55 thoughts on “A JOB = JUST OVER BROKE 😭How To Stop Trading Your Time For Money & Get Paid More 💸

  1. ❓Do you hate/love your job?
    What could you create that would help you stop trading your time for money? 🤔

  2. I'm setting up a recruitment agency , and it's fucking hard especially when I know sod all about computers . Still I can't quit , no turning back now

  3. I like this vid.. I love my job. I am in the care Industry and its great to actually help the older generation…i need to now try and find a way to help those younger folks suffering with the mental suffering of working in the corporate world…

  4. Trading TIME for MONEY shouldn’t even exist…. HUMANS OF EARTH GET YOUR BRAIN WORKING RIGHT!!!!!


    TIME IS TIME!!!!

  5. Yes I agree with your point of view… I got out of the job and started out as a marketing consultant… Got my first contract which isn't much but gotta start somewhere right?

    Also I'm working on a side business with a partner so let's hope that works out too..

    Taking a bit more than I can chew but life has never been more exciting for me.. Wish me luck and hopefully one day you can interview me after it's all done 😉

  6. I will be going to college from this year .
    Thinking to take Computer science in order to build some website or app.

  7. I feel my first million is in finding a way to halve sleep time but quadruple the benefits leaving no side effects. I also feel my first billion goes to someone who can invent this first :O

  8. ● Great Advice That I also Preach As I Work On Leaving This Mental Mind Fuck We Were Taught In School , One Foot On A Banana Peel And The Other In A Soup Line ●

  9. Great post. How do I scale knowledge of a trainer/nutrition lifestyle. Go from working with a few clients to 1000 plus online. Focusing on movement, mindset, food plants as well as meat, creating habits instead of fad diet or fad exercise cookie cut routines.

  10. I've developed a method of learning music at an intermediate to advanced level, based on how the brain develops and remembers skill based activities.
    So far, I've got it working on a spreadsheet, and am applying it to my own development. It works.
    But I'd have to work with a programmer to turn it into something….and then?

  11. I have a job but I'm also a freelance web developer, and although I'm in touch with all these ideas of online businesses, I don't know how to monetize it, even on web development I'm still trading time for money and end up having no time to develop anything for myself. Any help would be appreciated.

  12. I’m planning my exit …taking a leave. I started a you tube channel because I known that’s where I need to start. I want to support others who are in abusive situations or starting over again after. I just don’t know what type of product is needed or what I could create that could help others. Everyday I brainstorm ideas. I’m still st a loss.

    Thank you for your videos. I just found you last week and I’m constantly watching. Good content & great interviews 🙂

  13. What if we are basically computer illiterate? I can do real basic stuff but would have no idea how to set up or market and app or website, yet i know it is something that needs to be done to make a life change

  14. Ahhh yes, however, one must gain that knowledge to share. That takes years of learning, self awareness, self realization, trials and tribulations. Only after experience does one earn the right to share that gained knowledge with others at a high level.

  15. I started a youtube channel as well as working on my art. Now I'm going to work on creating courses.

  16. Been a teacher for 20 years as my main “job” my other source of income is buying, selling, renting and flipping real estate. Love to scale this- but how?

  17. You who also work for an hourly rate? Actors and actresses. The amount of big time actors making big time bucks is actually incredibly small.

  18. Man I dont hate my job because I do not have one. BUT I hate my University , I study in a university which I dont like , The teachers are shallow they are strong in bureaucracy but hollow in wisdom, they treat students like a machine and they came from a background of inhuman nature It is disastrous here in Bangladesh Alhamdulillah …. May the Almighty be with us.

  19. I work in a call centre and I have a side hustle being a mobile sports massue trying my best to get off the ground any tips on how I can develop it into something better ?

  20. Im delivering grocery at night to grocery stores driving big rig, and for twenty six years so far..union pension and benifits, but sick of it.

  21. I'll start to put my experience (both personal and professional) on paper, in a manner that other people can relate to. I haven' t decided all the details (how to make it a digital product), but people deserve to know that there could be a lot of fights in a person life. Some fights /people from your life deserve to pay attention to, while others don't deserve your energy. Thanks for your inspiring attitude!

  22. I like my job as hell also I'm an investor after work and make second salary. I work in BIG4 and one of my goals is to get into MBB structure in the future. Oh, and I make way more than most "entrepreneurs" who talk more than they actually do. I work with the bests to the biggest companies on the market.

  23. Slaves to the utterly bullshit view of selling your life away. Take back your power and your time. MAKE TIME NOW. To anyone who isn't sure about what you are or what life is. It's ALL about creation. You are creating this and your world with your thoughts (mind) and actions (will). The ones in the know do not want you to know that because that gives them power, literally draining your life force as you freely give your energy to them for material. Create another world where you are free NOW

  24. I love your mind set. For me is learning the steps to elevate the ideas in my mind . While working to live every day life. You Tube has brought great people like you to help limited thinkers. And the people who think your idea won't work. Spouse, friend, etc. To trust, risk and move forward in a smart way to start producing a dream.
    Just starting to act on goals instead just thinking about them.
    Thank you!

  25. I’m at a point where I have the knowledge but my body is getting to an age where hard physical work is injuring me all the time and I did think of creating video tutorials and tips I’ve learnt over the years to help people but I keep procrastinating about it all I just need to commit to it instead of staying on the safe path which is fast running out of pavement love your videos 👍

  26. My job is being a mum of 3 young children. BUT I'm still trying to find ways to do what you just said. Even before I was a mum I was still looking for something but I still haven't found it. I'm very creative yet still can't seem to find my journey… Hoping it will come soon… Thanks for the video.

  27. These vids are all the same, they just talk shit. As if its as easy to make a digital product thats gona blow up. Everyone is doing everything for everyn1 idea theres 1 million fuckers doing the same shit.

  28. I could do a lot of things, and i do…. but i am not interested in making money, i want a a truly advanced, free humanity living in a natural and technological abundance, with ability to live on this planet and travel outwards from it, without war, without selfishness… without money. 😉

  29. I love my job Iam a landscape gardener. I am on a small scale income I have my own business. I love it cause I love exercise I love being high performance, I love being outside it's healthy & I love nature I love being my own boss. IAM watching these videos because I want to be More successful there's alot of great ideas I get off this channel.

  30. This is a good mindset to evolve towards and all but you're absolutely looking over the fact that it takes time, a lot of time, to build the skill of making consumable products or services out of specialized knowledge.
    Especially if you're a creative person.
    From personal experience I can tell you the only way that has worked is keeping your JOB, because it still keeps you from BEING BROKE whilst building the skill necessary before you go and jump from the plane to try and fly.
    You're giving a lot of examples of those who've made it but most people talking about this on many self-development-channels totally neglect the millions upon millions of people who have failed and found themselves in a place more detrimental than having a job and being in a safe place. Why ? Because you can't hear them. They don't have a platform to speak from.

    So for the love of dear God, Brian, be one who talks about the hard stuff that is gaining that knowledge necessary and the mindset necessary to convert yourself from a 9to5 person to a full-fletched entrepeneur instead of saying why a job sucks.
    We all know entrepreneurship has long-term benefits that far exceed jobs.
    Help people build bridges instead of telling them why they should jump over a ravine.

  31. I'm learning reiki, Indian head massage and gaining quals in mental health. I will then combine the whole three. That to me is something I'd love to do and get paid for it.

  32. What if I am just under broke?
    The problem is money,and even the "help me help you"attitude is monetary.
    How many people will you lend your expertise to in good faith?
    What if I have all the drive and spirit it takes to make it happen but no money,is there a place on the team for me?I'll pay you back when I succeed!
    I dont make these comments in haste or disbelief,there is just more money driven teachers leaking into the realm of ,"making the world a better place"as long as that world can afford the lessons.

  33. You can't get welthy on a job. You can't get happy on a job. It's just modern time slavery. Words like teamwork and crativity are just HR terms to lore you in.

  34. I'm currently trading time for peanuts. Not literally but you get the idea, I've been your channel for a year now and I'm convinced there more potential in me and I need a hand expressing it. I'll be joining your program soon. Just have to save up some more peanuts.

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