02.07.19 Up: +$1,600 // “My First Trading Series of 2019” Pt.2

okay I got a little trade going on here
you see I’m playing this stock down Amazon again this Amazon moves a lot I
don’t know if I’ve told you this but I used to trade Amazon when I started back
in 98 I think and Amazon was at 66 dollars back then and I’ve been trading
it over the years playing it up playing it going down it’s just been a great moving
stock anyway I’m walking to my car right here with my my lunch I just got from
Earth Fair they got a new one in my little neighborhood so now I get to run
out and get me a reasonably good lunch so I’m just let you see this um it’s
12:00 12:01 up there I got in this order let’s see what time I got in this order
I’ll go back here to orders I sold short that means I’m playing it
going down around 1610 something and I got in you see the date there 1101 is
when I took that position so let’s go back to it okay here we go so pretty
awesome isn’t it now of course on this you remember I’m not showing you how to
trade I’m just making you aware of it that it can be done and I know what I’m
looking for I’ve developed what I call or I should say I’m not sure I developed
it but I received it and understand what I call my template my parameters
for when’s a high probability to engage and when’s a high probability to disengage
that’s not showing you any of that on my screen I do that in my course so here
you go so it’s one hour and hold on I got put the seat belt on I’m making $445 so what’s cool about trading something I don’t talk about much but
leverage okay you’ve heard the statement the rich get richer whatever that means
I think it means that it’s just that when you have more money you get to
control something in a bigger way so as I’m only trading 30 shares and of
course I don’t have all that money in there I just have leverage the
brokerage account gives me like four times my buying power so that’s how I
get to afford these if I didn’t have the money to trade stocks I’d simply apply
my template my understanding of how to trade
I’d go trade it to something else like futures options crypto currencies
whatever it is it doesn’t matter in my thinking they all trade basically the
same so you just start you start where your at I have people say oh I only
got 500 bucks where I got $1,000 or $2,000 well then that’s where you start
you start building your wealth from there you don’t make an excuse to say oh
well this guy’s got $25,000 so that’s why he’s successful that’s just simply
not true you start where you’re at and you build
your way up so so anyway what am I am $524 I’m
driving I’m getting ready to go to one of my houses to have a guy come and look
at my truck those yellow poles you know those little
yellow poles that are kind of by buildings or something they don’t want
you to hit I pulled up next to one the other day and was waiting for the
traffic in this parking lot and as soon as I took off I ran this yellow pole
right down the side of my f250 so just tore it right up so I got to get an
estimate to see about getting it fixed might have to just get a new truck why
have to deal with a damaged vehicle right all right so anyway I’m getting
ready to go eat my nice lunch I just got and this is kind of showing you again
this is what I do as trading drive around do my errands do my stuff and
make money right from my phone it is just so awesome to be able to do this
this is a live trade it’s happening right now all right so you see up there
at the top left short thirty that means I’m playing it going down I’m at four
ninety eight if I close it right now I’m at four ninety eight
all right let me just go back and look I want to see what the overall world is
doing these are some stocks and different things I look at okay here’s
another one I got this other one going on copper let’s see what it’s doing okay
I got copper and now I’m playing copper going up alright and you see up at the
top left I’m making 1300 $1375 currently on that one a little bit earlier this
morning I was up about $2,000 I could have closed the trade then at $2,000 but
I didn’t and see because I just didn’t want to I didn’t need to but I did give
up $700 but you know after you traded long enough and you’ve made enough money
you don’t get so antsy about taking every dime they give you maybe I’ve
mentioned that before so but this is just another trade I got going
all right let’s get back I see here you see at the very top left says 15 95 92
96 20 see prices are moving back and forth and you have to learn I show you
how to get used to this price movement back and forth so it’s not freaking you
out you get comfortable with it it’s like a pulse kind of going you know one
way or another and so anyway down there if I close it right now at this current
price I’d make four hundred and forty dollars and ten cents you see that in
the green so as I’m trading and I’m looking at
that to give me a sense of what’s happened things still moving and
favourable I go and look at the overall world and see what they’re doing and
where they’re at okay yeah I’m just scanning this back and forth so I could
see this day’s high low price I just used that for a quick reference okay
okay let’s see what Amazon’s back at oh nice little burper so look it just moved
five dollars just like that Amazon can move quick now I’m down 327 cost me a
hundred dollars telling you that stuff but I’m okay with that
alright these are different things I’ll explain them to you if you have me teach
it first it’s like confused it’s like an airplane cockpit all these things
flashing and going like whoa what is all that stuff it’s like noise okay so once
you get comfortable though you do it I think this week it’s been a great week
most of my trades yesterday I played Amazon matter of fact I’ll go back to it
and show you yesterday each day these red dots blue dots that’s just part of
when I engage the trade they popped the dot on there for me like that red dot at
16 1068 it just shows me where I got in ok but each day it erases them
and goes away but yesterday look back yesterday down there if I can highlight
it I’m going to put my cursor right there that line right in there about 30
actually is about right here I bought on where my line is there and it went up
and I closed the trade I think I made a hundred and fifty bucks something like
that so not every trade do I make is it you know a great winter ok you just
you’ve got to learn when to engage and then the market gives you what it gives
you ok you don’t make anything really you receive you got to get your mind
into this receiving so you have to get yourself in a position to receive what
the market gives you alright so that’s a biblical thing by the way what do you
have that you have not received some of you know that scripture all right well
I’ll let this trade keep going now sometimes I could let this trade I could
let it do its thing peaceful not worried about it it could move all the way back
up to where I got in and I could have a break-even trade and I’ve done that
before you know if I’m not watching and stuff so that’s no big deal
ultimately though you learn when to strike when to get in you can see where
I got in was like a perfect spot in my mind that was a very near perfect spot
and then when you learn to disengage when to close out the trade all right
so you learn how to do that anyway listen make 2019 your best year ever and
one of the ways is to of course seek the Lord
try to get into the Lord’s will if you’re not doing the Lord’s will nothing
really goes too well for you so submit yourself to that and then part of that
is asking you know you’ve heard about the Scriptures ask and you shall receive
ask about getting your finances changed completely
and I think you should be able to own your own
source of generating income so what I was gonna say earlier I think I’ve made
five six maybe seven trades starting right at the beginning of this year and
I don’t trade every day like I used to I just don’t need to and I’ve I’m up close
to 8 or 9 grand something like that all right well thank you my guy here is to
look at my truck about my repair so I’m gonna go

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  1. Hi Mike , is that works also in forex?… because I see that you go out from a trade as long you see the price action..usually in forex you need to setup the take profit before you see the price action..so the question is , if I learn your Template (your process) it can help me to know where to setup my take profit? thanks..God Bless You!!

  2. What else do you get with the course via software and some tutoring thank you please keep making the videos

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