Ainslie Intelligence, Weekly Digest. AI Trading Signals.

Hello and welcome to the Ainslie Intelligence Trading Signals update. The AI has held its
June 20th buy signal for Bitcoin price in Aussie dollars and despite seeing the market
retrace, still remains profitable on the trade. Bitcoin’s price appears to be piggybacking
on the sentiment surrounding Facebook’s Libra currency. The price has steadily decreased
since the US Senate hearing on the company’s proposed entry into the crypto market. STEPH
Both our XRP trading pairs have experienced gains after they followed Bitcoin’s rise over
the last 3 months. Both our AUD and USD based XRP pairs benefitted from significant gains
during the bull run, however, the AI chose to trade each using a different strategy and
approach to the trade. For XRP in Aussie, the AI opted to buy on
the 10th of May and hold long term contributing to is overall return of 134% and outperformance
of 159.4%. On the other hand, our AI decided that for
XRP in USD it would be better to be active during this period, finding small gains and
taking few losses throughout the duration of the volatility. One of its best trades
was the sell on July 10th when it made 21.2% on the asset’s sharp decline. Our XRP USD
pair now has an overall return of 71.1% and outperformance of a buy and hold strategy
by 10.7%. CHRIS
The crypto markets are our best performers thanks to the markets characteristically large
and volatile price action. We had some excellent results in protecting capital throughout the
crypto bear market last year, and have seen pairs such as XRPAUD and ETHUSD find over
100% profits in the recent bull run in the market.
Traditional markets are also very strong performers. In fact, the AI’s performance in traditional
markets is just as commendable because they are typically harder to predict and to consistently
outperform. Of particular note is our Crude Oil pair.
That’s us for this week. For more information get in contact via one of the methods on screen.
Happy trading.

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