$25,000 RETAIL JEWELRY FOUND!I bought an abandoned storage unit and found gold

about to show you a reveal on this
second hall all right we’re going to start on this unit again this 20 foot
unit if you watch the previous video we found a major hoard of gold just sitting
in this little tiny bit of area we worked right here unbelievable woman
wants to get her sewing stuff back she’s calling the office strut hysterically
wanting to buy some stuff back I’m not sure how we’re gonna go about that route
but there is a grandfather clock curio cabinets and all sort of stuff I’m
hoping we find some more jewelry maybe there’s something even better than
jewelry who knows let’s go what do you think Saul princess yeah you know if no
encouraging words we got an lg flatscreen that’ll be
coming to the flea market with us tomorrow what to fill that up with new
stuff glue sticks you know this is no spider was that Liz Claiborne okay not very good but
maybe I’m in it are billing him using a most amazing thing right here she found
40 bucks in this purse she almost found her pay for the day what are you gonna
say that’s why you’re here though baby girl I love working with my daughter
will they say this all to look at you at the end
oh nice put this in a jewelry box nice Christmas stuff we did good on Christmas
stuff today didn’t we if we’re saving all the possible jewelry
boxes for the end of this video oh my we we’re the same I can’t in a vacuum piece
nice it sucks I put it back in the bed more doctors
day it’s for a Dyson so set that aside for in our good pop nice the world’s
cheapest drill set that enough what is it that one is oh nice and change was it a silver dollar one
silver London London arrow one troy ounce pure silver nice it was we’ll take
them out tomorrow and sell them we have these aren’t the great shape coaches this one has potential
I like everything we open this going to sizzler what is that mink coat Phil that
guy beat up Lane table blue eyes no pencils that’s a fancy
paper cutter for crafting nice will set us all side for the end that all said that a unicorn broken eight uniform uh-huh
put those back in there very carefully my happy we way doing it never changes
artists a whole box the unipoint know they’re like the universe telling
us that there’s like a thousand unicorns to choose from
maybe we’re gonna have to read deep into this baby girl man what could be in
there man said that’s the hi baby girl please like this I think the view my good friend II actually I could see
you wearing those you have something like that to see shows you only trying
to mock her dad dad knows what she like that’s some good kitchen stuff to look
at that this is crazy that’s fine we have to go
through this at the end once again on this unit man we just stopped in grabbed
a little bit just to fill the back of the trailers we don’t go to Stockton all
half loaded tomorrow and we find another huge pile of jewelry we have to take
back to the warehouse and we have to sort this is nuts okay we are back here
the stores you know about to go through this jewelry right now let’s take a look
as a whole bunch event kind of been going through I started with this box
right here because it’s like mixed up they’re like this box and this box
equaled this pile right here so I to pull it out we’re gonna sort through it
and show you what is entirety but look it’s all jewelry right here no but it’s old and I like him this is
one of the favorite things I found right here silver Mickey Mouse necklace and
head you know I love Mickey and yeah that’s all the silver we got now oh yeah
one more piece here alright I got all of the jewelry sorted out it was gonna take
too long to go piece by piece and separate it so we can get a nice little
meal but anyway we got all the jewelry and here we are about to show you a
reveal on this second haul once again if you haven’t seen the first haul of
jewelry in this unit you need to go watch the first half of this unit last
night in the first half is like the for the second three and a half feet by five
feet but there’s a much future score and go this is the so far the smaller of the
two scores we got a lot of costume jewelry here all sorts of little
trinkets and yes I double-checked these things I have a whole bunch of gold that
I’ve set aside that my gold guy will test for me he will analyze he’ll do a
little acid thing this had nothing in it but I did find some fake poop I thought
that was we got some silver here look at these little charm
so many little charms you see clearly mark sterling San Francisco then we have
just more costume jewelry costume jewelry possible jewelry these look like
they’re mark silver I think they’re truly fake we got some cool little
vintage purses for other ladies and we got that leprechaun
hi okay I think it’s a good red leprechaun way we got tons of just I had
to put I put lots of hearts in there once again when I get to my gold guy and
such he will go through every one of these he will look at them and double
check to make sure I didn’t forget anything but this is kind of how I do it we start out half of everything we did
all last Friday got a comb then we have some cool stuff you like watches we got
this Mickey Mouse popular watch I thought that was neat you guys know I
love Mickey Mouse Disney brand-new we got a Seiko we have a chase doer chase
doer I thought this was kind of – I don’t know much about watches I just
look at this and I think this screams like a decent looking watch I have to
have it looked up this goes in my ebay pile for now but it’s called a chase do
I like the way it looks can we have more trinkets and doodads we
got a Seiko costume jewelry for days we got costume jewelry costume jewelry
costume jewelry that was intriguing we have one of these again this is a to be
careful I want to cut myself dovo made of Solingen Germany that’s how these two
shaved back in the day and we have costume jewelry we have more costume
jewelry hearts butterflies and not silvermere this could be a meteorite now
I’m probably chipping it’s probably nothing but I just like the way it
looked we want to find a real genuine meteorite
we have more boxes of just necklaces I pulled all of what out that I thought
was gold or silver this is just costume up I put costume and locks on eBay right
there after bag could tell you missed one see that’s how we go over and over
so we will put this aside and we will get that one out of there
tons more jewelry here butterflies I thought one of these earlier and they
were silver someone was marked maybe not see that little mark in there sure looks
like a number hair pins and jewelry and trinkets and almost Jade’s don’t worry
guys were getting to the gold here soon we’re getting to the gold soon that was
lots of gold almost Jade then we get into old my charger Thank You phone
charger then we come into here I think that’s silver we got a peel bars as a
peel bar it’s so cute little earrings we got some sterling silver there I think
we got some more costume we got some bracelets then we start getting into the
almost silver here not quite almost gold then we get into the silver look at this
right here ladies and gentlemen this is the silver we’re not going to show you
the gold look we’re gonna we’re gonna keep the gold off to the side for a
minute that’s called a teaser I love teasers
we’re gonna get these two pieces tested for gold then we have a heart sterling
silver heart just marked 925 nothing of scream significance I like hearts and
silver has at least scrap value but then we have this piece here this one looks
somewhat antique almost they’ll think Egyptians pharaohs gods
and then some turquoise and then the back has no marking it’s got a handle I
like that piece then we have your typical little silver we got this one
here only found one of these it’s gold filled actually the gold filled has the
same scrap value of silver this is a nice sterling silver necklace here very
nice then we have a bunch of sterling silver just my favorite I think I found
right here I want to get a nice like gold unicorn medallion since y’all
convinced me to be the unicorn I got to get me a nice medallion for my necklace
we got silver everywhere look at that all silver silver silver rings silver
half earring sets I thought those are pretty cool right
there then we got silver this is a nice eagle with a crystal on it I thought
that was pretty cool it’s a necklace pendant they’ve got some silver here we
already saw this coin in the beginning of this video
this is neat here let me open this up for you guys real quick this is really
nice it’s antique nine to five and it’s like a multiple picture frames I love
this piece I don’t know what it’s supposed to be when you put it back
together though now for the second hoard of gold here this is nuts right here I
mean this is Locker nuts if you ever asked me where’s the other one of those
these are gold right here this is a 14 karat gold earring here we have a 14
karat white gold ring we have a 14 karat gold apple with a diamond we have 14
karat gold scrap pieces there we have this it’s a the stone is broken in the
middle sadly but stone is broken here in the middle of this one sadly but still a
nice piece thinner smaller gold ring maybe a
citrine I don’t know what that is nice little blue stone gold this right here
is 14 karat gold I don’t know what that symbol is for but it is stamped we also
have this older gold piece here it’s kind of cheap but it’s like antique
golden gotta get this diamond checked out look at the size of that diamond but
it’s clearly stamped in there gold as you can see once again this needs to be
looked at and I don’t know if it’s platinum or white gold it’s hard for me
to read things inside if they’re I got to get my loop out we’ve got a pair of
earrings here another pair of earrings lots of gold and like I said this is I
don’t think this one’s gold but I want to have a test in let’s see how it’s the
shine you see the difference this is what I say when I say I look at gold and
you guys think I’m crazy you could see the difference see the difference in
color of what gold looks like I see that out the peripheral of my eyes and I
catch it without having to literally test everything then we have this cool
little set of rings here gold we have this little white gold ring here we have
this beautiful I think white gold ring here then we have this one right here and then we have this bad boy right here
clearly mark 14k on the inside where’s it at see everything this is nice right
there this is heavy this feels like every bit of 15 grams got such a solid
chunk of gold inside of it this thing right here is so nice this is gold right
here and then this is gold right here and that’s the second pile of gold this
this is in miniscule compared to the first pile so if you missed the first
video on this 40,000 dollar rent paid storage and go watch it don’t forget to
comment in this video right now which silver piece you thought was the best
for me real quick just comment below what your silver piece you thought was
the best one don’t forget to comment which one of these gold pieces is your
favorite if you would Rock any of these rings that you like those type of
necklaces or your inner princess cuts comment below what your favorite piece
was right now thank you real quick recap of all the
gold that we found and all the silver we’re gonna weigh it all and give you a
total of what we could scrap it for in this video real quick
another amazing jewelry hoard it’s crazy the first five feet of this unit was off
the chain no pun intended we got all these gold chains
none of these diamonds were real sadly literally not one of these times I
thought I hit the mother lode if all these diamonds would have been three
four thousand apiece the size of them but whatever we’ve got we’re not gonna
complain so we got all this gold so we’re gonna weigh up this gold right now
and tell you what that’s worth here we have a hundred and sixty four and a half
grams of just 14 karat from the first jewelry haul in this unit we had 14
grams of 10-karat total this amount of silver jewelry it’s gonna be kind of a
hard to weigh I’m gonna do it real quick try to figure out how I can get this all
on one scale but we’ll weigh all this from this one haul as well see how many
grams we had our scale line does three hundred grams the first one is 270 9.4
in grams our second weigh-in is 225 grams as well as this little extra piece
I didn’t wanna throw on the scale not to mention we have to have certain
things tested like these could be gold beads some of these could be gold and
silver we’re gonna have our guy test every one of these pieces for any excess
to see if there’s anything that we are not unsure because it wasn’t clearly
marked some weird gene because some hand teak pieces could be six karat gold etc
etcetera so could be even some more inside of that not to mention we have
these silver rounds here we’ll put that in the totals of welcome of one bulb
total here now let’s not forget this watch right here it is not gold weakened
it was easy to tell because you could see where they somebody tested it and
scratched through to the underneath but it’s a $300 sale on eBay
right there do the math on this first jewelry hall look at that 4068 for the
for teen karat 169 grams times 24 grandmas 90% I get 10 karat is 14 grams
is 16 per gram $224 silver with all the masks and everything was 550 total grams
of 50 cents a gram is 275 we got the coins equaling 225 that
brought out an instant 90% scrap of 4000 792 then we got the watch that puts us
at an instant $5,000 on this locker who who can ask for anything more you know
pirates love gold silver gems and we nailed it of all three of those in this
unit we’re only five FINA 15 feet more of pure pleasure to go so you want to
make sure you stay tuned for the next few unboxings and this sequence though
this is the second jewelry haul I don’t know if you guys have seen the first
video in this but if you missed the first video of how much we go
this one is dwarfed compared to the first one so you definitely want to
check that out and see that but anyway this is everything so far in the second
haul this is all 14 karat we’re gonna go ahead and take a look here this is
actually silver dispensed in the silver power look at that these are all stamped
these are all stamped sadly I thought this one was the money I thought this
was gonna put me in retirement I was gonna keep that or something even though
it’s like those are not real diamonds but that was over a 10 gram ring you see
right there we got some cool stuff like the Apple anyway let’s get this all
weighed up and see how much money was there alright we have ninety two and a
half grams of gold right here Wow and right here we’re gonna go through
the silver we’re gonna weigh that this is just some cool jewelry that I got set
aside so it’s different money but this is all silver here we’re gonna weigh
this real quick and see what our scrap value is is that we just scrapped it in
the streets now we can sell it for four its luminous tick value or whatever the
word you use for jewelry is I think that’s coins correct me if I’m wrong
let’s weigh this up real quick and we have in our first batch of silver is two
hundred and fourteen grams of silver here here we have 232 grams of silver
after everything’s put on and we still have a little bit of excess right here
this is totally nuts locker nuts now that we’re done the second haul we got a
total of fourteen carat at ninety two and a half grams at twentieth twenty two
hundred and eight dollars instantly at ninety percent scrap value the silver
was two thirteen point nine plus two thirty two in my two ways equaled 446 a
fifty cents of grandmas turn twenty three dollars that made this one second
haul a total of twenty four hundred and thirty one dollars and twenty five cents
bringing both jewelry videos in the first five feet of this twenty foot unit
to seventy four hundred dollars instant cash money not retail not putting it in
display case not haggling with customers going to your gold guy getting ninety
percent scrap value based on a stock market of one ounce of pure gold
fractured into 14 karat 10-karat cetera cetera et cetera 7400 Toros
I love instantly yes there are some pieces that are probably not scrap
there’s some pieces that might even keep and a lot going to scrap but that’s the
basic concept to it Wow 7400 total if you missed the first video don’t forget
to check it out now I’ll probably put the link in the description or attached
it to this video don’t forget to the like button share button say some
beautiful like pirate gold is great or I love gold or what your favorite piece
was love y’all I’m out

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