20 thoughts on “A Nice 30 Minute Pay Day | Live Day Trading

  1. Got lucky you got out on that.. lol..
    nice decision though…. Drop the stop and just get out. Quick thinking… very nice…
    edit).. but then you missed the pump……. You have my luck.. lol.

  2. nice work man . another good day for you . keep these videos coming . i find them very interesting . just a pity nz dont get the volitility 🙁

  3. Clay how mutch money do you trade with when you Trading? How mutch money should i trade with Every time?

  4. Opened an account with Lightspeed. Friendly commissions. Not a fan of the platform, though. Order entry is time-consuming and easy to make mistakes.

  5. Thanks Clay…. Im still learning and this is what I was looking for to make it easier to understand in real time…

  6. Ha! Just watched this – I thought I knew nothing till I watched this. Now I know I'm in fact in ABSOLUTE NEGATIVE EQUITY – from a knowledge point of view. I'll be signing up now for your paid program.

  7. If it was holding the level on decreasing volume and there were still big buyers on level 2 it looked pretty strong to me.

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