOBBY GREEN: No. I mean, you know,
I mean, it’s– I really built that track just
as a keeper for life, you know. Build it as good as I can
and make it super reliable. I mean, look. I have never– I have not
put the truck on the market. I haven’t even
thought about selling it until just a few days ago. So I don’t know. Life’s all about timing. Yeah. MIKE WOLF: In a business
that’s driven by passion, and if that passion goes away,
then my business goes away. It’s a nice truck. FRANK FRITZ: It’s nice. MIKE WOLF: I can’t believe
you’re going to sell it. BOBBY GREEN: Tomorrow
I might change my mind. I might not want to sell it. MIKE WOLF: Is it a good decision
to trade the Indian four cylinder that I was
going to make $30K on and then owe him
$10 for the truck? It is right now. You going to do it? Doing it.
I’m doing it. – All right.
– Woo. – You got yourself a good truck.
– I’m doing it. Oh, my gosh.
I’m doing it. MIKE WOLF: Aah. On this deal, all I’m
doing is moving money. All of these things,
we’re caretakers of for a short amount of time. Right now, it’s my turn. Woo. BOBBY GREEN: The truck
leaving is going to be tough. I’m probably going to get
hit with regret tomorrow. But I think what
I’ll do is I’ll just sit on this motorcycle
for a couple of hours and then I’ll forget about it.

65 thoughts on “American Pickers: Mike Makes a Trade (Season 18, Episode 1) | History

  1. I don't think I could have made that deal. I love trucks so much, I'm afraid to sale them . Especially if I had a classic that old, I would never let it go

  2. mike spent 22800 for that bike and trded it for 30k made 7200 so for the truck he actually spent about another 2800 so it isnt bad at all

  3. Choosing a Truck over indian motor good choice, for me i'll take the truck much safer, protection from weather and versatility wise

  4. The Indian 4 was clearly worth the 30K. The truck, isn't rare, isn't hard to find, isn't even that nice. Paying 40K for it was a very bad decision.

  5. People forget Mike collects motorcycles and has several Indian motorcylces in his collection, ones older and in better condition. So for him he basically traded off a double and in return got a vintage truck, upgraded and customized the way he would of done it. The vintage leather interior alone probably cost 2-5000.

  6. First things first, get rid of the mopar power plant in favor of a FORD power plant (a Ford in a Ford like it should be) then get rid of the junk Garbage Motors rearend in favor of a Ford 9" posi….THEN he'd have a nice truck….

  7. I’m old and disabled, certainly not affluent and rarely able to get out and enjoy life. In my eighth decade of living, I haven’t driven for years now but I enjoy watching Mike and Frank buying and selling ANYTHING. They amuse me, enlighten me and often feature Danielle who is a real favorite of mine. Great fun guys! This show is why I watch this channel!

  8. I absolutely love this truck and the flat green paint also the vintage leather just ties everything together beautifully I'm hey antique truck lover this one is definitely a truck I would love to have and I think it's a great price because it's turn key ready to go I didn't see anything but it needed just beautiful

  9. My dad had a 40 ford pickup I love it but would want the flat head ford, I hate when they put other brand parts on antiques.

  10. I love to watch Mike and Frank they sure fine beautiful pieces of art but that truck oh my Lord absolutely beautiful 😍

  11. I sold my ford pinto a couple years ago and an Oldsmobile. They're good cars but I wish I would have kept them after I restored them.

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