150521 – Fake Gold and Silver

Hello, this is Scott and this is the Hyper
Report. Here are quotes for various items. First…
Where’s the Cash? Years of QE seem to have enlarged the inventory
of both electronic blips and paper currency. In 2008, U.S. currency in circulation was
only $7,000 per household, today it is $11,000. The Fed claims ignorance of the precise location
of all of this currency as most paper dollars are probably outside the U.S. border. This
is because the U.S. Treasury’s advanced anti-counterfeiting measures let everyone from drug lords to back-alley
rice peddlers know they have “real” dollars. Next…
Banned Cash? From negative interest rates to changes in
deposit box policies, banks are actively working with governments to restrict cash usage. By
controlling your cash flow, central planners control you. Of course, these criminals do
not understand the black market or how large it is compared to the overall economy; thus,
their lunacy will fail. Next…
Fake Gold and Silver This is pretty scary; in that, it appears
the old weight test to see if a gold or silver coin is genuine may not be as affective as
in the past since counterfeiters in China are getting better. When buying physical,
make sure you are buying from a reputable dealer. Next…
Pay-Per-Mile Oregon is about a to be the first state to
tax for the amount of miles people drive. The initial rate will be 1.5 cents per mile.
Now, with a passenger car, that has an average of 33 miles per gallon, this effectively translates
to a 50 cents per gallon tax. Of course, those who have electric vehicles will be royally
screwed. Also, anyone who believes that the 1.5 cents tax will not go up, is brain dead. Next…
Jade Helm Training Video All of the official lies about how Jade Helm
is only meant for action overseas in some land have now been exposed. After all, why
would there be a training video showing children used alongside actors in a bloody confrontation
being led to FEMA camps? Next…
Examples… Every President, every politician, and every
human being tells lies and engages in acts of hypocrisy. With that said, please take
a look at 1,080 well sourced examples of Obama’s lying, lawbreaking, corruption, cronyism,
hypocrisy, and waste. The only person that can possibly beat that record would be Hillary. Next…
GMO Hit Piece If you want to know what the ingredients are
in your food, then according to new piece by USA Today, you are a conspiracy wacko.
Who makes up the nameless ‘Editorial Board’ at USA Today and are they being paid off by
Monsanto, General Mills, and others? Finally, please prepare now for the escalating
economic and social unrest. Good Day!

11 thoughts on “150521 – Fake Gold and Silver

  1. Things I trust more than Hillary Clinton:
    * Mexican tap water
    * A rattlesnake with a pet me sign
    * O J Simpson
    * Taking pills offered by Bill Cosby
    * Taking pills offered by Michael Jackson's Doctor
    * An Obama and Kerry Nuclear deal with Iran
    * A Palestinian on a motorcycle
    * Gas station Sushi
    * Brian Williams news reports
    * Loch Ness monster sightings
    * Prayers for peace from Al Sharpton
    * Bill Clinton left alone to interview interns

  2. Thank-you for the upload and all the work and diligence you put into every broadcast of,"The Hyper Report",Scott.Excellent job as always my Friend.
       The one good piece of news concerning Corporations such as Monsanto and McPoisons is that they have been losing money for almost a Year straight now and with the UN stating that their Number 1 product Round-Up possibly is a Cancer Carcinogen,national Boycotts on Companies that use their Agriculture and McPoisons changing everything BUT the quality of their food,(Thank-you Jamie Oliver for proving in a Court of Law that their food is NOT fit for Human consumption ) I do not foresee their earnings sheet going into the Black anytime soon.
       Hope you and yours have a pleasant,relaxing weekend and I will await your next Report on Sunday.  🙂
       Peace my Friend  Y

  3. The biweekly broadcast of "The Hyper Report". Providing viewers with the Political and Economic Issues that affect our daily lives from The Hyper Report Channel.Produced,researched,edited and narrated by Scott.
       Peace  Y

  4. Don't buy gold or silver from Scottsdale.  They tell you right on their webpage they don't check their inventory for fakes! Buy from Apmex or SD Bullion.

  5. Richard Nixon is resting more peacefully in his grave because of Obama.  Nixon is no  longer be the one everyone thinks of when they speak of presidential corruption.  Compared to Obama, Nixon was a saint.

  6. Your last thought spot is absolutely spot on every time Scott. Love the Hilary cackle. Nice weekend Scott.

  7. Try and remember it is said that without the mark of the beast (Social Security number today) nether will you buy nor can you sell.

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