1 KG Proof Silver Nelson Mandela Commemorative Medallion

Today is Friday 1st January 2016 and we all
at illuminati silver wish you a very Happy and prosperous New Year. Today we are going
to show you what we regard as an incredible and difficult to obtain 1 Kg Nelson Mandela
Robben Island 999 Silver Medallion. Nelson Mandela was born on 18th July 1918
and died on 5th December 2013. After considerable activism against apartheid in South Africa
and being incarcerated for his ‘activities’ he was eventually released after serving 27
years in prison by President de Klerk on 11th February 1990.
As the successful presidential candidate of the ANC, Mandela was inaugurated as the first
black president of South Africa on May 10, 1994 after having received (with Frederick
de Klerk) The Nobel Peace Prize the previous year.
Of the 27 Years he spent in prison for 18 of them, he was incarcerated at Robben Island
and to commemorate this, the Norwegian Mint produced 5000 1 Kilogramme Proof 999 silver
medallions with a gold plated bust of Nelson Mandela, and a gold plated map of Robben island
together with Mandela’s signature. So let’s take a brief look.
Mass: 1 kilogram Diameter: 100.00 mm
Metal Content: Ag 999 Smooth
Maximum Mintage: 5000 This medallion is very difficult to obtain
in the West and the only places we have been able to find it for sale has tended to be
in South Africa. On offer from anything between 15,000 Rand (which is an amazing sale price)
and 31,000 Rand or $960 – $1980 you can tell how pleased we were to acquire this at 5%
over spot price towards the end of last year. The medallion comes with a display box and
a brief history to the coin and a description of Mandela’s life. You will need however
a jewellers loupe to read the writing as its so small.
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its owners.

33 thoughts on “1 KG Proof Silver Nelson Mandela Commemorative Medallion

  1. What a purchase. Congratulations! I think interspersing your technical and historical videos with showcasing coins might increase viewership and subscriptions. Not saying I know anything about that but it seems like the PM community likes looking at PMs a LOT. It's like koi. Even though you have your own, you still like looking at everybody else's and especially ones you can't afford.

  2. Very nice purchase. Plaubel28, you think its a persona, he seems to wear that ring and gloves well, don't think it is a costume!

  3. If you wanted to sell that particular coin, where would you go to sell it?

    I am very skeptical about those coins coin, or even 10oz coins, if the price rise dramatically, who would spend that money to buy them off you?
    Every experience silver buyer would know not to buy when the price is very high, and a inexperience buyer wouldn't afford, or let's say a beginner, start with a coin as big as this.

    Thank you

  4. Very nice. Enjoying these showcasing videos you do and find the voice quality to be much better as well. Happy New Year!

  5. The gilding really makes that pop. It is beautiful. If you acquired it for 5% over spot near the end of last year you probably paid just under $500 for it. That is 1/2 to 1/4 of the price range you mentioned it was being sold for elsewhere. You have a friend at the Norwegian Mint don't you?

  6. Very interesting medallion. Sad to see Nelson's lasting legacy is another animal farm situation, with new pigs with their snouts in the trough. With my only personal bias, would have picked you more as a Cecil Rhodes fan.

  7. A Nelson Mandela coin to commemorate the year of the monkey, seems very appropriate….who knows: maybe Barack Hussein Obama will soon be depicted on the Silver American Eagle hahaha

  8. Nice coin…..For most of 2015..silver traded ABOVE $14 per oz…it looks like the trend for silver in 2016, will be it trades BELOW $14 PER OZ …..the bear run is still in charge …I would bet money that 2016 , is the year that silver comes below $13 and touches the low $12s …$2 drops per year, now seem to be normal for silver, until it finds its true bottom….then I expect it to stay at that bottom, for a few years. Metal investing is a LONG PROCESS , to profits.

  9. where has the female woman been on this channel..that kept predicting higher silver prices ? The pumpers seem to go into hiding, when they are proven wrong :}

  10. we don't need that communist. not even on silver coins. god bless he died.
    a friend of Ceausescu is not a friend of us. sleep with him under your pillow, if you love that much.
    Nobel prize for peace sucks.
    love silver coins, but not with idiots on their faces.
    would you buyed that coin if Mandela had lived and made revolutions in London?

  11. You're real professional, using gloves to handle your coins. Cool. I never bother with such things.

    What is that ring? And why do you have that ring on, over your glove? That seems odd that you would do that, as you would take the glove off soon anyway, and have to put the ring on again…

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