2016 SHANGHAI GOLD FIX: How China Will Make the Gold Price Go Ballistic!

We are on the verge of an epic currency crisis…one
that could create one of the largest bubbles we’ve seen in human history.
Last year we showed you how gold was rallying in foreign currencies, in many cases to all-time
highs. This year gold is rallying even against a strong US Dollar. Analysts like those who warned us before the
2008 crisis are saying the next stock market crash will be bigger, and coincide with a
currency crisis. The dollar index has not budged from its position since the December
FED Rate hike, proving the policy is just a smokescreen for the poor US Economy and
reversal back to more money printing and inevitable negative interest rates.
Gold is the only true hedge against these central banks and it is responding to the
fiat currency war. Gold tends to have a direct response for central banks who give their
local citizens discomfortt in the value of their currency, but what happens when the
central bank is managing the currency of choice for the entire world? What happens when the
entire world wants to exchange their U.S. dollars for gold? Either because of an action
the federal reserve takes or because the U.S. debt passes a key psychological number with
the markets, like say 20 Trillion! A level we will reach later this year. Over the last 5 years we have seen China and
Russia stockpile massive amounts of gold, and China is set to have a direct impact on
pricing gold in world markets. Since July last year, China has been releasing it’s official
gold reserves, which many analysts estimate are just the tip of the iceberg. Since then
official Chinese government gold holdings increased by 104 tons, that’s over 6% in just
6 months! But if you look at how much they’re importing its a staggering 217 tons for December
alone. China by the way is both the worlds largest
gold producer and biggest importer, so not only are they accumulating gold by the truck
load, not once ounce produced is leaving their shore.
China, across the board is preparing for something big in our currency markets� Over the last few years, China and major countries
like have formed strategic and competing world financial institutions and trade deals: The BRICS New Development Bank began operating
last year with an initial 100 Billion Dollars. The BRICS countries are set to surpass the
G7 countries combined GDP by as soon as next year! The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank opened
January 16th 2016 with 30 founding members and also an initial capital of 100 Billion
Dollars. Also, a modern day �silk road� is returning
with the first train connecting Iran and China being delivered just last month. This will
further set China as the biggest world economy for trade with Europe and the rest of the
world. It’s no wonder world trade via sea routes has been collapsing with the Baltic
Dry Index at all-time lows; crashing 75% in just 6 months! With Iran, India, Russia and China switching
to trade in national currencies, the dollar is truly dying as we speak. It’s just a matter
of time before an oil rich Middle Eastern nation choose to dump the dollar and partner
BIG with one of its closer trading partners in Eurasia. This is why Americans need to be invested
in Gold to preserve your purchasing power through this world crisis and transition.
The end of the PetroDollar era is approaching. The quasi oil backing which began in the 1970’s
was only a temporary fix to the removal of the Gold Standard, and the gold price will
rise dramatically once again. For 7,000 years, man has mined gold deposits,
making it possibly one of the oldest and most reliable businesses in human history. And
one of the smartest, because unlike accumulating gold in the retail market, owning a gold mine
allows you to keep producing the gold after your investment.
A yellow metal that if you took all that was ever mined and put it into one large cube,
would have an edge of just 70 feet! Think about it, for all of human history, gold is
so precious and so rare, that if you took all the Egyptians mined, the romans, and everything
since, we would only have 3 olympic size swimming pools full of gold.
The headlines for gold these past few years have all focused on physical gold accumulation
by China, Russia, and eastern central banks, but what they have missed, is a 7,000 year
old strategy that China is doubling down on. According to data compiled by Bloomberg, in
2013 asset purchasers by Hong Kong and mainland miners increased to a record $2.2 billion!
China is buying gold mines at a record…Something completely missed by both the main stream
investor and even the gold analysts who tend to only focus on the bullion sales. Which
haven’t been disclosed officially since 2009, although according to Bloomberg based on trade
data, this physical bullion stock pile has likely tripled since then! China, who is aggressively buying gold would
spark an event if it disclosed how much gold it now has stock piled, but imagine the true
disclosure of how much gold they have when you add up all of their deposits, not just
in China, but offshore. $2.2 billion spent offshore in 2013 is equivalent to 46 metric
tons of physical gold, but when buying gold deposits still in the ground, this could be
upwards of 5,000 metric tons, even 10,000 metric tons. And that is just 1 year of record
mine buying from China. Gold investors recently dodged a bullet; our
investment window has narrowly expanded after the decision to delay the Chinese yuan’s inclusion
into the IMF’s SDR currency basket in fall 2015, but time is running out FAST. By August
this year Chinese influence will have infiltrated the biggest financial institutions in the
world. With China only revealing their physical bullion
above ground and saying nothing about their mine acquisitions, this explains their long-term
strategy to implement some form of gold backed currency. The world may be well on it’s way
to the largest gold rally of our lifetimes. This strategy that China has taken of dramatically
increasing their exposure gold the deposit acquisitions can also be implemented by individual
investors, by focusing on specific gold companies who in the midst of a commodities bear market
and global currency war, are out acquiring already established gold assets. Partinging
with strategic investors like Rick Rule, Eric Sprott, and Doug Casey. A low-risk, growth
through acquisition plan, setting the stage for millions of ounces of gold, purchased
for less than a nickel on the dollar, where in some cases, millions of dollars have been
spent in exploration, but today distressed sellers are looking for a buyer, often times
at fire sale prices. When China admits to owning 5 times as much
gold than what they recently report and the world accounts for their huge mine and gold
property acquisitions…we believe the gold price will go absolutely ballistic, with a
repricing on the level of $10,000 per ounce or higher, as predicted by former CIA Advisor,
Jim Rickards. To accelerate your gold accumulation strategy
with ounces in the ground, Visit FutureMoneyTrends.com/China The slightest hint of dollar risk or the U.S.
entering negative rates, the most dominate fiat currency on earth, could unleash an avalanche
of wealth into the hard asset space…Mainly the mines and mineral companies. You see, when you’ve got tens of millions
of dollars or even billions, buying up physical commodities is completely unrealistic. It’s
only a matter of do these investors bull rush into these assets due to greed, or flee into
this assets due to the fear of a currency crisis…I am not sure at this point, but
I do see that later as just as much of a possibility. What has benefited the U.S. dollar is global
uncertainty, essentially the dollar is the tallest midget in the room when it comes to
paper money. Which is why I see hard assets like gold, silver, oil, uranium, and copper
soaring against the dollar very soon. To implement the Chinese strategy and accelerate
your gold accumulation, visit FutureMoneyTrends.com/China. Signs are already showing that a massive move
into gold has started. Gold ETF Holdings just rose for a record 40 days straight and China
is set to takeover pricing for world gold markets with the new gold benchmark in the
spring of 2016. Right now, some of the best investors in the
world are acquiring gold with one of the most legendary resource CEO�s in all of North
America, Keith Neumeyer. In 1 year, he�s taken a small gold stock from zero to nearly
10 million ouncs of gold by acquiring 5 separate gold companies! Learn more about this strategic opportunity
at FutureMoneyTrends.com/China

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  1. This report is not accurate. China exports huge quantities of gold inside electronics, mostly in phones but other electronics too. The gold is used in connectors for plating to resist oxidation as phone users are sweaty/moist individuals and when they put their phones in pockets, human moisture 'seeps' into the phones and if not gold-plated contacts then oxidation rapidly ruins the phone's functions.

  2. Unless USA attack and destroy china, like they did with iraq and syria. Tibet with be a good agent for an "ISIS" scenario. But then again this will led to a nuclear apocalyptic war. Hmm. Imagine a communist world leader. Do we actually need a communist world leader, world population is soaring and so far china is the only country to actually control a considerable large amount of population. Just a thought.

  3. Even if China had 5 times as much gold as reported, they wouldn't want to reveal it. Why would they want to lose significant control by revealing their reserves? Not a chance.

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    you think the world values gold enough to let it affect trade of commodities with actual, practical uses.

  7. This is but a hint of what's coming next .. china pulling all these strings for what it has planned along side its close ally, R.
    ..As the saying goes, it's not questioning "If" but a matter of "when" the day will come.

  8. Don't overlook the fact that all paper gold transactions (more gold sold than exists on earth) that have been negotiated in order to keep the price of gold down, will explode when those who own paper begin to try an convert to physical. However, this huge explosion will serve only as a detonator for the super explosion that will follow once it is known how much gold the Chinese have acquired. Panic will pervade our existence for at least a few months.

  9. The point is when? when will Gold or Silver will go up? I am still waiting for silver to at least reach 18.50 usd

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  12. The same old story about buying gold in order to move away from the real lucrative metals like Nickel, Copper, Germanium, iridium, Graphite. Those are the future metals.

  13. China is moving away from her dependency on trading with the US because the world has lost trust in the US dollar as the world reserve currency. Even NATO  countries are turning away from the US dollar. China is now turniing business trading to other countries.

  14. Wow… 5000 or 10,000 tons purchased straight from the ground last year? Sounds pretty amazing considering the global production is about 2500 tons per year.

    So somehow China purchased 4 times more gold from mines in 1 year, than what is produced.

    Load of dishonest bullshit.

  15. If any member of the ruling Saudi royal family dares to say "move away from the Dollar", the US ( Empire ) troopers will march into the Saudi Palace and remove him, just like that. So that daring is not likely to happen anytime soon.
    So one should not factor in the Saudis in the Equation of Change here.

  16. China is singular, not a "they", it's a "she" or it. And I'm 23 years ahead of you in precious metals. People used to laugh at me, but I predicted all of this in the nineties.

  17. The funny thing is in reality gold is useless, you can't even eat that shit. Go off grid, grow your own food, livenear fresh water and the ocean and you're literally the richest man on earth. Fuck money, fuck gold.

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  21. Leave the Shill Rickards out of anything you do/say.
    There are many more reliable sources to quote….Bill Holter….Peter Schiff

  22. BUY GOLD! I will tell you  how to by small spendable amounts of Gold, write me, [email protected] or comment here and I will respond. 1 gram , 2.5 gram,or 5 gram ingots. sent to you FED EX  weekly or monthy. I don't sell gold I just tell you how you can change cash to gold in small spendable amounts in case of a crisis

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  26. After viewing this video, I believe we who are on the verge of acquiring a large nest egg
    should seriously think about hedging our savings, and investments like the wealthy do.
    Gold and precious metals is just the remedy. Would hate to wake up one morning and hear that the spending power of the dollar is dead. Can you image the anarchy it would cause

  27. why fortune left america, is it rothschilds moving to China or what is america near to the end .? what is gonna happen ww3 or just nuclear disaster ? who can answer all these questions?

  28. This is an amazing video! Gold being greater than paper currency is undeniable at this point. I don't see how anyone could justify not buying gold for themselves and their family. Regardless of where you live in the world the fiat currency "sickness" is slowing killing all those who aren't protecting their financial future with gold.

  29. It's mentioned the gold produced in China is not leaving their country . How then do you explain the Chinese panda coins here in Canada?

  30. Please explain how China's announcement of way more Gold in their possession will defy the supply/demand fundamental price measurement. If China announces way more Gold doesn't that mean it is less scarce than we thought and hence lower in price? Please explain. Thx.

  31. And people wonder why China built islands and are preparing for war. Get ready folks, America is going to be 3rd world very soon. This is a by product of NWO agenda, They transferred wealth out of America to build others up. But we in America deserve all the misery that follows, Millions will die, The day America is no longer the worlds currency welfare is over. food prices go thru the roof, Our petrol dollar will not compete, They destroyed Americas education system, they brain wash you with media, And people are too dam stupid to see what the wars have really been about. So yea we deserve to be 3rd world. The ball is rolling, And thanks to the Dems accelerating this agenda. It wont matter who the next president is, Game over

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  33. sounds like a cultist lunatic ranting on about half-truths like some glen beck wannabe, just sad really.
    Gold Thugs are bag holders, rational people just ignore them. Gold Pushers call them selves gold Bugs too look cute but they are just con artists car salesmen types trying too sell another fools investment at peak high when they thought the whole system was going too collapse and they bought at worst time and trying too cut there losses. BUY BITCOIN BEFORE THE PRICE IS OVER $10,000 …,.,

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  40. At an average $250 an ounce to produce it, what good is it? You cannot drink, eat, live in it make transport out of it so it is of no real value. Better to buy lead which is used in so many products….

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