Advantages & Disadvantages of Owning 100 oz Silver Bullion Bars As Seen On Fox News and Alex Jones!

hey guys what’s going on Pete Olsson the Montana silver stacker hope everyone out in YouTube world is doing fantastic it is Wednesday today into 26th and I am doing a video on the advantages and disadvantage of disadvantages of stacking 100 ounce silver bullion bars and I’ve got three 100 ounce bars one two three they’re all the same kind from from OPM and I do there’s a lot of reasons than I do it I’d like to be diversified we’ll show you the metals here quickly but I like to be diversified in my silver gold medals holdings if you will and when I say diversified I’d like to have one ounce 5 ounce 10 ounce kilos 100 ounce I’d like to have rounds and bars I like to have bullion I like to have government mint I like to have semi numismatic coins I like to have you know proof 70 low mintage numismatic point because the appreciation etc etc but I’ve got three 100 ounce bars of silver and the reason guys and let me show you this one and they are heavy man this is from OPM and just a beautiful beautiful bar the advantages of the hundred ounce bars is that a they store very very neatly put my hand are big that’s so heavy they store in your safe so neatly and it’s squarely in there and you know just easy to stack in there it makes it very very simple so that’s number one number two very small train Ian’s over spot you can get the you know some of the best prices in the world on 100 ask it’s a lot easier for them sell all this in one big bar then it is two individual individual realms number three it just as I mentioned it’s great to be diversified I think it’s great to have everything you know you know as far as the metals are concerned so number four I like it just in case down the road guys there’s a you know a huge purchase that you know I would like to make and this would make it easier I mean it’s very possible as mike maloney and david morgan somebody even talked about that you know a few ounces of silver could buy a house one day or a tract of land etc etc so a hundred ounce bar would could could buy you something absolutely enormous you know but you want that you want to do etc etc you don’t have to in my opinion I don’t think you have to have a lot of these that’s why I have three the three hundred ounce is three hundred hundred ounce bars I think I think that’s a for me that made sense in the future will I add to it you know maybe maybe I’ll get one of those hand poured ones but I’m not any rush to I think that satisfies the itch if you will some of the you know disadvantages of the hundred ounce bars guys is that you know the cost can be out of reach for many investors right I mean in today’s price is about eighteen dollars an ounce it’s eighteen hundred bucks okay in the past in the 1980s there were some isolated cases of genuine bars with holes drilled in filled in with lead but you know again you have to make sure that you’re buying you know from reputable reputable private mints reputable dealers like for instance my company is n International Silver Network right that’s very important our customer website by the way is WWF re silver and gold calm so so that’s important other people feel that disadvantages is the exchange training it’s hard it would be hard to use and that’s that’s not true I mean that’s not true this can be melted down just like anything else will be people that you know that want the bigger bars for storage ease and accessibility so on and so forth so there will always be a market for people that want this will be a market for every type of exchange in silver and gold whether you know be the one ouncers or five ounces or ten ounces or kilos etc etc but there is a place for these and I and I think that everyone should have a few but I don’t think this is something that you should start off with I think this is you know the hundred ounce bars of silver should be after you you have 500 ounces of one ounce rounds or bars I think that’s where you should start off that I call that the training wheels of silver stacking and then after you have 501 ounce bars or rounds then then go from there and start getting into five answers and ten ounces and kilos you know government mint coins you know American Eagle Canadian Maple Leaf Mexican Libertad UK Britannia so on and so forth okay but definitely something that you want to put into your portfolio of silver stacking I just don’t feel I need any more than three at this point if I get the edge all I had may be another one but I think it’s good so there you go guys 100 ounce bars and today’s dollars about $1,800 at 18 dollars an ounce and they are heavy they’re beautiful and there you have some of the advantages and disadvantages of owning 100 ounce silver bullion bars alright if you guys like this video please give it a thumbs up please share it please subscribe please feel free to comment below let me know if you have any hundred ounce bars or if you’re planning on getting some and any other comments or thoughts or feelings that you have and I would love love to hear from you I run all of North America guys for isn International Silver Network we have an absolutely phenomenal silver and gold home-based business why not get paid to do what you already love to do stack silver and gold and I’ve been able to stack over 6500 ounces of silver and gold for free because of is N and I qualify for my brand new Mercedes Benz in the first 60 days of the the business they send me on trips all over the world for free in fact I just qualified first in the world to qualify for next trip to the Caribbean for ten days and plus they gave me not only pay for the whole thing give me $800 spending cash and our phenomenal monthly income continues to go up and up and up as our group our network if you will worldwide continues to grow alright looking forward to helping you please click on the link below if you’d like to check out their home-based business opportunity watch those four short videos and I personally will get hold of you and you can get a free silver bar by the way just going in there by watching the videos claim your free silver bar alright god bless you guys god bless our president Donald J Trump and may God bless the United States of America thanks so much have a great great Wednesday all right thank you

23 thoughts on “Advantages & Disadvantages of Owning 100 oz Silver Bullion Bars As Seen On Fox News and Alex Jones!

  1. 100 ouncer silver block…now that's badass Pete! When are you getting a 100 oz GOLD bar, can't wait for that video!!!

  2. I'd like a 100oz bar.

    But if there was a major financial disaster, i believe the price of silver would skyrocket so much, that only a few people would be wealthy enough to buy one.

  3. You said one day a 100oz if silver can buy a house.
    But the price of real estate historically has gone up faster than the price of silver……

  4. There doesn't appear to be any price break on the 100oz bar – they are still wanting .60 to .80 over spot _per ounce_. This is the same premium as what you can get on a 1oz generic round in lesser quantity.

  5. the big disadvantage of 100 oz is the cost 10 oz and kilos make more sense but i admit it is a good way to store a lot of silver in just a few bars

  6. My first silver purchase occured this year and was three 100 ounce bars. I have 6 so far plus another eight hundred ounces plus 59.75 gold ounces all bought in 2017. This is not for me as I am 79, but for our two children and two grand children.

  7. Getting my first kilo bar in about a Week. Bout 100 oz in so far. New Stacker. I'm pretty well diversified.

  8. Only advantages too owning a bar….no disadvantages can always melt it down if smaller quantities is needed Eagles are more practical

  9. I don't have an 100oz. bar and some think it's not logical 4A average guy like me with little capital 2 buy big 100oz. bars but I want one for a display in my gun safe, I held one years and loved it, when its in your hand there's a awesome feeling much like "gold fever" was to the 49'ers, I stack 10oz. silver bars and under but love the 10 look and feel, I'd tell people "if you do buy one don't expect to sell it or else its a waste of money and time, letting it sit idle is what ill do

  10. 1800 bucks I would have bought an Oz of gold and the rest on generic rounds or constitutional .. but there is no wrong way as long as you are doing something. Congrats on the new stock.

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