9 thoughts on “A Grey Area of Trading

  1. Good Advice Clay
    PS. changed my user name was told not good idea to have your full name upon YouTube .I was AE you might remember! Anyway til next time .

  2. your comparing apples and oranges. True, we can't live life thinking "what if the bridge collapses as I'm driving over it"? That being said, at face value, you seemingly do have a double down strategy. Perhaps there is more to it than meets the eye, but to the average guy watching these videos it certainly appears as if you are doubling, tripling, and quadrupling down. What's more is that there have been several instances where you had increased a position on a trade going against you multiple times. You were at a point where one more push in the wrong direction would have led to a massive loss considering your position size. This "what if it would've continued against you" is a far cry and very different than "what if I'm going to work and I slip on an acorn". One scenario is 1 in a billion and the other is actually likely to happen perhaps twice a year given your trading style. Yes, I'm assuming your trading style is in part doubling down because……that's clearly what your doing in the videos.

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