1000 You Tube Subscribers in 4 months – Thank You from Illuminati Silver

Welcome to Illuminati Silver – we tell you
the truth about silver. Today is Monday 27th July 2015 and we are
producing this video just to say thank you to our listeners and subscribers. In 4 short months we have gained over 1,000
subscribers and received literally hundreds of comments both positive and negative each
of which we attempt and do our best to respond to, and we are simply over awed by your support. When we set up this channel, just vision it,
some crusty old guys (OK not that old or that crusty we hope) with a little time on their
hands : seeing people being deceived on You Tube, innocents being tricked out of their
hard earned cash so that some individuals can have a lavish lifestyle; some people believing
their own propaganda and refusing to admit that they have been wrong; and legitimate
individuals regurgitating some of the propaganda out there and sharing it widely, in the belief
that they were doing a public service to their fellow man. We simply wanted to put an alternative
case, and hopefully introduce honesty and transparency into a marketplace that had become
opaque and encircled within its own bubble of believing in ever rising precious metal
prices. Now in fairness, you may say well that’s
rich coming from a group of people who profess to be retired bankers, economists and wealth
managers. Well do you know, not every banker is a crook. Not every politician is in it
for himself or herself. Not every estate agent sells you a dodgy house – though we admit
these stereotypes do exist for a reason. We are people who have attempted in our lives
to do the best for our clients and to tell, what we believe, to be the truth, whether
we benefited from it or not. It is this that we try and do on the illuminati silver channel.
Not everyone will agree with us, and nor should they. We allow every comment to be printed,
save two or three that used extremely foul or racist language. We have no secret conspiratorial
agenda, or any precious metals to sell. We just want to provide information known to
us and hopefully, help you make an informed choice, whether you agree with our views or
not. To this end, we would like to ask you to help
us disseminate our videos to as wide an audience as possible. At the time of this video we
have some 1073 subscribers and we would, if we can like to reach 2500 by the end of 2015.
Now we are not great technical internet people and we know we are not the next ‘Minecraft’
YouTube sensation. However we are aware there are over 1 million coin collectors/regular
gold and silver buyers in the US alone, and we would like to reach at least a small proportion
of them, and worldwide, but we cannot do so without your help. We are planning a website where we will post
all of our videos and provide an archive of articles we trust you will find of benefit.
This site should be up and running by the end of August. Meanwhile, if you can tweet
our videos, Facebook them or send them by google plus or any other method you know of
we would be extremely grateful and this too encourages us to make more videos and hopefully
help even more people to make informed choices when it comes to precious metals. Thank you again for your support it is appreciated
and it would be great if you could give us a thumb up or down, comment and if you haven’t
already done so please subscribe. Disclaimer Silver Illuminati owners come from a background
of Banking, International Wealth Management and Economics. Having now retired from these
worlds we are not qualified to give investment advice. Therefore, this and other productions
must not be deemed to be giving such advice and merely represent the personal views of
its owners.

32 thoughts on “1000 You Tube Subscribers in 4 months – Thank You from Illuminati Silver

  1. A remarkably effective strategy for drawing attention to a site, if one has the time, is to actively comment on other forums that allow hyperlinks.  e.g. If ZeroHedge posts an article on silver, which relates to a video that you have produced, provide a brief comment/summary on ZH and then hyperlink to your video which discusses the issue in detail.  That hyperlink is up there forever and will continue to draw new readers to the YouTube channel for months and years to come.  Keep up the good work!

  2. Some of us bought silver in the 1990's and early 2000. None of us made a purchase after 2010 except for one or two small numismatic pieces for our personal collections. We find it strange how the 'pumpers' who are supposedly experts in this field, can recognise bubbles in property, stocks and bonds but not in precious metals. V strange we think not. If its any comfort to you, if you can hold on for the long term, we believe you will be OK. You may have to wait at least 5 years, and quite possibly 10 years if you purchased at near to $50. If so, store it away and forget about it.

  3. I have to say in all honesty I still do not take your claimed personage at 100% face value. But then again, I don't take anything at face value. However with that said yours is by far the most intriguing channel I regularly keep up with. I look forward to every video you post. One question, what took you guys so long to come on the scene? Why not shortly after the Boston bombing 4/15/13? It seems to me that day was quite pivotal in PM pricing psychology… That is really my only critique of serious weight…..you guys are quite late to the party.

  4. This channel has done well for many reasons :
    1. it does not use sensationalism to promote opinions
    2. it is upfront and concise
    3. it has been very accurate about PM prices going lower
    4.  it is not run by PM dealers who profit from pumping metals prices

    Those of us with common sense, are fully aware the precious metals are in a massive decline. The big question is ,  where is the bottom and when will it arrive. My estimates are a bottom in silver around $10-$12 a oz and a bottom in gold around $800- $1000 per oz….all of which should be achieved by next sept 2016 and the end of the shemitah.

    Please keep up the good work silver illumanati.  I wish we could meet personally, because im sure we would get along great.

  5. Quality will always be in the eye of the beholder, however your steady growth of subscribers is a testament to the informative, somewhat mysterious and genuinely sincere videos you keep producing. Checking for new content has become a regular staple to my morning routine!

    The more popular you become, the faster you will grow in what is albeit a fairly limited demographic. Good luck 🙂

  6. thank you again ! I started at 21 and change wish you were around then as IS then but  glad your here now IS is a beacon of light for us stackers keep telling the truth I don't think you will have any problem hitting your goal ! people don't expect the truth because it has been washed into our brains that lying is part of business its ok its just the way it is,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  7. I grew bored of the sensationalist bullshitters like Schiff, Kaiser, alex jones etc…
    Silver Illumanati…do you follow Martin Armstrong at all ?  He has been very good with his predictions and agrees with you and me, that silver and gold is going lower in this deflationary period.

  8. I am new to silver buying, i have been attempting to buy when i see dips. I am not trying to get rich doing this, but am instead trying to save money in a safe manner. I only buy physical silver at this point, but i do have other investments. My purpose is to supplement a retirement plan. I decided to do this based on interest rates in the banking system. My question for you is "what would you recommend the amount of my savings should i put into pm"?

  9. When do you think the commodities market will bottom out? If you were to buy any precious metals today (say you won the lottery and it had to be redeemed in metal) which metal would it be? Thank you for your awesome content and helping wandering teen learn about silver!

  10. So looks like we are now going into the big global deflation very soon. So whats your take on GOLD price when deflation happened. It will become safe heaven for the rich people then gold raise up or because of no body have extra money to buy gold in the retail market when deflation so gold will stay worthless ?

  11. Hi, I appreciate you making these videos.  I was curious as to your opinion of Mike Maloney's Secrets of Money videos.  These videos seem to be on their own level above all the other silver dealers' videos.  His videos seem to be well put together with a high production value.  I am a novice at finance, but these Secrets of Money videos seem to be fairly factual. Thanks.

  12. Another enjoyable video, and the music and logo/graphic are thought-provoking.  Question:  why did your group choose a name that comes with all the baggage?  Looking forward to more presentations…

  13. Martin Armstrong [ who has been very accurate with PM predictions}  , claims that the lowest gold can go, is around $680….and that would be worst case scenario. He isn't predicting that low, but claims it would be the absoloute bottom. I still think $900 a oz is a accurate prediction which we are likely to see within the next 12 months.  Silver seems to have stabilized a bit , but will probably get to $12 a oz, within the next 12 months. If both of these price predictions come true, it seems logical that silver represents the best possible profit potential, once the metals start a rally again.

  14. I remember a few years ago, when silver and gold were near their highs , numerous people on the precious metals forums, were claiming to have cashed out their 401k plans,  paid the 28% taxes and 10% penalties, then purchased nothing but gold/silver. Anyone that did this,  has not only lost at least 40-70% of their investment money,  but also lost out on making money if they had stayed in the stock market 401k plan for the last 4 years.

  15. Hey I.S how are you old crusty farts doing today? lol probably laughing your ass off that people are standing in line to pay $4 premiums on silver eagles,  90% is sold out everywhere and the places that have 90% are getting nearly $4 premium for that too.  I am now getting emails from dealers that their premiums are about to go up even more because the mints and mines are charging them more.  So they are like hurry up and pay $4 premiums before all the silver disappears and our premiums go to $5-6.  We are the Aristocrats!  Boom

  16. Congratulations I.S. on your successful growth thus far and for your obvious authenticity in bringing us this channel.  I am delighted to recommend you to my fellow silver stackers.  Strange isn't it, how our intention to tell our Truth to others (primarily for THEIR benefit), results in our own success.  In my opinion, even saying "thank you" to us speaks volumes.

  17. The people producing this YouTube channel are not you friends. They are still associated with people in the banking and precious metals arena, so their agenda with this channel is obvious. If they were  you friends, why would they leave it so long to inform the proletariat from the HIGHS of around 2011 that prices will drop considerably. They could well have informed a lot of people who have been hurt badly, those who sold homes and put precious metals into their 401k's, but no, they  waited until all these people have lost their ability to retire comfortably

  18. Thanks for all of your videos to date and your upcoming new website.  So glad you are out there. There is no way that us average investors can gain the insights that you have developed based upon your expertise and years of experience.

  19. But old coins are reminders of history and the story's they tell. Collecting coins great way to teach history.

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