5 Year Silver Price Forecast – What do the ‘experts’ say?

Welcome to illuminati silver we tell you the
truth about silver. Today is Sunday 8th November 2015 and we are
going to briefly discuss silver price predictions for the next 5 years.
Many of our listeners know that long term we are bullish on gold and silver. They also
know that when we discuss these commodities, we are taking a 10+ year view on gold and
a 20+ year view on silver, though obviously this does not mean we do not see prices rising
before then, but that we are warning, do not seriously place large amounts of capital into
these commodities unless you can wait that period of time without having to sell them.
Naturally, we are speaking about purchasers of the physical as opposed to paper contracts
which behave and trade on very short time periods. Now many gold and silver bulls believe
that both gold and silver are going to rise very soon and very dramatically.
However, short of a most serious International crisis, few of the mainstream experts support
this view. Now we are aware that conspiracy theorists claim that the reason for this,
is that every major institution is in it together, and are deceiving the public. Well, all we
can say from first-hand experience of working with people at the top of the UK Banking system,
is that much of our time was spent on how to outsmart and ‘beat’ our banking rivals
and competitors, after all we wanted our company share price to rise and our individual banks
to prosper. This meant that when we sent our traders loose on the market, they knew that
they were in the arena buying and selling, in order to make a profit, and for every buyer
there is a seller and for every seller there is a buyer – and we ask you not to forget
that. Bearing in mind, that it is the institutions that are mainly buying and selling, if they
all thought exactly the same way, then no trade would take place, and therefore if they
were ‘in it together’ then there would be no market in which to trade.
So who is predicting what and when? Please bear in mind these two criteria; (1) prices
are valued in US dollars; and (2) assuming no global black swan or hyper-inflation event
takes place. Let’s look at silver and those who are quite
bullish: Gary Christenson of the deviant investor.com
predicts that by 2020 silver is priced at $35 – $50
Christopher Aaron of the Silver-phoenix500.com forecasts $50 per oz
Consensus economics.com foresees prices around the $21 level Now those who perhaps are more mainstream
and less bullish: The EIU – The Economist Intelligence Unit
– forecasts $18.80 for 2020 The World Bank – $16.40
The Economy Forecast Agency and independent organisation predict an average of between
$9.50 and $11.50 for 2020. So there we have it. We have left out the
extremists like the major pumpers who are quoting hundreds of dollars and also the major
doom and gloom merchants like Harry Dent who are predicting very low single figures – as
these guys are all forecasting major economic collapse or severe deflation.
Our view, generally falls in line with the Silver Institute when they pronounced last
year, that based on current silver demand and supply conditions, they could not see
silver rising above the $20 level for a number of years yet. We believe that silver will
rise to $20 as peak supply will have been reached by 2018 and then a squeeze will evolve,
however, should world economic conditions deteriorate further then this will restrict
silver’s price rise and should they improve then this will aid its price.
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worlds we are not qualified to give investment advice. Therefore, this and other productions
must not be deemed to be giving such advice and merely represent the personal views of
its owners.

43 thoughts on “5 Year Silver Price Forecast – What do the ‘experts’ say?

  1. Lol what a crap video…
    Did anybody saw the Hunt brothers corner the comex hard a year before they did it?
    Did anybody see the crisis pump up the price in 2011?

    This vid for 10 year means less then shitt……..Cause the real case is always about what u dint see coming…

    Did anybody predict in 2007 the price of gold would be 1900 us $ in 2011 and drop alot to 1100 in 2015?

    What i mean is:
    In a time where global production gets eaten by certain countrys and demand globaly for fysical metal is huge and paper get printed as never before and the prices keep stabil or lower…….Its not the question if but wenn the price start to rise……

  2. I'd wager the chances of a large financial seismic event happening in the near term are fairly good, seeing how "Too Big To Fail" is significantly larger today than it was in 2008. This jobless recovery is anemic in spite of what the media spin-meisters say. The chance to make effective changes to our dysfunctional banking system was passed by long ago. The derivatives market has ballooned into a beast of epic proportions. The quadrillion dollar concept is rather frightening, no? I have zero faith in Washington or their ability to manage anything properly. They would bankrupt a children's roadside lemonade stand given the chance.

  3. Always good to have some gold and silver. I call it an insurance policy. The people going all in are nuts. I keep metals at 10% of my investments. $20 silver would still be a profit for me, but I have no problem leaving it to my children, as I would only sell if the price skyrocketed.

  4. "The Economy Forecast Agency and independent organisation predict an average of between $9.50 and $11.50 for 2020."

    This seems to be the most probable outcome to me, for the spot price anyway. The best way to invest in silver right now, it seems to me, is to buy low mintage, 1/2 toz and 2 toz bullions coins and sell them on a few years later. The spot price hardly seems to affect the price of numismatic and semi-numismatic coins these days, especially since correcting from the all time high.

  5. I hope that eventually silver does rise and it gives people a chance to get out.  Seems anybody who  bought silver in the last few years trying to dollar cost average has to be under water.  I still cant understand the high premiums for silver eagles .  No other investement that I can think of where immediately after you buy you are so far in the hole. If there is increased demand for eagles I cant understand why. Thanks for the overview of the various forecasts for the silver price and your own theory for what will happen.

  6. Many people got burned buying silver when it was at 30 plus dollars per ounce. That was not a good move. But most likely, since silver will most likely not go much lower than it is now and will remain in the same general price range for the next few years, given that no major event happens yet, now would be the best time to buy. From here on out people have a great opportunity to save as much silver as they can because at some point 10 or 20 years from now silver will be much higher, if one were to even use logical thinking. Even if there wasn't hyperinflation within 8-10 years, it is still highly probable that silver could hit 40-50 bucks an ounce by then. But either way, it's only direction at this point can be to go higher. So at this point if one is new to buying silver, now it's a great time to make a great investment in the future with how low it will be for years to come.

  7. All things being equal, this chart might work out.  However, all things do not appear to be equal in this crazy, daisy world.  Thanks.

  8. my redneck view of the world. my prediction is anything below 20 dollars a oz is a fire sale. poor disabled and on fixed income. prediction. good luck GOD BLESS

  9. Saying "no black swans" or "no hyperinflation" for the next 10 years is like saying there will be no wars or illegal activities in the next 10 years. Thumbs up if you agree!

  10. Prediction?How can you predict anything ten years out.I think its more likely that this is the price they are gonna fix it at after all these people have infinite paper money to push the market about and have the backing of government so who is gonna stop em?

  11. Just curious, look at the FED's money base and tell me what this means? see https://research.stlouisfed.org/fred2/series/AMBNS. It took about 90 years to go to $1T and in 5 years it increases by another $3T. Could there be a problem on the horizon?

  12. I agree with your assessment for the future pricing of silver. I think its a fair pricing for people that really want to get into this as a investment. And if some crazy crisis does happen you can make lot of money but if it doesn't which is more likely then you can still make a little bit of money. You won't be able to retire on it but doesn't mean its not a sound investment.

  13. Too many variables to go with long term predictions in a very touchy world. It's at a good buy price no matter what! They'd do better to price it at $30 and the market would be flooded with people recouping losses, but it would be a gamble, as the sideline crowd may jump in. All the numbers you quote are for ideal, market conditions in a predictable world, that are geared to protect the fiat until the end, and correct with that in mind. It seems like a hostile takeover or some kind of plot involving the miners, who as everyone else in the world are out gunned by the printing press,and strongly rooted paper empires.

  14. So we have reached the point where the downside to silver is almost negligible. I think it is time I bought some.

    Thanks for taking the time to do these. I look forwards to your presentation on gold.

  15. At the beginning you say for every buyer there's a seller, and for every seller there's a buyer. Is that by human or computer? I read 80% of all stock market trades are done by computers? Is that correct

  16. Neither you nor the guys that made those charts know the future. Do you not consider probable an economic collapse? In that case, those charts would be useless.

  17. If I remember correctly, the major impact of the recession of 2008 materialized and hit in September of that year. Gold remained basically flat in 2008, starting and finishing at almost the same price. Silver started 2008 at the $15 level. In March, it peaked at about $20. It finished 2008 at the $11 level. I fail to see how this makes much sense, considering the gravity of what was unfolding in the economy. It was a seismic shock of major proportions and yet the silver market actually declined, as silver was at $13 in September and finished out the year $2 dollars lower. It didn't peak until May of 2011, which was about 33 months later. Gold didn't peak until September of 2011. How does this make any sense? How is anybody supposed to be able to predict any kind of future prices with certainty? They cannot. This metals market is pure speculation no matter how you look at it.

  18. when people say "peak or there won't be any silver left", are they actually meaning no financially viable silver for mining? Because of course there will always be silver but the bigger more economically sound deposits will be virtually gone and that it will largely be a by-product from then on? Which certainly will make corporations feel it's rarity and be reflected in the price. I don't see it as a bad investment (if you can hold onto it in the time it takes for the silver spigot to start drying up). But there's no guarantee that they won't find a large deposit somewhere and keep the game going for another fifty years. At these prices as it falls the downside risk falls also. It may not be the most productive asset but at some point it could be the safest.

  19. All of these assumptions are for gold and silver the commodities, not gold and silver as money. With the banking system and governments on the rocks, and debts unpayable even with the most generous terms, the financial system will have to accept gold and silver as limits due to their past and current failures.

  20. Hello again.So the only real difference between yourself and the people who are bullish now on PM's is the possible "black swan event." and that you don't see a black swan event coming any time soon. If that is so, my question to you then is. What would you view as a black swan event. Would a nuke have to fall out of the sky. Sorry to be flippent, but I look around and see interest rates at these levels with the Fed unable or unwilling that to me seems to be the black swan.

  21. What we need now is for David Moron – sorry I meant Morgan, to call another bottom in silver… He's good at that.. Wrong again.. but why stop now!

  22. Monday 16 november 2015…..Just a 2 days after the horrible attacs on paris…….i see metals sky rocket now since trading began a hour back……….And tomorrow they are down again but what i mean is stop make clips of the future……Yes in a future where the sun shines and and and this and that but a 5 year forecast who seen this paris attack coming?????????????????????
    I dont wanne look 5 years ahead and certainly not in these times…

  23. I got the point that mister Silver wants to explain in a world where things are stabil in terms of politics and economics its a possible senario that prices raise very very very slowly cause its all not that bad in terms of supply and demand now,and i guess he is right.

  24. Currently using about 1/6th of paycheck to purchase silver at the cheapest I can get it, what is your opinion of this? Should I stack cash and the POS to go down some more, or continue purchasing incrementally?

  25. one of mentors was really smart he stacked his silver when it was 5 $ a oz. he is pretty much set. he helps me out now with advice but he thinks i'm crazy for buying silver at today'a prices then again. i didn't start 20 years ago. i still believe anything below 20$ is a fire sale.

  26. I remember when rhodium was 300 an ounce then jumped to 10,000 an ounce. Wouldnt it be something if silver jumped like that, we would all be millionaires by overnight.

  27. Major economic collapse would be a good reason to purchase silver. Only buy it if you have the funds that you do not need until that time. Silver could hit $200 and once and could be the only means you have to pay your mortgage and to survive. Also it would be second to ammo in an EMP strike for currency.

  28. value of 16 oz silver was 1 double room apartament in 1980 so today property must crash 50% and silver must cost 1500-3000$ to get the value of silver from 1980 OK

  29. mi vam serem na illuminati stribro . Stribro patri vsem lidem a ne starym paprdum co si hraji na elity a umi zabijet nevine lidi v Jemenu Libiji Siriji Iraku afganistamu

  30. why is this video still up one year old……and what about last run from $8 to $ 49…..and what about Washington DC getting nuked … the state of USA these days it is possible they will do it to themselves…..currency can only be spend in the country of origin …accept USD …precious metals and stones are however totally liquid and international…..they hate the stuff…..

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