3 thoughts on “2002 USAC Silver Crown JD Byrider 100 At Indianapolis Raceway Park

  1. It's so sad that USAC racing is not being televised anywhere these days. You can't even get full races on YT! (apart from you, of course. Looking forward to the JD Byrider 100!)  I will always hate NBC Universal for what they did by dropping USAC coverage when they bought Versus and turned it into the NBC Sports Network in order to compete with ESPN (even tho they more than made up for that B/C they are now the kings of televised motorsports in America now with IndyCar, F1, SCCA World Challenge, plus, on top of that, they get NASCAR next year! Also, they have the only highlights TV show in America exclusively dedicated to Auto Racing, "Motorsports Hour", tho I have never seen the god damn show due to the fact that it's on at odd days, times and hours plus I don't watch the network unless there's nothing on ESPN). IMO, that was almost as bad as what TNN did to ASA. But, at least we got people like you and Richie Murray to remember the good ol' days when TV heads actually gave a shit about USAC Open-Wheel Racing! Thanks for posting. 

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