6 Reasons Why You Should Include American Silver Eagles in Your Portfolio:Donald Trump Finance Stock

hey good morning YouTube it’s p dolls from the montana silver stacker free silver and gold dot biz hope everyone’s doing fantastic happy tuesday hope you’re enjoying the start of the week here after after a nice weekend and i’ve got a great video on a subject i think and you know in the silver world that it’s near and dear to everyone’s hearts and it has to do with the american silver eagle and really why everyone should include the american silver eagle in their portfolio okay regardless of what they’re doing and other things they’re doing so on and so forth and again the american silver eagle guys iconic so you have an idea again okay so let’s talk let’s talk about the american silver eagle and why you should include the american silver eagle in your portfolio so if you’re currently in the market for physical silver bullion or you’ve been in the market and you’re continuing to stack we all know you have so many choices to consider Silver’s very popular for many many good reasons we know that and it’s available in many many forms so you can you can get it in silver bars you can get in and coined you can get into rounds and if you’ve looked at silver you’ve probably come across the american silver eagle right you come across american silver eagle and it’s it’s not just a coin it’s an iconic coin it’s it’s so popular and we’ll talk about that but it’s one of the most iconic coins in the world today if not the most popular the most iconic if you will and it is the most popular coin in the world today hands down so a brief history of the the american silver eagle it was first struck in 1986 okay so they’d had their 25th anniversary not too long ago the coin was authorized and you guys may not notice by the liberty coin act of nineteen eighty-five and while the first coins were minted in San Francisco at the San Francisco mint to other ments have also produced Silver Eagles including the Philadelphia Mint and who can guess the last minute that does it in the famous West Point mint right and many people know about all those three different minutes and they’re they’re really the mints that most people have in their mind when it comes to United States and so the american silver eagle is one of the most if not the if not the most widely not only the most popular but widely recognized coin in the world the coin carries a great deal of symbolism and it’s considered an icon of American Silver of American coinage if you will and the coins a verse features The Walking Liberty design form from eighth off you guys know the last name Lyman eight off Lyman and it’s pointing to one arm and holding an olive branch on the other so let’s take a look at that so we can kind of put the words with with the image okay there it is right there see that Walking Liberty is pointing with one arm and holding an olive branch and the other as you guys can see she’s featured with the Rising Sun of the background the word Liberty is inscribed along the top rim of the coin while the inscription and God We Trust is inscribed next to liberty guys we even have God on her money I mean these anti-god people just absolutely this liberal nonsense it’s even in our money tender Constitution that’s another video another day right a final description along the bottom rim the coin features the coins mint year okay right there right down there at the very bottom you guys can see that for the real close there you go alright so you can see the coins min here so the opposite side you guys know this the famous Harold egg eagle with shield design and John Mark Annie the famous John Mark Annie in addition there are 13 stars directly above the Eagle representing the original 13 colonies can see them right there and the reverse feature several inscriptions as well including United States of America one out fine silver and one dollar this coin in its silver form unlike the American Gold Eagle is available in only one wait guys only one way and the american eagle coin has 0 point night one troy ounce of point nine nine nine fine silver and these coins also carry a one dollar face value and of course our good legal tender but you wouldn’t want to use this to buy your bread right we know that so american silver eagle 20 some dollars today okay now let’s talk about why the american silver eagle why you should clue this in your portfolio there’s really you know six solid reasons as to why you should include this beautiful american silver eagles the iconic american silver eagle in your portfolio okay number one it has great liquidity american silver eagles are incredibly liquid guys and while these coins sell out from time to time there’s usually a good supply of coins available you know wherever you look and because their beauty popularity these coins are easy to sell because everyone wants them okay that makes it very very convenient silver content american silver eagles contain one story on two point nine nine nine five silver like most silver does it has regional premiums dealer premiums on american silver eagles tend to be quite reasonable okay and this allows you to get more silver for your dollar and stretch your investment money further so you’ll pay more than just bullying because you’re dealing with iconic coin but it the premium definitely is is reasonable to stack these government minted coins okay coins versus bullion okay collectability some american silver eagles such as proofs can have collectible value over and above their silver and face values so again you’re going to pay more for these why because they’re American Silver Eagle they’re more in demand a higher demand right the more value there’s going to be it’s going to be economics and it’s the most recognized coin in the world so hence the higher demand alright so let’s take up look at that again so collectability and for you guys with IRAs it has IRA eligibility american silver eagles are eligible for inclusion in your IRA count make it easier to acquire and hold significant amounts and of course ease of storage guys I’ve always talked about this the american silver eagle coins are easily stacking and stored there a great choice when it comes to keeping some precious metals accessible in the event of a currency economic or geopolitical crisis do you think we’re going through some geopolitical crisis is right now Syria our ships now are headed to North Korea I think they’re out there or a carrier group out there being a former naval officer I think that’s badass those Tomahawk missiles and the American Silver Eagle guys is the most popular silver coin for good reason it’s a combination of its silver content its history the overall beauty of the coin and they’re absolutely worth having as part of your overall holdings of silver and gold I recommend really diversifying but this this could be a major part of your silver and gold holdings so for those reasons guys I highly recommend getting the american silver eagles part of your government minted coinage if you will so when I say diversified bullion and then government meant like american silver eagle or UK mexican libertad the Austrian Philharmonic Canadian Maple Leaf but because of all the reasons I mentioned this should be the most major piece as far as government minted coins in your collection alright I hope you guys enjoyed that I hope you guys enjoyed the history of the American Silver Eagle the six reasons as to why this should be a major part of your silver and gold portfolio if you liked the video please give it a thumbs up please share it with all your other social media networks if you feel other people could benefit from this video please subscribe if you haven’t subscribed guys I’m putting out about a video ad a phenomenal content in the silver and gold industry regret work marketing industry click on the little bell if you want to get notified every time a new video pops that I put out and of course feel free to comment below always keep your comments positive and constructive I appreciate that and may God bless all of you may God bless our President Donald J Trump and most of all may God bless the United States of America thanks so much

6 thoughts on “6 Reasons Why You Should Include American Silver Eagles in Your Portfolio:Donald Trump Finance Stock

  1. 6 Reasons Why You Should Include American Silver Eagles in Your Portfolio:Donald Trump Finance Stock

  2. 6 Reasons Why You Should Include American Silver Eagles in Your Portfolio:Donald Trump Finance Stock

  3. I just started stacking about a year ago and that was my first piece. it came from Penn Metals which is no longer in business. I only make 30 g a year so my stacking is more like I'd say collecting. but none the less I'm right at about 200 total oz. pretty good for a low budget stacker.

  4. If your American..i guess..If your Canadian the mapleleaf is the best coin to stack.
    Stack the coin of your nation is the best strategy.

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