600 PALLET AUCTION $3,220.00 SPENT the battle of the storage auction youtubers

ah damn it I’m excited I said dammit
sorry that’s not that bad of a word 31:20 ladies and gentlemen boys and girls
parents of all ages it is sunday we are here what time is it oh come on
it’s like 6:30 in the morning we got to get this loaded into there for monday
market hurry up and get to you all pick up at u-haul and then we are going to an
auction on a Sunday that has 600 pallets at the auctions I said it again 600
pounds gonna be exciting and long day anyway that’s it lets get to work
we’ll keep you updated whoo all right we’re done we got everything loaded got
to you all go to Uncle Mike he’s been acting up a little bit today my fire if
you don’t get his act together set him off on his way what do you think we’ve
been fire opal Mike and then we heard yeah so we’ve arrived here at the
auction getting ready to go scope out the 600 pallets storage Scott showed up
and brought Alex and I notepads as well as himself to be able to write down what
we got brilliant idea where 600 powers there’s
hard to tell what you got now we got no pass you guys ready for this six on a
pallet auction I’ve never seen 600 pallets or vaults or storage units
before how many do you think they actually have left
I’m gonna guess at least 400 here it is ladies and gentlemen look at
that as a mattress so here we are we’re stocking pallets yes we are stocking
it’s a nice sweater thank you work we pick one of those up and go hey little
mama somehow Uncle Michael got left in charge
of security so he decided he’s gonna sit over here and he’s gonna charge her baby
five bucks to park wonder how much he’s made so far look ladies and gentlemen
more youtubers showed up for one money for a reason why opening bid I’ll do it
at night I’ll break it down to smaller Lots it’s a cash-only sale
hope everybody has a bitty number and he won the bid – only sale alright guys again all right yeah 18 I
just want you know I’m not stopping Oh the whole tie the record I know I did it
all in on this one 2250 2250 for the second bid to 2020 250
last 2,100 last one 2020 100 I like to see other signs above your head right
there so we got here early i scoped everything out i did my research on all
of the names i was intrigued by i looked at things cuz i tell you guys all the
time when you go to an auction and you want
to profile somebody there’s three things that are very important to look at how
somebody takes care their stuff the most important is their bed is their bed
skanky or is it clean there’s a reason why because if they lay their head down
on a skanky bed they don’t care about none of their stuff
if the stuff they eat with in their kitchen is nice in a box etc they’re the
well just taken care of and their shoes the stuff they put on their feet and
their clothes that one was nice and I bought it for $2,000 opening bid
hold on I also did my research and the woman passed away last year and I love
deceased people’s units because they don’t come back with their stuff it’s a
cold war that’s why I’m a storage auction pyre that’s why I say I buy
lives and sell memories now that I got the one I want I got to be kind of
common that my YouTube buddies buy the ones they want want to be a jerk because
they didn’t bid on mine but I got it for 2,000 it is a got this whole big ass
for $2,000 right here 50 now 75 this number 14 yeah yeah right here
50 alright guys look at this I bought this
for 300 bucks I’m this is a day look at that bicycle boom that’s what made me
like this they bought that I like the mattresses look how clean these are
expensive the name look at that lighter boys I like this one close close close close to it’s not
women’s stuff look that beautiful one I got you beautiful you got more than we
got one no I didn’t borrow that I lied I biked – you bought like for luck if you
like this way back in the day what’s your name auto reality what is that I do
business my business card I’m a painter a musician I’m sorry reselling last year
that I fund the creative endeavors do you do me – yeah yeah I got a few videos
in the bank starting to build up where’s your channel’s name auto reality how do
you spell OTT Oh re al ity awesome everybody go to this channel and
subscribe and tell Empire ascension oh geez are here awesome kill the only
thing is this paper there’s no it just lost you notice hey Sean guys Oliver 405 yeah now 450
I got 450 for the whole lot about that table that goes with the another lot
that one right there all right now 450 for the lot for the van off 451 of an F
45215 just about all this for 400 options awesome I’m excited a lot of
littler women’s clothes in here and shoes and stuff that’s still 400 freakin
dollars guys damn it I’m excited I said damn it
sorry that’s not that bad of a word what do we spend here 31:20 I spent nice no
3220 that’s right because she had $100 deposit
I am juste bun your before step stuff these ones look the totes look dirty
don’t thing a rock collection we’re looking at storage Scott’s stuff here
ladies and gentlemen can I see something that’s the one now
see I felt that Scott what’s underneath in the drawer come on gold almost boom alright am I going to get into 26 footer well I
can get all in once if I do that a buffalo nickel
oh don’t yell at him guys there’s stuff in there that’s the main
thing but it’s just the main thing but it’s a lease of stuff right it’s stuff
there’s potential all right guys I’m taking a quick breather here and we’re
gonna see what world-famous locker nuts has got today you got jack are they
giving you all the pads no I see a lot of pads in there no I’m not
would you find oh all right me neither let’s go over here and check on Alex
make sure he isn’t pulling stuff out of my lot here we are with the world-famous
storage doctor I almost forgot your name what’d you find nothing I found a box of silver jewelry Bose
headphones bunch of showing machines square that is with your load right
there one box is marked fragile I peeked in it
I’m happy to wait to see but I think I found one $10,000 item almost knew it
was 10,000 store maybe 12 late told me 12 cuz I thought it was a 6 head and she
said as a 10 head lifted up used on eBay was similar for 8700 I think I did good
today you guys are gonna have to wait to see this do that
alright so this is what I have left Uncle Michael Jack was astonished by
this Uncle Michael tied the mattress in the back we got to come back and pick up
all this stuff this is one lot I bought for 400 very excited to go through here
those two sofas yeah those are nice didn’t even put your house yeah this is
nice these would have been nice if somebody
didn’t do this right here I think it brings out that brings down the value
drastically we got recliners in it yeah too bad I bought for any suffice

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