A Walk Through The Woods With Silver As A Goodbye Present

HELLO HUNTERS First find. Pottery. And there is a can on the surface. I made this hunt before the coil was repainted. Let’s begin. I have to increase the volume of the remote. First signal – something bad. Aluminum can. Worms did all the work on this one. It’s already out. It’s a lovely button. Looks “old” to me. I’m in a steep area. It’s an abandoned vineyard (not far from the spot with my last button spill). It’s just a stone. A spoon handle. It’s not the most pleasant area to detect, but… Probably the rest of the spoon. Is this a pattern? It’s “nothing”. A piece of foil. Still in the hole. A hollow button. GPS (POI) #2. Hmm… Something made of zinc. A pull tab. Another one. Foil. Another piece. It sounds bad. What’s this? A leather pouch. A plastic band? Let’s see what else is inside. A piece of iron, or a “1 Pfennig” coin? Hmm… There is still something underneath. These stones are looking like finds. It’s a coin! “1 Reichspfennig” (1928). Very good. I’m spraying it to keep the dirt moist. That way it should clean up better. Hardly a signal. Iron. I’m not sure if it’s aluminum, or not. Hmm, an interesting object. It’s a brooch. The pin was here. This signal is almost non existent. Now it’s there. Probably part from a pocket knife. I’m very happy that I have noticed it. It’s a zipper. A mysterious capsule. I wonders what’s inside… #5 Probably from another pocket knife. I don’t know. Stone again… Rest from the pocket knife? Could be another end part. Foil. The noise is coming from a train. Great, a coin. Oh no, “50 Pfennig” – I don’t like it. It always mimics an older coin. Next piece of foil. Foil. No. Aluminum. I would like to cross this “valley”, but it’s too steep and too moist… …I would slide down and get my trousers more dirty. How would it look like on the train? Exactly… It is what it is… I will move up instead. Let’s find another spot. Let’s see… Big iron, probably shrapnel. My goal is not to “cover every inch” of a spot… I’m just scouting the area. First reasonable signal. Hmm… Is it a medallion? I still don’t know. Something tells me to move on. Foil. It’s a coin. “5 Reichspfennig” (194x). It’s a button. Foil. A coin. “1 Kreuzer” (1858). Hmm… It’s something deeper… This is the first time, where a shovel would be handy. It’s a key. This is how iron sounds with “disc” set to “3”. This bullet case is older. Now you see me detecting a little bit more precise. The key is to know where to stop. Hmm, almost every first stab straight into a small hole… A huge nail :). They don’t sell those nails in the hardware store anymore. Lots of iron. Something was definitely going on here… A tiny disc with a hole. Another piece of iron. I will investigate it. Nothing interesting. Hmm… I have no idea… A nice buckle. I was able to clean it at home. Please wait for pictures at the end. A small hole again… I really don’t know why this is happening. I think it “could” be WWII related, I will better put it back… I decided to leave the spot (maybe I will revisit it some day with a different coil). And also expand the search. ? Iron in this section is probably “new” (it changes quickly). I will still detect a little bit on my way back to the train. That’s disgusting. I don’t know what this white stuff was… It’s a coin. “10 Pfennig” (1948-2001). I’m thinking about packing, or detecting the last section to the path. Just dirt. It’s already out. Silver! I think, it’s a brooch. A tennis racket :). “800” silver stamp. A nice gesture from metal detecting Gods. I should really replace this spray-bottle. That’s a good moment to quit. It was not the easiest hunt, but… “50 Pfennig” coin (don’t like it). A rusty “10 Pfennig” coin (1948-2001). Aluminum… ? Lead. A pocket knife? Could be aluminum too. “5 Reichspfennig” coin (194x). A key. A medallion? The mysterious capsule. The weird pouch. “1 Reichspfennig” coin (1928). “1 Kreuzer” coin (1858). This is as “clean” as it gets. ? The brooch. With flower design. The second brooch. The buckle. My favorite button. Trash… And treasure – detecting time: 2h:52min

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