12 Days of Christmas 2019 Day 2

hey guys thanks for joining me this is
angie at chic n scratch this is the project we’re making today and this is
the second project for the 12 days of christmas isn’t it so cute okay so we’ve
got a teabag in here we’ve got some honey crystals and this cute little
spoon I got all three of these items on Amazon and I’ll have the link to them on
my website here’s the little spoons and here’s just a variety of teabags what I
did was I decided I wanted to use this darling ribbon with the spoon and since
I was using this tea pack I went with garden green if you wanted to go with
one of the other colors you just find your matching ribbon and yeah choose
your colors so just go to your designer series paper stacks and pick out your
favorite color and then these are what the honey crystals look like okay so I’m
gonna give you the measurements we’ve got the garden green is on our series
paper that measures six by six we’ve got very vanilla for our image right here
we’ve got garden green for these little elements here and then a piece of silver
foil okay so let’s go ahead and make the little pocket okay so you’re gonna take
it and fold it up to the point so like I said this is six by six which means if
you were using nine by nine or twelve by twelve you can get the same pocket it
would just be bigger now for this part here I want to explain to you you have
to decide which item or which pattern you want on the back and on the front
and then down here at the bottom so right now I can tell that this is going
to be this part right here okay so I actually want to reverse that so that’s
the other pattern better okay but do it however you want sometimes it doesn’t
really matter now I’m going to take this piece here and fold it down about a
fingernails length you can take it further if you want it just depends on
what you what you want now I’m going to take this part and fold it under the
but you want to make sure that you don’t go past that fold line okay and then
press just like that and then now you’re going to do the same thing over here so
you’re going to fold this over making sure that you don’t go past that line
these this is a project that you can whip out super fast and every year I
usually put candy in there but it also holds a tea bag now one other thing you
should do really is use your bone folder so I normally use a bone folder every
time I fold and that will really help your project fold flat err okay so now
let’s take these little crystal packet and we can use one of these this time
see how it looks and then I’m gonna get one of these spoons these are so cute
and I’m gonna take the ribbon so I really did decide on this project based
on the ribbon and you could put the spoon with the spoon side down but it
fits in this a little bit better with the spoon on the up instead of the
handle but you can do it however you want and then you can also place these
in a cellophane bag and give them to someone or you can just hand them to
them just like this okay so I’m just gonna tighten that and
then trim the ends of the ribbon now I want to make it a little bit tighter
that bow will kind of slide down a little bit so you just have to be
careful with that okay so now this just goes right about there yeah
okay now let’s decorate this thing so I’m gonna stamp the cup of cheer this is
the stamp set we’re using so cup of Christmas along with the coordinating
dies actually we’re not using we’re using two of the dies yeah so let me
show you those these two little pieces right here so
we’re gonna cut out one little bow and then we’re going to cut two of these out
and then we’re going to cut out the foil with that one okay I’m using garden
green ink and one of the things I was gonna do that I didn’t do was I was
going to add a couple rhinestones to give it some bling so you don’t see any
on here yet well you see one right there so that’s good but I kind of feel like
you could add a couple up here so one in 3/4 circle punch now we’re going to get
the big shot and we’re going to cut out our other pieces okay so we’re going to
start with the silver foil we’re going to cut that one out first and then we’ll
place this one down here and cut out one of those now we’re going to cut out a
bow and another one of these okay okay so now I have all of my pieces that I
just cut out and then I want to make sure that I get all those little pieces
out of there so I’m just going to take my take your pick tool and I’m going to
set this on here so that I don’t rip it cut these but I could use the brush the
brush attachment but it’s somewhere across the room okay I’m done with the
take your pick tool so now I’m gonna add my greeting to the silver foil
Gallup Circle and I’m just going to use my liquid glue I’m going to take a glue
dot and I’m going to wad it up and place it on the back of that little bow so it
pops it up a little bit but not as not as much as a mini dimensional would do
you could use a mini dimensional if you prefer then I’m gonna take the
rhinestone I’m going to add one here and then like I said I kind of felt like
maybe I could add a couple more so you don’t have to but everybody loves bling
right now we’re going to turn this over and put some dimensionals on the back
and we also need to add well let me set those down for just a second so we want
to add these little thingies like that okay so you can either add some liquid
glue or you can attach them with the dimensionals I really like using the
liquid glue so then that way I can move it around if I don’t like how it’s
looking so I think that looks pretty good right and then this one so let’s
see how much do I want to show up this one not like that there’s no right or
wrong wrong way to do that okay so then dimensional there and then a dimensional
here you do want to let that liquid glue dry though before you finish this
project let’s see how this is going to look oh yeah it’s cute okay so I’m just
going to remove the backing now don’t forget there is a free pdf
over on my website that has a picture and all the measurements oh I got this
crooked so that wraps up this project don’t forget to head over to my website
and leave a comment to enter to win chick candy 52 and this would be day two
of the 12 days of Christmas this is a current host set in our holiday catalog
isn’t it beautiful ok thanks a lot if you need anything let
me know bye you

19 thoughts on “12 Days of Christmas 2019 Day 2

  1. This is the cutest thing! I LOVE the projects you create. Don't know how you come up with such great ideas, but thank you!!! πŸ™‚

  2. Perfect timing for this project. This will make great little gifts for my co-workers. Love the little spoons. I've never seen or heard of the honey crystals before. Great idea. TFS.

  3. Oh my gosh, super cute!! I love how something simple like a tea bag can become a gorgeous little thank you gift with just some pretty paper!

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