78 thoughts on “Advice to new silver and gold stackers by Illuminati Silver

  1. Great vid … very true about the future … slow and steady wins the race with this investment …. BUT don't miss out of the other opportunities presenting themselves!
    Why isn't saving/investing course's in grade school ?

  2. Very good advice. Thumbs up!  Best I can say is to keep gold/silver below 10% of net assets. There is no point of holding more.

  3. I enjoy your videos very much so. I find them to be a much-needed balance to all the ubiquitous Schiff videos, and of course the anti-PM crowd. However, in such a greedy world as ours, and in an often shady industry, I cannot help but ponder your motivation in taking the time to make these videos. Is this a public service? You're clearly not after fame or money… or will you have some service or product to offer in the future?

    Regardless, I will continue to enjoy your videos.

  4. I sure hope the price does drop to $12/oz it will give us all an opportunity to bring down our cost /oz average.

  5. Good video. I agree with most of it. But, I don't see silver depleting in 30 years. Good advice not to give in to wild predictions or think long term.

  6. Man, I hope you're right a lot of highly respected people are saying the dollar crashes this year and I haven't even stacked a 100 ounces.

  7. Another good video, thanks for the opinion.  I agree with your thoughts about what will happen if silver went to $50 next year, I'd be selling a good portion of my holdings just as I did the last time it went to close to 50.  I sold several rolls of Eagles that I bought in the early 2000's for about $180 for $900.  It was just too tempting to make almost 5 times what I bought them for.  I didn't sell everything though, because I thought it might go higher and wanted to hang on to some (hindsight is 20/20).  So now I'm back to just slow accumulation and waiting.  It's a good way to save too, because I'm buying something that I know I will be able to sell for at worse case a small loss, at best case a large gain.  Should just be a relatively small part of your investing strategy though.  Keep up the entertaining videos.

  8. Thank you for your videos. I have been looking to start on gold and silver and am glad to have found you. I also like the way you present, possibly because as well as being very clear, you remind me of the narrator from Bagpuss!

  9. Sounds like good viewpoint on considering silver to me.I'm taking the slow train and buying some on a regular basis and accumulating over time.If there is a spike up I will sell a portion , save those funds and buy when the price drops. That will compound my amount of silver in a positive way.

  10. so true…watching all of these videos of people opening up packages reminds me of my toddler watching surprise egg toys being opened up.  Only difference is that the silver packages smell rotten when the prices are going to $10-12.

  11. I have just discovered your channel and have found it very helpful. Thank you for bringing a voice of reason to the PM youtube community.

  12. Nice Video.  I am 52.  Sounds like from your perspective, I should lower my investment into Silver.  I love stacking, and collecting Numismatic Gold and Silver, so I will keep accumulating.  I wish  I had at a lower price point.

  13. I'm buying monthly and will continue to buy for at least the next 5 years. Keeping metals around 10 percent of total investments. If I don't sell during my retirement, my kids will inherit to do as they please.

  14. Well you are ass up an many levels: firstly any fiat that you price metals in is a creation of satans.Gold and silver are the work of Jehovah God he placed here for us as money and trade.
    There is no paper price which would be acceptable to any intelligent man; facing the future of paper/digital assets when all is lost.
    It will not matter to me if the place a unit value on say siler of one unit, but my background suggest that home prices will at that stage be in the low hundred units…
    Your south of London voice does not impress me. I have studied metals since back in the 70s, did you?

  15. So then, how are we to be sure YOU have NO agenda? Perhaps you are advising us NOT to "go all in" yet YOU are? Maybe you want the gold/silver for yourself? What proof can YOU provide that YOU are, in fact, being truthful? Why should we put our trust/faith in what you say? Inquiring minds want to know…

  16. Spot on. Not sure if we will around in 30yrs though due to war. Great to finally hear the truth though.  Well done.

  17. several sites I've looked at today for coins and bars are showing shortages.  Bars/coins that were available last week, are no longer available 'out of stock'……..

  18. I subscribed. I always value alternative viewpoints and your sentiments echo my instincts. Your advice does seem altruistic, as well and I love how you post links to other topics of great interest. Thanks.

  19. I think you are right about not attempting to make a quick kill in gold and silver but I think your investment timeline suggestion is off. Prices will go up within a shorter time. I speak with channeled spirit and they say that many great changes are coming between now and 2020 and silver will be needed for new uses. And they say that we will be going back to a gold standard.

  20. Since the collapse is planned, orchestrated, I'd listen to the stupid illuminate guy.  You'll need cash to live off of until they are done with whatever they are planning; and a gold/silver standard is, while welcomed, not necessarily the next currency.

  21. I appreciate the very useful information shared in this video. My man, you have just earned yourself a new sub!

  22. We are literate British gentlemen. Please look up the true meaning of Illuminati and all will be revealed, and then your insult has no legs.

  23. who are you talking about, oh let's see….Mike Moloney, Peter Schiff…..those guys should be arrested

  24. I stack just to look at my savings in a physical stand point I really don't care about the price so as long as its below 20 bucks I might pay a little more for a round only cause I like it but as an e-recycler I see less electronics to recycle then b4 so I see a significant decline in refurbished silver and gold supply going to all three shops I frequent is all down by as much as 40% which is a significant drop in recycled goods so I think there is a lot more problims with the supply then explained but we have a flat world economy for now 2 years I think hedge funders are starting to get nervous look at jp morgan and some of the other banks they are stacking as though armegeddon is going to really happen for that ill follow the money im going to push more since the big boys are ive always learned follow the money and the banks are where the money is

  25. New to the pm's market, I have watched a ton of youtube videos and have seen some of those you call pumpers and dumpers. I tend to agree with your view on silver and gold, and am working on long term saving with silver and gold. I am glad i ran across your channel and that of freedomforceusa. Thank you for the great information, and videos.

  26. I fall into this category, so thank you very much for sharing your logical and thoughtful opinion and advice. I will save this video to talk some sense into me when I've had a few beers and start salivating on the silver stackers forum trading page!!! Thanks for this resource!

  27. Thanks for the video and advise. I believe there is much more supply than what is told. But it is a form of savings and I enjoy collecting. The Lunar goat a nice touch as well.

  28. I agree that silver is a long term investment and you should cost average… But silver supply has peaked, the easy silver is long gone,  demand has increased, there are no stock piles and true total mining cost are$70… So why is the price low??? That is why you buy silver, because it is artificially being held down and will spring much higher some day….. It is being leveraged over a 100 times and the silver ratio is way off… just getting to 9-1 will get us over 100 silver today…..  but it could happen next month or in 10 years but it is happening, so put some money on that train and wait it out…..

  29. Not a shortage in silver, eh? While things have changed somewhat in the month since you posted, even at that point COMEX held less than 2% of the open interest as deliverable (and who knows how much of that is encumbered with multiple ownership claims) there was a noticeable and growing shortage at the retail level and market manipulations were blatant. In the month since you posted, it is all the same only more so. Also, I wouldn't trust bankers or ex-bankers who hide their identities to give honest advice in regards to precious metals in any case. Lastly, while you make some truthful points – a classic tactic of the Big Lie – you offer no supporting evidence for your sweeping statements.

    Short version, you are somewhere in the disinformation sphere. Is that an ad hominem? Maybe, but, if so, it is a supportable attack.

  30. who knows!!! federal reserve has its own route,federal government is doing whatever it wants, the republican congress is doing absolutely nothing(as trump and Ted cruz have pointed out,)….so disappointed in our congress and the people are not being heard,this makes people like Dr.Paul craig Roberts look like a genius(very smart man in his own right)……how can we be free when an entity like the federal prints our money,they are not part of the government..we have been bought………gold and silver and a gun is not overreacting in my opinion…..it seems so clear that something bad is coming down. I just started getting some silver,saving up for my first one ounce of gold,in the meantime prices keep falling….Who Knows !!!

  31. Oh, good grief, Man. You display such a narrow perspective.

    Stackers are not necessarily Investors, only so, as a back-up to "cover". Stackers are looking beyond "the Dollar" System. Your own premise? "what if (silver) appeciated to $50 or $100" would they sell? Well, the Wise would surmise, it may go to $500US or $5000US or $5,000,0000US. Correct?

    My Silver will be bartered outside any Monetary Sytem. By Me or my heirs. So when the sheeple are using Dollar stacks for kindling, Silver (may) buy You a Life extending Fowl.

  32. If the Staff of "Illuminati Silver" really wish to wallow in the Modern Economic Sytem, please elaborate.
    U.S. Coin or (Round) Stackers pay 0% Income Tax, on CAPGAINs at exchange. Bullion Bars, however, exchange at a 28% I-T Rate to Gain! Correct?
    This is most pertinent, and I suspect "gaurded", info.

  33. Awesome vid, im starting my own silver channel, iv just posted my first vid! be posting more with better quality and picture size soon! feel free to visit my channel and subscribe 🙂


  34. Good general advice. I had to watch a lot of garbage from the gold and silver pumpers to arrive at the same conclusion you succinctly stated in six minutes.

  35. something I have always done in my life is listen to myself and do what I feel is best for me. So past entertainment the message is just that. I am not referring to PM's either.

  36. "If it were not for people like you, listening to this message, who went out and bought physical silver coins and bars providing 75% increase in purchases, then silver will have lost it's lustre some time ago…." My question to you is: as currencies around the globe decay – people tend to flock to metals to secure their wealth – If just us few watching the video can account for a 75% increase then how much of an increase can be expected as the World watches your video? Or another way to ask the same question: As currencies fail and metals are purchased then what kind of an increase would that cause?

  37. Boy , people put $15000 a year into silver and if u EVEN THINK of telling these people to pull back on silver these poor ppl. spew venom in yur direction SWEARING U R A LIAR but just won't take YOUR ADVICE INTO CONSIDERATION who knows u might b right !I hope u aren't i have considerable money tied up ! Lol Ty for saying to hell with your NEW ENEMIES and helping ppl. Anyways !!! Ty again

    And please…..knock off your ridiculous accent.

  39. My understanding is that investing in metals is safe because when the economy collapses, cash will be worthless. Why hold onto it? You're giving bad advice.

  40. Some people don't care about the price of gold silver. They just buy them every once awhile. Those people are real smart. But remember US had history about taking all the gold from the citizen please don't forget about it.

  41. So refreshing to hear a voice of reason in the wilderness.
    It seems that there are many after hearing good advise, will still make decision based on what they WISH to occur. Thanks as always… for your "compos mentis".

  42. Sounds very familiar, whether it's gold, silver, stocks, etc. They're in all the various markets. Thank you for this video!

  43. Investment advice from a banking background??? Yeah Right!
    I could place all my money into bullion over the next ten years, and even if I lost 20% in value I would still be better off than putting it in a bank!

  44. Wow, I only wish that channels like this one showed higher in the results when new stackers are getting into stacking for the first time. While I do agree with a lot of what the “pumpers” are saying… I have also started to investigate what they are selling before taking any advice from them. Thank you Illuminati Silver! I have watched 5 videos since I found this channel and am already 200% more educated than the whole month I have been studying the precious metals markets……

  45. Investing in silver is the way to go of any investment in the world right now. Whoever owns it will be rich some day. The ones that don't will be broke. Even Warren Buffet who hates to invest in commodities bought some silver but someone supposedly made him sell all of it as they didn't want people hoarding people into silver. Its definitely 10x better then gold and the silver to gold ratio makes silver an extreme bargain. You guys keep talking about prices they dont' matter. Silver is going through the roof. When? Dont know but point is it will.

  46. Great video I was thinking stack silver for a minimum of 10 years the year recommending 15 so perhaps I need to rethink but at the age of 55 15 years is a stretch : )

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