1. An interesting and high probability way to take the sweet spot out of a typical counter-trend pullback on high RSI. A classic Booker strategy. Thank you!

  2. Keeping it simple and re-imaging what the indicators can reveal to us is a delight – maybe with testing, 1st "crack" could be half trade size, whereas 2nd may statistically bear fruit more often, so full trade size – 1-2% of capital or slightly higher on a smaller acct. Thanks for giving this the Booker review- cheers

  3. Thank u booker. Soon as i get my money right i will purchase ur trading robots and join the trading group. Thanks for this fine tip.

  4. 78.6% is the square root of 61.8% as 127.2% is the square root of 161.8%

    Or more correctly 78.6 is square root of 61.8 then convert to percentages.

    76.4 is no fib level

  5. Hello I am a bit new, I couldn't get that point. AT 9:43 when we sell at 15 we have sold the asset. So, what does it mean by take profit at 23. ON what we would take profit? Sorry for being silly.

  6. Hi Rob Booker, good stuff there, just wanted to say that.I've been using the 11.8% for a long time to see pullbacksthat signal a higher low or a lower high area for entries.Similar to your 15.3%, the 11.8% is merely half the 23.6%.

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  8. Thank you for the video. Your videos are always useful and interesting to watch πŸ™‚
    I have one question: what is about stop loss level? Should we use it or not for this strategy?

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