3 Best Fast Food Apps for Discounts and Rewards

it seems like every single fast-food
restaurant finally has an app but to be honest most of the apps don’t even work
that well and so I’m gonna explain which ones are actually good
I mean if mobile ordering is important to you then all of these apps are gonna
work just fine but I’m talking about deals and reward points because those
are actually gonna save me money and that’s what’s important to me so in this
video I’m gonna cover the three best fast food apps that are gonna save you
money and you’re not gonna want to delete them off your phone because they
don’t actually suck and then I’ll also show you the key features of all these
different apps on my phone so that you can see for yourself if there’s
something that you’d actually want or not now if you just found this channel
I’m Jason with honest finance and I make a lot of videos on different topics
that’ll give your life and your finances more value so feel free to subscribe if
you guys want to but now let’s just start talking about these fast food apps
okay so the first app that made my list is actually the best one in my opinion
and this one goes to McDonald’s because the app is freaking amazing so unless
you don’t like McDonald’s for some reason then I’d for sure get this app
over the other two that I’m going to talk about because it really does do
everything and it’s not very glitchy like some of the other apps can be
they’ve got their own mobile ordering parking spots just for using the app if
they always have really good deals and then on top of that their promotions are
always really up to date whenever you’re using the app the McDonald’s app gives
you tons of really good promotions based on your location and the deals are
actually really good compared to a lot of the other apps and then just remember
that I’ll show you guys all of the key features of these different apps once I
get through this list now the next app that made my list is actually
chick-fil-a because their app is based on reward points and it’s really easy to
use so basically every time you buy stuff from chick-fil-a they’re gonna
give you reward points which you can later spend on different food items but
they’re also going to give you free random stuff as well just for being
signed up for the app however I will say that the old app that chick-fil-a used
to use was complete garbage and had they not redesigned it about six months ago
this app would have never made my list but because of the redesign the app is
so much better now and it’s so much easier to use all because of these
changes and I would definitely recommend trying it out now the last one on my
list goes to 7-eleven and I know they’re not the normal kind of fast-food that
you think of but just hear me out the reason 7-eleven made my list is
because even if you look at the huge companies like Burger King or Subway
they’re always just too confusing and that’s where 7-eleven works the best
because their app is really easy to use and it’s never confusing and trust me if
you go out and download a bunch of different fast-food apps you’re gonna
see what I’m talking about about being confusing because a lot of them are just
gonna pack in way too many features and they want you to do everything at the
same time and it just gets too confusing and that’s where 7-eleven shines because
of the simplicity the easiest feature that 7-eleven offers is that you’re
always going to get your seventh drink cup free so if you drink coffee or soda
then that’s a really good feature to have just for using the app they also
have reward points too so everything that you buy from 7-eleven is going to
get you points that you can spend on random stuff as well and then on top of
that they’ll always have tons of deals they can get you bonus points and then
they’ll have coupons on the app as well and I don’t know if you’ve ever bought
much food from them but they have a lot of really good prices and they have a
pretty good selection of hot food that you can eat throughout the day now let’s
hop into my phone and I’m going to show you guys the key features of these
different apps and I’m going to start with 7-eleven because that’s the one
that we were just talking about okay so when you open up the 7-eleven app you’re
gonna see this giant circle up at the top and that’s got all of your points
inside of it so it looks like I’ve got eighty nine hundred points so far and
I’m gonna show you guys how to redeem some of those points so just click on
choose Rewards that’s the little button right under the points I’m gonna click
that right now inside of that it’s gonna start you out at the two thousand point
category but I’m gonna back down until I get to the eight hundred point tier so
each of these just takes up 800 points taquitos Donuts little drinks and stuff
like that and then when you redeem those they’ll just take away that many points
and then you get them for free so moving on to the 1200 point category we’ve got
candy bars sodas chips stuff like that so it just keeps getting better and then
let’s move on to 1500 point we got fancy waters drinks bigger candy bars stuff
like that and then in the 2000 point category that’s as high as it goes but
they’ve got big fresh deli breakfast sandwiches giant 12 ounce Red Bulls and
monsters salads pizzas and the biggest stuff that they offer so that’s how that
works for the rewards you just spend your points on the stuff that they have
in the and these different categories so let’s go back to the main menu here and
you’re gonna see scrolling down a little bit you’re gonna see the 7th cup is free
so I’ve got three marks on that meaning that I’m almost halfway there
and then they’ve got these little grade ones out I haven’t used any of these but
pure 1 litre water barrier and cheez-its looks like those are little promotional
things you can do to get those for free as well if you buy seven down here if
you click on deals that’s just going to take you to the deals category and that
is gonna have all of the different bonuses that you can get for buying
stuff so looking up at the top and these little recommendations they’ve got 200
bonus points when I buy it looks like a drink and chips 400 bonus points when I
buy a hot dog and a drink so those are just recommendations from me and then if
you go down here to the categories we’ve got fresh foods combos drinks energy
just click on any of those I’ll gonna click on combos and that’s going to have
all of the different point bonuses that you can get through here but if you
scroll down all the way to the bottom they’re just gonna have the regular
deals so looking up at the top here I’ve got a four meal deal by any two Pepsi or
Mountain Dew 20-ounce and two pizza slices for four bucks so those are just
regular deals but towards the top of here we’ve got the bonus point offerings
so it looks like those are definitely being used in the app and then anytime
you ever redeem anything if you just click down here on my rewards that’s
where everything’s going to show up so just go inside of there to check your
purchase history and all of that kind of stuff to see that you’re actually
getting your stuff for free when you redeem the points and that is how
7-eleven app works it’s really simple every time you just go into 7-eleven
just have them zap this QR code whenever you open up the app and then that’s it
okay so when you open up the chick-fil-a app you’ve got all of these different
options here at the bottom you’ve got menu rewards scan account and my order
and honestly a lot of these features I really don’t care about I don’t care
about their menu I don’t care about finding a restaurant but if that’s
something that you’re interested in then at least the app offers it the main
thing that I’m into here at the bottom you’re going to see rewards just click
on that and it tells me right here that I am a silver member and I’ve got eleven
hundred and twenty seven points right now and then it tells me that I’ve
earned a total of twenty seven hundred and if I earn another twenty two hundred
and seventy four then I’m going to earn read status and the way you can tell
what those statuses are is you just go down here it says right here I’m a
silver member so I get one dollar equals 11 points the basic one you’re gonna get
one dollar equals ten points and then the best member is the red member and
that’s one dollar equals twelve points so you get more points for your dollar
based on your tier but I’m a silver right now and it says right here your
chick-fil-a one silver status is valid through eight nine of twenty so I’ve
still got quite a while that I’m a silver member and I’m not gonna lose
that status so what you’re gonna do now inside of rewards is just click on
redeem right here at the top so click on that and then you’re gonna see all of
the different categories here so I’ve got eleven hundred points and that’s
actually quite a lot to get stuff so a lot of the time you can just base it off
of what you feel like or based on the value of what you’re buying so as you
scroll down the points are just going to go higher but then as soon as you get to
the highest point this is where you can get the really fancy stuff so let’s go
all the way to the highest tier here there we go
we’re getting up to 800 points for four count chicken strips fancy sandwiches
and looks like 1500 points I don’t even have that many so those are grayed out
and that’s as high as you can go if you click up here up at the my rewards at
the top right there just gonna throw stuff in there randomly like on your
birthday or just even when you don’t expect it and they’re just gonna give
you stuff in there or that’s where your redemptions are gonna go as well so you
can see kind of what you’re ready to buy and get it for free whenever you go into
the restaurant just make sure to click the scan thing right down here at the
bottom so just click this and then they’re gonna have little zappers at
each of the different registers just make sure to zap this QR code whenever
you’re ordering stuff and then your points will be accumulated usually
within 24 hours it seems to be pretty quick and then that’s all there is to
chick-fil-a okay so when you open up the McDonald’s app they’re gonna have all of
their ads here up at the top so because I’m shooting this in March they’ve got
the shamrock shake and they’ve got a little offering up there and then
they’ve got the menu right here and if you click into this this is just going
to make it so that you can actually order things from the app
and just like all the other apps you can order you can go pick it up but the
different thing about McDonald’s is that they’ve actually got special spots
outside in their parking lots just for mobile ordering so you can either do
that and they can bring the food to you or you can go through the drive-thru and
pick up your mobile order or you can go inside and pick it up just depending on
your preference so I don’t really use this feature but apparently a lot of
people do but that’s just not my thing my thing with the McDonald’s app is the
deals so if you click down here on the bottom center you’re gonna see the
little deals icon just click that and then that’s going to have all of their
deals based on your location so the McCafe if you drink that kind of
stuff they got these little buy five get one free kind of thing and that’s always
going on and then the big thing here is that like you can get a dollar frie
large fry you can get free any size soft drink with the purchase of medium or
large fries dollar off Big Macs the new bacon ones buy hotcakes get one for a
penny so a lot of the stuff you do have to have another person with you to get
the best value out of it but mainly the kind of stuff that I do is like a dollar
large fry or I get a free drink and I use those kind of coupons all the time
so whenever you want to use a coupon you just click on it and then you click this
little scan at restaurant thing and it’s gonna say are you sure you want to use
this deal because you’re limited to one deal per visit so go ahead share I’ll
use it and it pulls up this QR code and your phone goes really bright so that
they can’t miss it you just click that have them scan it and then boom you’ve
got yourself the deal that’s all there is for McDonald’s it works extremely
well and they have a lot of really good deals so definitely take advantage of it
every time you’re at McDonald’s and just see what they have to offer sometimes
they might not have a deal that’s for you but I would say 90% of the time you
can find something that’s gonna save you some money now that you’re a lot more
familiar with these apps I want you to download them for yourself and try them
out because honestly they really do save me a lot of money and I think they can
do the same thing for you so just try them and then make sure to comment down
below and tell me which app you’re gonna try first because I really want to see
which one is the most popular out of all the three that I just talked about and
then once again I’m Jason with honest finance and I make a lot of video
on different topics that will give your life and your finances more value so
definitely subscribe if you guys want to or you can just check out one of my
other videos over here like making money by searching online which is a pretty
good one but that’s all for now

14 thoughts on “3 Best Fast Food Apps for Discounts and Rewards

  1. Our family uses the Mc Donalds app. We like it a lot! As far as reserved parking…there isn't enough parking at our location and those reserved spots are used by customers NOT using the App. :/

  2. Love McDonald's french fries! I am so in! Also I would definitely use the 7-Eleven app! By the way, I think you're awesome! You really do need a corporate sponsorship!👍

  3. You did a great job with these I appreciate it! I would just add chipotle to this list I believe they have a pretty smooth app as well and plus you get free chips and guacamole on your first order with the app! But no worries you can’t possibly cover all fast food apps keep it up!

  4. In the UK use Foodhub UK app. Lots and lots of discounts and also calculates how much you save. Ive saved £78 so far. Also cheaper delivery charge than just eat app and some takeaways have 50% discount on there

  5. Nice vid, I appreciate the intro immensely and sticking to the info! Thanks man, I'll be checking you out bud👍

  6. McDonald’s app has detailed allergy information. I just downloaded the McDonald’s app it’s the same thing in the uk but the deals section is empty. I am seriously allergic to gluten and it’s really bad to order from fast food places as the allergen book can sometimes be confusing and a mess BUT the McDonald’s app has ALL the allergen information clearly just click on the more section the nutritional information then select which ever food item you want and click on ingredients. It is clearly labels out by each part of the item .e.g. a burger by the bun patty and extras VERY helpful feature for people with allergy’s. Also I loved the video 👍🏼👍🏼❤️

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