10 Hybrid Campers Courtesy of Australian Engineering

– [Chadony] Although
there is plenty of dispute about what constitutes
a true hybrid camper, there is no question that all
of the entries on this list would make for a great camping experience. (upbeat music) I’m Chadony and this is 10 hybrid campers, courtesy of Aussie Engineering. – [Woman] Number ten. (gentle music) – [Chadony] The first entry in our list is the Quest Rubicon QT made by AJ Thomas. Retailing at $49,990. If you’re thinking that
the camper in the picture looks a tad on the small
side, you’re right. As this model weighs in
at a mere 1,300 kilograms. However, it packs a lot into it’s small and lightweight frame. The Rubicon QT comes equipped
with a queen size bed to fit the adventurous couple or even the lone starfish sleeper. As well as a gas stove,
sink and microwave. Most surprisingly, given
this camper’s weight the entire underbody of the Rubicon QT is fully decked out in checker plates. Making it more than ready to take anything that off-roading can throw at it. (gentle music) – [Woman] Number nine. – [Chadony] The Jawa Trax
12 is listed at $38,496 and has been cleverly
designed to accommodate a family of four. The model features a rear
wall that extends out by three feet, leaving
room for a queen size bed. This leaves the kids to fight
over a one foldable bed, one above ground bunk, and one that comes from
collapsing a table. The kitchen slides out of
one of the compartments on the side of the camper and holds a four-burner stove and a sink. Which has hot water running through it, making washing up in the
outdoors much more bearable. The aluminum composite insulation keeps the brutal weather
conditions at bay. And the funky Pantry logo
on the side of the camper isn’t too shabby either. (gentle music) – [Woman] Number eight. – [Chadony] Since we’ve
had the couples camper and the family camper,
it’s about time we throw a party camper into the mix as well. The Mars S1, first and
foremost boasts space, and lots of it. Reaching a height of 2.65 meters
and a width of two meters. The dinette area can seat up to six adults for evening cookouts. Before transitioning into
a large full-width bed when the time comes to
turn in for the night. The design of the exterior has a clean and modern feel to it. And this modern exterior is
matched by a trendy interior. Like the Trax, the kitchen in this model slides out from the front
section of the camper and features a three-burner stove, a stainless steel sink
and plenty of storage. This camper retails for around $24,999. (gentle music) Simply designed, but effective. There isn’t much to shout
out about stylistically with the Hybrid X, with its black, white and gray minimalistic design. But it does come packed
with a ton of features. A full oven, toilet and
shower, a fridge-freezer, speakers, a double bed and storage space are just a few of the handy
additions in this camper. (upbeat music) – [Woman] Number seven. – [Chadony] Ironically, given
the name of our last entry, this next camper’s shiny metallic exterior evokes images of the Mars Rover. The Cub Frontier is a forward fold camper which can sleep four adults and it’s priced at $33,990. This model is chalk full of storage, from pigeon holes under
the queen size bed, to space hidden under the seats of the convertible dining area. For the snap-happy camper, there’s no need to fear low
battery getting in the way of the perfect campfire selfie as there are USB charging outlets at either side of the bed. And once again we have our old friend, the slide out kitchen. The Cub Frontier has
three burners and a sink. Which both sit underneath
the large awning, which extends from the side of the camper. (upbeat music) – [Woman] Number six. (gentle music) – [Chadony] At 111,000 pounds, the Exodus 16 by Complete
Campsite is by far the most expensive camper on our list. But for that price, you
can live off the grid for almost as long as you like. And in relative luxury too. The spacious camper comes
fitted with a queen size bed, large seating and dining areas, a huge stainless steel kitchen, plentiful storage and both
hot water and heating. The Exodus also even
features a rear-fitted on suite shower unit with a fiberglass top that’s durable enough for off-roading. The Cruisemaster coil
independent suspension means that this camper can be pulled by any four-wheel drive, despite
it’s whopping 16 foot bulk. There are four options
for the interior layout, but all models include a stereo system with internal speakers. As you can see, there are
also quite a few pull-outs alongside this model,
including the kitchen, storage compartments and a fridge unit. (upbeat music) – [Woman] Number five. – [Chadony] Upon first glance, you might wonder how
you could possibly fit everything you would need
for a long-haul camping trip into the Boss by Box Campers. The exterior is simple and
more importantly, tiny. However, this compact
camper somehow manages to hold a queen bed, a galley kitchen with a two-burner gas stove and sink, 70 liters of fresh water, and even room for a portable fridge. Despite the fact that this is the smallest and most lightweight model
that Box Campers have released, the Boss can withstand
some pretty rough terrain, with its galvanized chassis,
with a rear cutaway, and Cruisemaster XT airbag suspension. It also features an awning, that you can extend to
surround the whole camper. This real life Mary Poppins handbag will set you back around $49,500. Specially designed to
fit everything you need into a small space, the
Titan has a queen size bed, a swivel table that converts
into an extra sleeping space, a three-burner stove
kitchen, hot running water, and a slide out fridge. The decor is also designed
to look like a warm, comfortable home away from home. (upbeat music) – [Woman] Number four. – [Chadony] The Razorback
is a forward fold camper that adds an element of
toughness to this list. The collapsed model resembles a classic American pickup truck. And even once the 14
ounce canvas is extended, the Wild Boar logo just
screams cool and rugged. Priced at $25,900, this camper
is made fully off-road ready with rugged car suspension. But the tough exterior doesn’t mean that you have to sleep rough. As the Razorback holds
a queen size double bed with a spring mattress
and a cozy dining area that can be converted into
yet another double bed. You also get hot water
standard and a pull-out kitchen with three burners and a sink. (upbeat music) – [Woman] Number three. – [Chadony] Time for yet
another forward fold now as we take a look at the
Makari by Blue Water. This model can vary in price,
depending on added options. But it tends to fall between
the $25,000 and $34,000 mark. The camper’s pull system is spring loaded, meaning that assembly usually only takes around four minutes. That wrap around awning measures
six meters by 2.4 meters and covers an on-suite facility that has a separate dry and wet area. This baby is powered by
two 100 amp batteries, along with solar panels. Making it self sufficient enough to stay off the campsites
for days at a time. Perfect for the lone wolf types. (upbeat music) – [Woman] Number two. – [Chadony] A double entry this time, with number two going
to two Patriot Campers. The Limited Edition X1 and the X2, both of which will set
you back about $45,990. The X1 is small, solid, and lightweight and can come in a subtle
gray or striking blue. Perhaps the coolest feature
is Red Art TV MS system, which allows you to control
almost anything this camper does from an app in your phone. The X1 features a fantastic rare kitchen, a twin-burner stove, hot
water, twin batteries, 155 liter water tank and so much more. The X2 is even lighter than the X1 and is small enough to fit
in most standard garages. This model features a barbecue, a slide out kitchen compartment and heaps of storage
despite its small size. This model is back to
basics with fewer bells and whistles than the X1,
but plenty of functionality. (gentle music) – [Woman] Number one. – [Chadony] We couldn’t
quite decide which version of the Drifta Dot 6 to
include in this list. So like our number two entry, our final camper isn’t just one, but three different variations. The newest version is the iKamper. Priced at $43,500. With the walk up hardtop version, setting you back $44,500. And last but not least, the
cheapest model of the three, and the cheapest camper on our list. The Dot 6 Equip at just $20,950. All three of these versions
are lightweight and compact. And both the hard and soft top versions are made to withstand
off-roading and rough terrain. With specialized suspension, and sturdy Australian made chassis. So there we have it. 10 of the coolest Australian
made hybrid campers. Although they vary massively
in size, features, and price, we think all of them have
great design in common. And while you’re here,
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