20 thoughts on “6 Penny Stock Trading Charts as they Bottom… Then Spike

  1. Thank You, Peter for the great content… You have a true knack for teaching, you keep things simple very easy to follow!

  2. Hi Peter. I am subscriber from your website. I just want to ask how long is the long term and how short is the short term investing? Thank you Peter. And this is a great video, I have watched this 3 times already since I received it form my email.

  3. Another good video. Hey AXON is an interesting new runner, just announced a new CEO and it was up Thursday when most everything was done. Have you looked at it? Any thoughts?

  4. Hi Peter, just started looking into stocks, big fan of your work, new subscriber. Out of curiosity, are the companies we're looking into typically have trading  volumes in the millions or are there good companies to invest into that only trade in the thousands on a 5 day span?

  5. hi peter im about to buy your alerts. I'm new to this and i want to start with $1,500 with tradeking.com or etrade.com but where im lost at is how do i find a list of penny stock companies or do i just wait on your list. please send me a email at: [email protected] im excited to start my career in this field

  6. Hey Peter. Good stuff man and keep doing what you're doing. I had a question for you: is VITFF the same as VIT? I was doing my DD on that stock and saw that VITFF was listed on the pink sheets and I was a little concerned.

  7. Do you have a recommendation on where to start with technical analysis? Such as a book or online course? Thanks

  8. Hey peter, what are your thoughts on delcath? also what are some ways to find out which companies are in the stock? I know money csn shows some information there . I know you said its best to do the research on your own

  9. Hi Peter, Thanks for your video. I'm new to penny stocks investing. I heard you say you started investing in penny stocks when you were only 14 year old. I have a 14 and 13 years-old and would like to get them involved into investing. How do I do that? Please, advise. Thanks!

  10. Wow, this video is the shizzle!! I've been reading on the side and watching you explain all these different trades really ties it together. I even looked up some of the trades from the video to see where they're at and I'm thinking KEM could be a candidate for at swing trade. What do you think? Currently at 26.49 maybe up to 30 in a couple of weeks?

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