12 thoughts on “2013 Outlook- Will Fed QE3 and QE4 Cause 2013 Price Explosion?

  1. I think JP Morgan gets far too much credit for the silver price. Day traders, when they learn their trade, are taught how to trade by playing the silver market.

  2. PMs took a big dive after Dec Fed minutes hint at a QE end in 2013. Without QE gold and silver lost it's safe-haven appeal. Silver jumped after fiscal cliff deal but nose dive yesterday. Silver is a Very Volatile market. Just recently Fed judge dismissed the silver manipulation case citing few evidence which just means the buying window is extended and the supply is hoarded and silver will go vertical when inventories are out sooner than expected for investors. I will print graph and frame it!

  3. Are we seeing a new type of physical buyer in silver bullion? One that loads up on dips, rather than jumps on appealing uptrends?
    Or are we still the same few nuts, just buying HARDER and SMARTER?
    My local bullion dealer has all products showing as out of stock.
    Are mines already buying some physical on the COMEX? That would be a buy sign if there ever was one…

  4. I would love to see a silver manipulation debate between CPM's Jeff Christian (a former Goldman shill) and Dave Morgan!

  5. you should never buy believing in short term predictions

    it will probably swing even more in the near future – silver is a long term hedge – just be patient. the fundamentals have not changed for the PMs, and one day we are all going to be glad we have some silver in our possession.

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