I should do my own diss track I’m about to cook up some fire… Phew… what’s up champs A lot of stuff going on in the Rocket League
scene, baby! I know you’ve already heard this, but Rocket
League crates are getting decimated! Deleted! Psyonix, with the help of EPIC, apparently
wanting to change the business model and use a store, or an item shop, instead of gambling,
essentially. I made a stupid, silly-butt tweet about this,
and lo and behold, some people took it way too seriously. Everyone: crates are scummy and gambling shouldn’t
be in video games Like for example whenever an EA game comes
out with microtransactions, everyone starts a whole freaking mess about it. Like everyone’s
talking crap. Psyonix: removes crates 50% of RL community: EPIC GAMES IS RUINING
THE GAME Epic is ruining rocket league… well there goes a bunch of youtubers’ content RIP what the *poof* epic already destroying the
*poof* game what the *poof* I got responses from two rocket league trading
youtubers pickapixel said… saying everyone thinking crates are scummy
is totally wrong. The outrage makes sense… let’s say 50% think it’s “scummy”, it would
make sense that the other 50% are angry. But then he says… and this is funny I know Link is just saying it’s “everyone”
because he likes to be edgy! Alright guys! You caught me! I’m just trying
to be edgy. Bruh, i’m the edgiest piece of *poof* out
here I can’t believe he said that. I made a meme!
This stupid meme that I just made here. XYZ Trading responded to it, and he’s another
Rocket League youtuber. He says: the only people talking negatively about the crate
system don’t even play the game! I’m sorry but this tweet is so inaccurate, not once
have I ever seen someone that play RL ask to have crates removed. This tweet is so dumb! “People who don’t like crates don’t play the
game!” Where did you get that from?? So you guys remember when I did that Musty
challenge, so I got this DM from a guy that asked me if I wanted to jump on a diss track
about musty’s pre flip challenge. And uhh… I didn’t respond to this because
I’m an egotistical edgelord. But, I did notice that he had uploaded this diss track. And
I figured it would be fun to like check it out and see what he said. “Musty is a little
bihh” Here we go, here we go… Alright, he’s got some camera action too man…
It’s gonna be lit. He’s got the flip flops out! Gang shish, bro, gang shish! So far… 10 out of 10. Eleven out of ten…
it’s been fire bro. He’s absolutely ending musty’s career right now. We got ’em, boys! Even Linkuru… Wait, woah woah woah! Hold on, hold on…
What do you mean “even”? I don’t like what that’s implying. Are you
saying that I’m like an F-tier youtuber, but i’m still kinda better than musty? What are
you trying to say man? You better put some respect on this name. Dude, I love the… What’s up sluts, he ain’t
got nothing on Link. Aye, that’s… I love the little shout out and like my intro and
everything. Alright, honestly if you wanna check this
out go search this. I’m gonna just put it in the description too. You know, I was thinking… if this guy wanted
me to jump on his diss track, and I didn’t. I feel like I should do my own diss track.
I’m about to cook up some fire. I’m about to destroy Musty. This is for all the torture
you put me through with this training pack. You know what, I’m gonna destroy everybody.
Screw it. It ain’t even about Musty now, it’s all about everyone. I’m about to… I’m about
to destroy the whole Rocket League scene bro. A Musty Cow
you a big child what are you like thirteen?
trying to be so hard and unique and quirky i’ll be poppin even when you kick the bucket
ah, frick it, i know you’re my friend and im dissing you
i probably shouldn’t have done it but i do what i want, im the prophet
rocket league god, im a comet the way i aerial aint nothing scarier
coming to your area, like 51 UFO with the spike bugs
so sad psyonix decided to patch them squishy will get done in a 1v1
fondle these nuts, epic bringing V-bucks RIP these chumps, crate bihhes, trade bihhes
how long you think pickapixel last till his channel dead in the ditches?
creator code: linkuru, i just get paid bihhes i fake bihhes with dribbles and flicks
and flipping instead of fricking your dad wait what? yeah i said that
go freestyle with your little kiddo friends in your stupid butt preflip training pack kronovi favorited a comment talkin crap about
me maybe i should diss him too, make it “to be”
continued you see
in the future, maybe we come back with a beat I swear to god if you don’t hit the like button
just for that diss track, I’m gonna be pretty angry, and I’ll do a diss track on you as
well. Every one of you viewers are gonna get a diss track. Ok so, this was a long time
ago, this was when I started doing my training pack challenge. This kid recorded a video
and sent it to a bunch of people. Let’s see what he had to say… // I made a hard *hiccup* training. “Hard hiccup training” good job. // So I challenge “Linkulu” and… Wait wait… Linkulu? Linkuru?? Did I hear
that right? // And uhh… mertzure. “Mertzury”?? // I’m just kidding, mertzy, I’m sorry. What? // Linkulu…. He said Linkulu again. Is it.. wait okay, so when I say Linkuru.
I say it with like a Japanese R. I don’t think I do it perfectly like a Japanese person does,
but the Japanese R kinda sounds like an L. So I’m assuming that’s why he thinks it’s
an L. So I’m gonna just give this guy a try, I thought he was nice enough to like share
his training pack and record a video. Takes some balls. I respect that. Gottem. Okay. There we go. Timmy05212006. Thirty shots?? Bro you joking. You’re joking… Ok let’s see if I can do this. If it’s dribbles
it shouldn’t be that hard. Is this literally all gonna be just… I actually messed it
up. I can’t believe… I’m a Grand Champ and I messed that up! I’m a god damned grand champ!
This is a super hard challenge boys. The most hardcore challenge you’ve ever tried! I’m
just gonna… aaaah NO! Boom. I’m probably just gonna speed this up
and like show a quick montage of me doing this cause, genuinely do you guys wanna see
me dribbling for thirty minutes? Probably not. Friiick! What is this? What is this?? Jesus…
Alright, that kind of surprised me. Oh, jesus christ… Oh what? okay… This kid is really messing me up. He’s really
hurting my ego, I feel like… I should be doing a lot better than I am right now. Jesus
relax bro! Alright I think we’ve had enough of this. Thank you for making this pack. Appreciate
it man! I bet I’m the only rocket league youtuber
out of the people that you mentioned that actually tried it so… give me a like on
this video just for being a humble bihh. I have social medias. I have big puffy poodles.
Subscribe and join the URU CREW. We have a great community on Discord. See you later, sumo wrestlers!

87 thoughts on “A DISS TRACK ON ROCKET LEAGUE (Official Video)

  1. i h8 Epic games they f u k up all the games

    epic games = now its a boring game

  2. Pickapixel is so fake, I met him in comp and we queued together and heโ€™s such a dick, he also only has like 20 friends on steam and when I asked him to play he told me to fuck off, and I used to love his videos

  3. LMFAOO pickapixel and XYZ are mad cuz they only got vies on crate openings now that theyre gone pixel gonna have togo back to mcdonalds lmaooo

  4. Item shop?!?!?! Hollymolly

    Epic Games please this is joke dont respond too… Emmm… You know how.

    I have just one thing to say: Roses are red Violets are blue i have 5 fingers (actually 20 but…) and the middle one is for your item shop.

  5. Decent diss track but u rly just donโ€™t understand what removing crates will do. It will make trading worthless. I have a friend who is silver but has some of the best items in the game. This will make all his hard work, and many others hard work, useless. And the thing is that these ppl rly enjoy trading, sure crates could be removed but make a new system that doesnโ€™t remove the entire trading scene. Ty for listening to my ted talk

  6. I opened in Rocket League over 300 crates (maybe close to 500) and never got a mystery decal from it๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜ญ say again itยดs balanced๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ‘

  7. I just never understood why crates only gave you 1 thing. Only crates ive ever opened are the golden eggs that are free lmao the rest are all just sitting in my inventory lmao

  8. His name is Musty
    Everytime he hits the rl pitch he be lookin rusty
    Hes a cow
    Got gc i dont know how
    Invents a flick
    Too bad it aint relevant
    People only did it for challenge
    I'm a one man army but i make my own phalanx watch as he reads and hits the brakes
    XYZ and pixel gotta snap back
    Both their channels combined dony reach Linkuru
    They see this they say "Who are you" Well lets see i think its funny cuz i make they money
    My rhymes be sweet like honey
    My rap shine bright just like Sunny
    I can name every Youtuber in the rl scene even FluuMP I mean i can play but i would still get dumped
    Better make a new fortnite hype train and get double pumped
    Edit: Who likes it? All written 1 attempt. MAYBE I GET SOME BEATS GOING AND JOIN THESE DISSTRACKS LADS

  9. Listen linkuru, I fucking hate you, but I put a like on the vid cuz it was good.

    I donโ€™t hate u, ur actually pretty daz my boy.

  10. This video is epic and like fire ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ this is the best rocket League video go ahead linkuru and destroy all the RL community and clean all the toxic people from the rocket League Server love you so much man go ahead like fire ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ and burn them all lol ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป

  11. All they need to do is add probabilities and then thereโ€™s the problem sorted
    The same thing was going on with fifa and EA added probabilities and the problem was sorted

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