A trade with silver stacker Mikegpo. Three Canada Post Olympic pure silver stamps & Art by Kate Reid

Welcome back everybody Canadian silver saver here and today is another exciting unpacking from my wife’s art bench But her other art bench because she’s got so much going on right now I’ve been kicked off that one because it’s too busy and we are on to the other desk (Laughing) I will just show you she’s got some stuff in process And then this is something she just worked on as well Look at that Absolutely wonderful. Just beautiful stuff she’s doing. This one’s done. This was commissioned, so this is on its way to its home and a better week, I believe. Very cool. I love what she does with these. So lots going on, so I’m over on her art desk here rather than the workbench. This one she usually doesn’t do much painting on. Now I have an awesome unpacking here, and thank you everybody for watching today. I Bent the Sudden today so I feel a little a Little drained would have the same level of energy that I usually do but oh here’s something cool to show you guys look There’s Mr… Vulcans necklace that I bought for Kate. She’s Gonna hang it by her desk And then over here. She’s got two pieces there’s a Sharpie by the Bear torn up nicely and Kilroy which was given to her by dean from Deluca. I think it’s cool. How is one eye is going like that Alright, so thank you to Again for everybody for watching the videos and hanging out if you do like this video please hit that thumbs up button It really helps to get the videos out there and don’t forget to head on over to my silver Giveaway video I have my 1000 Subscriber giveaway on My road to 1000 subscribers giveaway on happening right now, and I also can’t speak apparently today But you don’t want to miss out on that once I had a thousand subscribers I’m giving away stocks of silver and some other prizes as well chance for three people to win so check that video out and figure out how you can win and Yeah, so let’s get to the video here We’ve got the nice package here now. This is the express post can’t turn it over because you’ll see my info But this is a candidate in the Canada move that was done here. So just give me one second Wade alright, so this is from our friend. Mike gpO, so Mike gpO he Just a really wonderful guy in the community super kind-hearted great guy Has really been through? you know a lot with life and a lot of respect to that man and they he saw that I got the the post stamps the silver postage stamps for the Olympics and before and then So he said well, I happen to have a set that I’m you know isn’t too close to my heart but I wouldn’t mind trading so send me some silver and I’ll see I’ll trade them for you and Wonderful, thank you so much. So make sure everybody head over to Mike G pou check out his channel. I’ll put the link below Great guy lots of fun really knows his coins And and his stuff. You know really across the board, but love it loves his coins And I learn a lot from him with that for sure so all right, so let’s open this up here He has the set that actually has the proper case for it So that was a bonus there the other ones that I have the proper case that’s really cool Royal blue purple coloring there here you go. There’s the olympic symbols and then a nice note from Mike Here are the silver stamps as per our agreement? Hope you enjoy them as I have tucked in a little gift for you Weather here is a Barnburner today supposed to hit 39 degrees with the humidex Hope our friend NBC is getting rained on take care my friend cannot wait to do the vid on this one mike. That’s awesome thanks, Mike that is awesome, and then now I’m gonna open up the Actual now this is this is cool. Because you can see there’s the Boxing Canada boxing, so these are all from 1976 and that’s the matching actual stamp to go with that stamp. So thank you I Study through a little something in for me, so thank you for that. That’s really cool. If the bonus little stamp there Love that this should have yeah, you pop these up display them So let’s take a closer look so we have the boxing ones That’s cool, and then I’ll be judo I believe Fencing. Oh that one’s that one’s a little risque the silver has rubbed a very Inappropriately oop censored yeah, there you go. It’s a family channel now later. Hope you can kind of see me at you face my face Very cool, so those are very awesome. You’ll see that at the 15 plus 5 so let me just pop the note here Oh, wait a minute. There’s something in the box. There’s a little bonus in there. I see it Alright, so we’ve got the box when when he turned the motor you’ll see I Came in the post very very shiny. He’s in good condition on the back. They usually are on the back I said 6 4 2 2 a number on these ones very awesome Back the other one and then the back of the fencing Very awesome, so thank you Mike gpO for the trade on these that was wonderful of you to do that I sent him some silver as requested I’m sure he’ll do a video at some point about that now that I’ve got there’s something been very busy the last little while They look at this little bonus he tossed in there for me 1959 Quarter a u.s. Quarter that’s awesome. Thank you so much. I sense a little something his way, but he was Nicer To make that up to mom. That’s awesome cool Thank you so much. I will definitely add that to my community constitutional box Some of that stuff set aside differently than the porn stuffs And then this is um I believe you said You don’t want to have the person’s personal information because it looks like it. Is there yes, well, so this person here He bought this and that’s the address in the vein yeah Check out the date January 30th 1976 by that Huh? That’s amazing That’s a well kept receipt from Canada Post Well mike everything about this is awesome. It’s got every piece. It’s got their beautiful condition This one’s a little risque. I like that this gay female fencer But yeah, wonderful so go check out Mike gpo great guy, and you’re not gonna regret that at all Thanks for hanging around everybody if you did like things head on down to that big red subscribe button Give it a click and while you’re there if you hit that notification about That’ll make sure you don’t miss out on any of my videos and you don’t miss a chance to win some free silver with my 1000 subscriber Giveaway, so Thanks everybody for hanging out really appreciate it, and we’ll see you in a couple of days I’ve got lots of fun stuff coming up and some fun collectors close-ups as well So make sure you check me out for those appreciate that. We’ll see you then everybody take care Canadian silver saver

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