Acrylic Pouring deutsch: Winterlandschaft auf Swipe (einfach!) 🎨 Winter Landscape ENGLISH SUBTITLES

Hello, here I am again. Today I’ll start a next project, again painting over a hideous painting. So that you see what horrible things I produce and then paint over again. I have taken over a new idea from someone, please do not ask; from whom, I watch so many videos! I have pinned on the back of this canvas such small cups, then I can put it down and put it up the down again the way I want it and it always stands solid Otherwise, I always fumble around for hours, until the canvas is on these stupid four cups. So I have simplified this a bit. This ugly picture is particularly horrible , because down here even the color (I do not know if I can show you that) the color is even burned. Because I’m afraid, that this comes could show in the new picture, I will sand it down and that with my own foot pedicure for the cornea. He feels pretty smooth now. The reason behind painting this picture is another one: This one here I painted that three years ago and have so far considered it unsellable because I thought it was so very beautiful, and not only me. Lol! Now I’m trying to get something similar again and therefore I put it here for me as a model on my table. I will now prepare the colors I need for the background That will be his phthalo blue, and blue pink, turquoise and white. In every color I’ll add a drop Silicone oil. So, the colors are prepared. As you know, I always store them in bottles, which means they are still without silicone oil. But if I want to use colors with silicone oil then I pour them into cups and then mix the silicone oil in very vigorously, as Annemarie Ridderhof does. At the same time, I check the consistency of each color, because even in a closed bottle the colors can lose water, so you can add a bit of a Water and Floetrol mixture (you know, I always take a ratio 80 percent water and then 20 percent
Floetrol) , because that’s blends in more easily. If you mix in pure water, you actually have to add it almost drop by drop Add and stir again and again.. And the is too much hassle.
The laminating film is too small for this painting so I will glue them together with masking tape I’ve torn the laminating foil apart so that I can get over the entire painting in one go. As always, I’m doing a trial run, if I get past everywhere without knocking something over or that something is standing in my way. So that it can fall off the screen easily, if that works alright, you can start. I’ll swipe (wipe) without swiping color. That will be the sky. Every sky has a silver lining! You see, I leave wide gaps, because these lines are widening on their own. The third kind of blue. Now these two colors next to each other Pink and turquoise They always say and rightly so You can never repeat a painting that you once painted That will never be as nice as the first one. But it can serve you as an orientation. I will do something now that I once saw with Caren Goodrich. I was surprised that this works: In fact I’m swiping… (I have just decided to do that so that’s why this in not large enough) Ah well, I’ll swipe twice. I’ll swipe once from top to bottom, but I’m going back because I already see that’s not well covered up there. Do not fight, you have to obey. You too have to obey. I will not start before everything is covered up there and now I’m going over it in one. I’m pulling, but I did not test that before, because it was a spontaneous idea. I’ll go through it again if that does not turn out quite straight, that’s no problem because here comes the horizontal swipe. With the same colors, or should I have a new one … No, I’ll try it with these colors that I have on the foil come on now the horizontal swipe that I just tried to do and which should run smoothly. Again here Press the foil to it So if it were not glued together, it would be easier. I do not need to complain about a lack of cells Now maybe I’ll let it run back a bit, because the edge is too in my opinion. This will also make the cells bigger And now that everything has gone down there, I let it run back again. Sorry that you can not see it now but like this the cells will again get back to their original shape, not quite obviously. I can still go here if I want very little white, just a tad. I can do another little oops! … that does not matter, a little extra swipe with my famous rubber band. That does not look too bad, I’ll leave it like that, what the heck. Now I wanted to paint fir trees around a clearing. And for this purpose, I need black I think I can only get snow on it when I use my Satin Enamels. Yes, and now I know how I do it, I know it, I have an idea This is supposed to be the snow-covered ground. Let’s see how that works. I’ll take care of this side again, it’s not nice yet. The side of the canvas, but only the side. A little bit up here but not much.
And here at the back I have a mirror. So I can see that everything except right up there in the corner looks fine. Now I’m doing the firs. For this I take black in a pipette Make a small puddle, then I pull up a trunk. Then I take another pipette and start a little higher A tiny bit of this thick white. It’s so thick that it hardly comes out of the pipette. Yes, let’s see if that works, if not I have to think of something else. Now I take a wooden stick, start with a big puddle and I go up and have quite a thin fir. But you can change that. it is snow-covered anyway. So it’s advisable to start with a larger puddle, pull it up and up and to begin with big branches which then become smaller. Of course, this will have to be grounded later, that’s clear. Yes, it is not easy. Too bad that this does not work with the pipette, that this Satin enamel is too thick. Or I just have to push harder, just be braver. Right. That is how it works. Different sizes I wanted to say that quickly and preferably on one level, so that grounding afterwards is not so difficult. Yes, I do not hurry now because that has to be done carefully otherwise all the work for the background was in vain. I’m surprised that you need so much. But that’s how it is. i always press out the pipette before I put it back in the color, so it is filled next time I take it. Now here comes little Benjamin. Now for the difficult task of grounding the trees. Now I swipe, only when I’ve covered everything really well here. Then I’m swiping… Well, that’s better. I am glad that I decided to do that. And now I’m doing the tips of the trees here again, what the heck. OK This is my winter painting. This is just winter now, Christmas will come later. Oh, look, that actually does produce cells without silicone oil! As in the last painting, see the link in the upper right corner. I hope the video was not too long for you and you enjoyed it you have learned something. If so, then please subscribe to my channel and give me a thumbs up or thumbs down, But if you do, please also write in the comments what you did not like, because otherwise I cannot learn anything. Otherwise, I wish you a nice december, a nice weekend and see you soon! Bye and see you next time! The close-up is still to come!

4 thoughts on “Acrylic Pouring deutsch: Winterlandschaft auf Swipe (einfach!) 🎨 Winter Landscape ENGLISH SUBTITLES

  1. Eine schöne Idee. Eine

    einfache Regel in der Malerei besagt: im Vordergrund sind die Farben kräftig, nach hinten, werden die Farben immer blasser bzw. heller und mit kühlen Farbtönen gestaltet. So erreicht man eine gewisse Tiefe. Vielleicht achtest du bei den nächsten Bilder mal drauf. LG

  2. Ich "male" selber, aber nicht öffentlich. Also als erstes, Hut ab, dass du deine Werke veröffentlichst.
    nun etwas Kritik – nicht böse gemeint. Im Hintergrund je nach Blickwinkel sollte sich alles verkleinern und verblassen. Also die Farben für den Hintergrund heller-blasser/dunkler (je nach Stimmung, die erzeugt werden soll) anmischen. Das erden hätte vor den Setzen der vorderen Tannen geschehen können. Man gestaltet Immer von hinten nach vorn. Nebeneffekt dabei ist, dass man die Proportionen /Größenverhältnisse besser im Blick hat. Auch wenn es noch mehre im Bildaufbau zu anzusprechen gäbe, will ich nun nichts mehr bemängeln.
    Denn wie bei allem Anderen im Leben, ist auch Kunst reine Geschmackssache. Die Schönheit liegt stets im Auge des Betrachters.Hause

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