5 Outfits | For Pants, Mature Women’s Fashion & Styles over 50

Hey awesome ones, Heather here and you
know I’ve got pants in all different colors and I always seem to mostly reach
for my basic black pants that I know and love. Are you the same kind of way?
Well I decided to really jazz those pants up with some really interesting
outfits toppers and accessories. I can’t wait to show them to you.
It all starts in just a few seconds. So does this sound familiar. I want to
look slim so I throw on my black pants. I throw on a black top and then I just
kind of throw on a sweater or a Cardian and that’s my look. Well that was my look
for a long long time, but I decided to get my groove back and really kind of
put a little bit more flair and style into it. Let’s take a look at the first
outfit. Now with animal prints all the rage these days I think anybody of any
age can wear them and this is my newest one that I have on right now. It’s kind
of a red with you can see the animal print kind of style to it and I can wear
this with my black pants. So let’s take a look. So as you can see this is a
beautiful chiffon style top with a bit of a lower neckline, but I do have a thin
black camisole underneath. Now remember in the old days you know you used to safety pin the top like this. Don’t do that you’ll ruin the material
and a cami does the trick these days. So now with this outfit I’m wearing it with very
little jewelry because I want to let the animal print do all the talking and for
the shoes I have a basic black pump and a simple sleek purse. And this outfit can
be worn from day into evening out for dinner,
it’s that versatile. Now for my second look with the same black pants, these
pants are so…they’re very comfy and stretchy so I can wear them all day long.
So I thought I would go for a casual kind of weekend look maybe a Sunday
fun day type of thing with the jean jacket. Now I’ve had this jean jacket for
years and if you don’t have one it’s a great addition to
your wardrobe. Now all I did was put on a nice bright white t-shirt. I tied a
knot in the front so it’s not just kind of hanging down and I also put on an
animal print scarf and animal print shoes and a caramel color purse. Now if
you saw my video on seven fashion mistakes…you know what…I’ll put a link
on the end screen of this video for you. You remember that you don’t want to pile
on too much of a good thing. Adding an animal print purse and a top would be
just too much. And talking about putting things nicely together, you know I have
this dream. I have this dream of women of a certain age you know for us all really
rocking this world and getting our groove back. So I’ve been working for a
couple of months now on formulating a private community where we can all get
together and talk about our stories and how we’re getting our groove back ,what
we’re doing. And also I’m also formulating a bit of a program where I’ve
got you know, some self-care, these are not videos that you’ll see on YouTube or
anything like that. I’m creating tutorials, videos, slides, quizzes all
kinds of things and I kind of want to know if this would be something that you
might be interested in. So yeah you’ll put in the comments how about, yes groovy!
Because we want to get our groove back and and let me know if this is something
that you might be interested, whether I should keep on pursuing it, because I’m
pretty pretty excited about it. So yeah and by the way don’t forget to subscribe
to the channel and also click on the bell and then you’ll be notified whether
I’m gonna get this happening for you because I’m super stoked about it. I think
it’s gonna be a lot of fun for all of us. And now back to our rigidly…err…regular
scheduled video. So for number three I’m going for more of a upscale
chic look that looks expensive with these black pants. And it’s amazing how a
rich color of a cardigan and maybe some gold jewelry can really really make an
outfit look well I guess I said chic. So here I’ve got a flowy chiffon style top
and a camel colored wool and cashmere cardigan over top. Now although I’m
wearing a lot of chunky jewelry it’s not too much and it really really works. I
also have a very simple black purse with that trending gold chain strap and I put
on a nice pair of shimmery pumps to complete the look. Now number four can be
somewhat tricky. I know the monochromatic look like all one color from head to toe
it’s trending right now, but you know sometimes it doesn’t really work for you.
I just want to show you this and show how I think I think this works better. So
I actually prefer the black pants with this look instead of the kind of
matching matchy blue pants with it. You know sometimes I think the matchy matchy
look especially if we’re not super slim, I think it looks a little bit like
pajamas. And I think it’s important though to match the blazer and the top
closely so that they’re not two different colors and I actually bought
these both together. I also wanted to use a longer necklace to bring the eye
downwards to kind of elongate my look and I matched a shell bracelet and
earrings. And also I got a nice pair of flowery shoes that kind of match
the whole look and a neutral rose-gold purse. Now for my next outfit you’ll
notice that this is the only one with also a black top. What? Actually I think for
this look it works. So here I have matched the black top with something a
little bit different. It’s a gray vest but you could have any color for that
matter for the vest and it sure kind of beats a boring sweater. So I also have a
long necklace to bring the eye downwards and make me look slimmer and I also have
a chunky silver bangle on and silver earrings. Now I also have a comfy pair of
boots on plus a big black purse. Now you’re probably thinking to yourself wow
those are a lot of purse changes, but I have a little trick here. All the big
purses that I have shown are actually holding my everyday small purse inside.
Ta da! It just takes me seconds to change out of purse and this little one
is my go to for most casual days. So right about now it’s time for the
cuteness factor and Hurricane for an 8 year old dog I think you’ve got your
groove back. He certainly looks quite young. He just got his little puppy cut
and you know it’s the same kind of thing for everyone out there. You know as a
former model I love looking at the different trends of fashion and makeup
and helping a lot of you get your groove back and all I can say about all of you
out there is I want you to I want you to look marvelous darling. So coming up on
this channel I have been trying you know are you getting those nasty maybe
already have than those nasty vertical lines above your lips ah and you know it
seems like every morning I’m waking up and I’m going what there’s a new wrinkle
there. So I’m really updating some of my skin care routine and I’m adding some
cream for this stuff and also some new eye cream. I can’t wait to show them
to you and of course some more fashion and all types of other things. But hey
don’t forget put, “yes groovy” if what I was talking about
before you know about the program and also getting our groove back and having
a little community a little private community, yeah just let me know if
that’s of interest to you. Oh and over on our second channel which is
Youtube.com/AwesomeOver50inspiration we’ve got well we’ve got over a thousand
subscribers over there, so thank you if you’re over there and subscribing we
really appreciate it because on that channel we wanted to show you some of
our travel. We’ve been to Paris, we’ve been to London. Also we’ve got to get
healthier, so we talk about food and groceries and healthy eating all kinds
of things. So make sure you check that out. Okay I know we all have our kind
of favorite go to pants don’t we that are just so comfortable and they make us
look slimmer. But you know I really hope that this video helped you to kind of
jazz things up a little bit. You know we can do a lot with accessories and shoes
and you know the topper of the outfit. So yeah let’s let’s go ahead and jazz
things up a little bit, you know like a little more chic and keep it awesome.

76 thoughts on “5 Outfits | For Pants, Mature Women’s Fashion & Styles over 50

  1. Hi Heather,
    You certainly do look groovy! Love your red animal top with your black pants. Also love the flower shoes! Hugs and Happiness, Teresa

  2. LOVE all these looks Heather, I agree, too much of the same color tones screams PJ's to me as well LOL! Wishing you and Bill a wonderful week-end, take care ๐Ÿ’—๐Ÿ˜Š

  3. I can remember when my friends and I used to say groovy all the time for everything!๐Ÿคฃ Enjoyed our fashion show. ๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ‘ฑ๐Ÿปโ€โ™€๏ธLaurie

  4. Hi Heather! The last outfit was my fav… loved the boots and purse together! Also, love your new red and black top! It's so groovy! LOL!

  5. Yes โ€” groovy!!! ๐Ÿ˜
    And may I say, I appreciate you! Thank you for putting these things together for us!
    Iโ€™m looking forward to that video on your new skin care routine! I need to find a new under makeup moisturizer as Estee Lauder has discontinued their Veriteโ€™ line. My skin is so sensitive and Iโ€™m at a loss as to what to try next! I still have nearly a full jar of my last one โ€” I think itโ€™s called a Skin Calming Cream or something to that effect. I break out in hives if I donโ€™t use it under my foundation.
    Anyway, I always look forward to all your videos! You two do a great job!

  6. Yes groovy. Maybe all we need is a โ€œpuppy cutโ€ oh I wish it could be that simple. I love your style and attitude.

  7. You know I love my black pants, lol. I clicked right away! (YouTube is being nice again)
    Lots of goodies here! I've been doing the smaller purse inside a bigger purse ever since I watched your purse video! I hope you guys had a nice Thanksgiving ๐Ÿฆƒ

  8. Another Yes Groovy from me! Re black trousers, I struggle due to being pear shaped..always been a jeans girl but the menopause seems to have put paid to that, because I'm now finding they cut into my belly too much or the ones that fit my belly don't go over my big hips! ๐Ÿ™ Please can you let me know if you've done or would consider a jeans-for-mature-women vid?

  9. Every outfit is groovy. On the last outfit with the black on black with black shoes and grey vest, I would swap out the black purse for a bright red evening bag and swap out the black shoes for silver or snakeskin.

  10. Love the outfits, that beige cardigan is beautiful. The only thing I would do differently on the outfits is to wear black tights or trouser socks instead of just bare skin.
    Oh those vertical lip lines! I never smoked but I always used a straw for cold drinks.. outcome the same, vertical lip lines!
    Hope you are having a wonderful weekend. Hugs all around – Barbara

  11. Hey nice video heather ๐Ÿ˜Ž… Cud u pls mk video on what to pair jeggings n leggings with if i hv a protruding belly & am 5'3". Specially if i fear camel toe n too long tops don't suit me much

  12. ๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’– it so โ†—๏ธ it o ๐Ÿ“Œ๐Ÿ“Œrest
    'Gorgeous Old Gals'' Board
    Thank you for such amazing content keep it coming lovely!

  13. Heather thanks for all the advice!! I am turning 50 in 6 months and I appreciate your sense of style. You look great!! Please keep making all the great videos!!!

  14. I love the scarf but does anyone else beside me get way too hot with a scarf? I canโ€™t seem to wear any of them although I love the look. Is there an alternative that anyone has come up with?

  15. I love the red leopard top! Actually I bought one a few months ago from Torrid, my favorite store, that is a high/low. It is sheer as well and I wear a black top under it with my black go-to pants. I laughed when I saw you doing the same thing. I get a lot of compliments when I wear it. At first I was not sure about it but have been trying new things. So this almost 63 year old is trying new things….Love your videos!

  16. Loved this Heather. My fav is the first with the red animal print. Good luck with your new venture. Love to you both from your friends across the pond xx

  17. Yes, groovy! Trying to carve a new groove, now that I'm retired
    Just discovered you and found your video quite fun.

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