10.30 Digibyte Voxelus 🎮 Bitcoin Price 6100 Crypto Trading DGB VOX Bittrex #bitcoin #cryptocurrency

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33 thoughts on “10.30 Digibyte Voxelus 🎮 Bitcoin Price 6100 Crypto Trading DGB VOX Bittrex #bitcoin #cryptocurrency

  1. Good video man. Will point out that Microsoft makes the majority of their money through their cloud services not the Xbox division.

  2. Donkey Kong Country 64 1WLKvnsLWk1P3TVMTA3CNVnDsnamLKHdF Learned alot from you in just a few weeks, keep up the BAWS work BK! BAM!

  3. i caught that shout out from sevan and wasted no time checking out your crypto knowledge! Thanks for giving a neophyte some direction in this cryptoverse homie 🙂

  4. How do you see the market price evolving in these coming months? I'm on my way to purchase some BTC because I only see the price going up and up and up for a while, now that its awareness is reaching the public.

  5. Divine timing! A friend recommended me to you and then very next day heard Sevan mention you and I knew I had to get your knowledge asap!

  6. Blah blah blah ALWAYS have to FF 5 MINS until he's done patting himself on the back….annoying but he thinks its helping him.

  7. Brandon, this is the first vid I watch on your channel I'm hooked bro lol gonna keep watching thanks for the digibyte update I was one of those that held.

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