7 Reasons You Should be Saving in Gold – WWD Ep. 16 (Weekly Wealth Digest)

When it comes to saving a portion of your
earnings, an error most people make is to save their wealth in man-made currencies.
These currencies are controlled by central planners, regularly manipulated, and created
out of thin air without regard for the value of the currency you have in your wallet.
In the digital age, accounts holding these currencies can be frozen, easily confiscated,
and tracked. I personally advocate saving in gold or other
precious metals like silver, palladium, or platinum. A combination of truths lead me
to this simple savings strategy: 7. Lawsuit proof, not technically, but the
fact is no one knows how much gold you have, it is a private matter. Gold is “off the books”
when it comes to financial accounting. 6. A history of being money, an independent
unit of account that is the same no matter where it was mined or how old it is. It is
a constant measurement of value, you can take a gold piece anywhere in the world and it
will have value. This is much different than fiat currency, once outside of your nation’s borders,
a currency may not be generally accepted. You also have thousands of fiat currencies
that no longer have any value, like the U.S. Continental or the Confederate States of America
dollar. 5. It can’t go to zero. Zero value for gold
isn’t an option, hasn’t ever happened and never will. The process to get a 1 ounce gold
coin to you has hundreds of man hours behind it, maybe even thousands if you consider the
full operation of gold exploration, production, refinement, and delivery.
This is the entire point of saving your wealth, you save to not lose. I understand that you
can measure gold vs. the dollar, or gold vs. oil, and that its price will fluctuate, but
the value in gold itself does not change. 4. The currency printers are hoarding it.
When the most powerful group of people in the world, the central bankers, desire to
have 1 asset, then that alone should get your attention. Central banks who print the currencies
that the masses treat as a store of value, those central banks buy and store physical
gold, not silver, not houses, not oil, they own gold! If it is good enough for the masters
of this world, then it’s good enough for me. 3. Financial insurance. When it all hits
the fan…Be that a government or economic collapse, at the end of the day, gold survives.
It still has value in the new world. It also makes for a great “start over fund” for the
reasons listed above, it won’t go to zero and it’s private money.
2. Portable. I think it’s important that if you need to, you could easily carry or
move your wealth to a different region. Just to give you an idea, $200,000 in gold is about
the size of a VHS tape. Your fiat currencies are typically tied up over the weekend and
on bank holidays; in fact, even if you wanted to physically get your cash, you couldn’t
unless you gave your bank a 72 hour notice for withdraws over $5,000.
1. Legacy wealth. Gold is something you can safely store away knowing that it is something
of great value that you can pass on to your children and your children’s children.
It is a safe stash of value that you can tap into when you are in your “golden” years or
at anytime throughout your life. Ultimately when you are saving a portion of
your earnings, you want to protect and preserve it. Gold, in my opinion, along with the other
precious metals, are the best way to achieve the objective of saving money by preserving
both the value of your savings and protecting it from unwanted dangers, like government
and civil litigation.

22 thoughts on “7 Reasons You Should be Saving in Gold – WWD Ep. 16 (Weekly Wealth Digest)

  1. Gold is pegged to exploitation otherwise known as paper money. When you look to redeem your gold your still paying the comparable price as if it were paper money you were paying with. This idea that gold goes up in times of uncertainty is certain but so does everything else. Playing around in the gold market is to try and acquire another mans production for none of your own. For when could merely holding a thing be rewardable. Based on what. What effort that benefited you and society at large does holding on to a lump of mental require. Answer NONE.

  2. hrmm, while i like gold for various reasons. Gold over the long term has underperformed stocks. And with so many wealthy people owning stocks and high end realestate i dont forsee the government screwing those guys over by allowing the market to tank 

  3. I agree with 100% of all the comments in this video. Well done. However: No grocery store will take gold and silver, no gas station will sell you gas for precious metals. You cant eat precious metals, and they cant physically protect you in terms of defense. You MUST have some cash savings as metals are not redeemable as a medium of exchange. Only 2% of the people on this planet hold physical PM's. Most people don't even know what they are worth.

  4. People of the world let's fix this problem by moving away from debt based currency! America we have the tools to fix this, Article 5 of the Constitution. Let's use this to get rid of the 16th Amendment and go back to Gold and Silver to back our currency like it says in Article 1 section 10,…

  5. Good video about investing in gold (and precious metals) and some great reasons why one should invest in gold.. Gold is the oldest form of value and exchange that has outlasted every currency ever known to mankind – and – is the only form of monetary value that is excepted world-wide… 

  6. EXCELLENT! Everyone should watch this and heed it's warning!
    It will save your wealth and perhaps even your life!
    Great job Daniel. Thanks. 

  7. I don't know who the "poster" of this video banks with, but it is completely FALSE to say that it takes 72 hours to withdraw an amount more than $5000.00.  If you are going to post a video containing financial information, at least make sure that your information is correct! This video contains a great deal of PROPAGANDA, which I'm sure is no accident.

  8. Only suckers buy gold. All you are doing is buying a paper transaction, there is no physical gold transaction. You also pay storage fees for space in an empty vault. You might as well give to an Evangelist and get the same return. Suckers.

  9. The video is right on about why we should save our money in Gold. Exchange your paper money into real gold and the Great way to invest in gold in 1 gram, 2.5 gram and 5 gram at my site at GreatWealthInGold.com

  10. gold is off the book as long as you purchase under 10k at a time.
    Correction JP Morgan is hording silver sir….. so is Scotia Bank and other big PM players

  11. Hay guys i want to ask is it a good idea to put my savings into gold or is it a horrible idea in this economy right now note i have a little unde 40,000$

  12. I used to be more prudent about precious metals, but then I realized. SHTF is not worth surviving unless I can stay hidden from everyone in a luxury underground bunker the rest of my life. I'm much more concerned about being rich first before prepping.

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