100 thoughts on “3 Proven Swing Trading Strategies (That Work)

  1. Thank you so much for your way of teaching.The way you speak and express your lessons is very direct and detailed.You got yourself a sub 👍🏻✊🏻

  2. This was a really good video. It opened my eyes on some aspects of trading that I wasn’t keen to previously. Thank you!

  3. Great video rayner! You actually explained one of my strategies here that I use every day to trade haha. I was like hey, he's giving away my secret sauce!

  4. One quick question.. how do you know "when" the opposing trade will come in because you take profit "before" the opposing pressure comes in.. How do you know when it will come in? Previous s/r levels does not guarantee opposing pressure will come in at those levels.. they can come in earlier or way after the s/r levels 😀

  5. Great work rayner, can you create a video on trade management in swing trading? I have checked your previous trade management video is about trend following. Thanks

  6. Hey Rayner. I wanted to focus on swing trading the forex market (daily & 4h timeframes). Are there enough opportunities for me solely in forex market or do I need to trade more markets? I know as a trend follower, you would have to look at a lot more markets because opportunities doesn't come by as frequent as swing trading.

    I've watched over 80 of your videos. Thanks for all you do <3

  7. Hi! I was wondering how you would scan for the stocks to swing trade? Whenever I look at the stocks to swing trade, I'm always too late for the entry. Great stuff btw! Very informative!

  8. for intraday training pl. suggest the time frame and also suggest the time frame for shor term training like two days or traiding close within a week. Thank you

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  10. I don't wanna object all of your suggestion but those things you mentioned depends on Time Frames, Pairs, Time of market, Time of news, … etc. If you really wanna help traders and also yourself try to find out something more practical and effective not just say sth that has been explained fully on Internets so many times. for instance see my Facebook or twitter for helping traders without asking any charges for that. Wish U best and green trading days

  11. I wish I had a chat group of good swing traders. Invite me to your swing trade idea group, Rayner! I have many good ideas, just need more so I always have options.

  12. I can't take you seriously… I was raised by a day trader. You don't dress respectable and probaly dont have a degree in sociology or psycholgy. All I see is someone who is half cocked.

  13. I seriously love your videos and the way you teach. thanks so much for all of your hard work to help new traders

  14. what do you do if, on the daily time frame you see an upward trend, but on the hourly time frame its on down trend?

  15. Although I have gotten value from your videos, "swing" trading is defined as holding a position for more than a day. Ask any real professional. Or Investopedia for that matter.

  16. Why does price get into a range, why does price break out of a range, why does price reverses and never looks back? Profound questions that need to be answered before competing with the sharpest minds. And NO! The answers are not to be found on a chart.

  17. Great material! Can you cover the basics of order types (limits, stops, etc) and when to use each in swing trading?

  18. damn! i'm turning 25 this year and recently got interested in trading…..wow your videos are very informative. INSTANT SUBSRIBE! fellow citizen here!

  19. how do you have so much knowledge but you look like a British man called Keith whose divorced and has a 1 bed flat with no money?

  20. Quick question. For the second method, what and how does the 50 MA play a role for that method? That part I'm confused.

  21. Your strategy is profitable. I want to thank you for that, because today i have different idea about swing trading.

  22. Your video's have made it so much easier to understand trading. Thank you for not being one of these guys that just try to sell you something

  23. hey hey! WHats up ma friend!!! I'm done in your Breakout videos. I master it already. Next is swing r Trading. Prrrrt

  24. Regarding fade the move, how long is too long for time stop? How to determine the time stop? Paul Tudor Jones said time stop is important to his trading methods as well, but I have no clue

  25. Can I ask a Question? What type Of MA do you use it is Simple or Exponential? And by the way I learned alot in this video ill keep watching all your videos because I understand the way you explained it. THANKS

  26. Your videos make sense to me when looking at previous trends, but could you show me how to apply this on future movement? What tools and indicators do I use to predict the movement?

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