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  1. No we cannot restart the stream, but we are collecting all your questions and we will post the answers Mike provides here in the comments.

  2. I've been trading commodities living for the past 25 years, and Michael is one of a few people that I listen to. I'm still heavy long Silver, and wanted to know if your momentum still has silver heading to 21 fairly soon. Thanks

  3. Q: Price targets for gold and silver? Whats your momentum analysis on both?

    A: “Targets for gold/silver: Gold current target likely $1700 (could be congestive/correction en route); silver 19-21? Again, just the current move, not ultimate bull peaks which are not likely for another year or two.”

  4. Q: what are your downside targets for SPX if we lose 2600?

    A: “Downside target for S&P500 if 2% over 36-mo. engages? Under 1800.”

  5. Q: what do you think of bitcoin

    A: “Bitcoin should benefit from the environment of markets now. MSA was major bear in late 2017, turned bull again this past April (just above 5000). Positive trend now.”

  6. Q: hi mike, do your annual momentum structure breakdowns ever provide a false positive?

    A: “False signals from Momentum? yes sometimes, but usually only if the structure is somewhat less than clear. Larger the structure, clearer the structure (objective), usually signal then will be valid.”

  7. Q: Does this momentum strategy work for other tradeables than equities as well?

    A: “Momentum works well regardless of market – across the asset categories, that's why MSA covers all four major exchange traded categories: forex, debt, equities, commodities”

  8. Q: How can you be sure rally in gold is not a bear market rally and will end at 1700-1800$?

    A: "Structure for gold (positive long-term momentum) has been in basically two major phases, early 2016 and late 2018. Given that the structures were for annual momentum, likely will sustain for a few/several years. Yes, ultimately gold bull will cease, question is where and when. Not likely soon, not likely anywhere near current levels."

  9. Q: how about silver, will silver mirror gold or will silver do better/worse than gold in short/medium and long term?

    A: “Silver will likely do a "catch up" to gold and outperform on a percentage basis in coming months.”

  10. Q: How does oil perform in this crash?

    A: “Oil likely to bottom coincident with any dramatic S&P500 major low (which again we argue if triggered could be deep and rapid) but then expect oil's upturn to sustain (not for S&P) and drive a strong uptrend for oil. It has quarterly momentum structure overhead that justifies that conclusion. As for low in oil, suspect well back into $40s though not necessarily below the late 2018 selloff low.”

  11. Q: I've been trading commodities living for the past 25 years, and Michael is one of a few people that I listen to. I'm still heavy long Silver, and wanted to know if your momentum still has silver heading to 21 fairly soon. Thanks

    A: “Silver likely to reach into 20+ to 22 zone, but that will likely occur only when gold reaches $1700. Could be gold and silver "correction" prior to reaching that targets for this particular up leg. Such as gold congestion/correction in upper $1500s/silver near $19. Again, not a topping area, just a "mid-point" congestion zone. That's assuming something more dramatic does not engage them rapidly toward $1700 and low $20s (such as Dollar index drop below 96.55 – a major sell trigger – and S&P500 triggering a collapse by engaging its annual momentum trigger.”

  12. Q: based on your analysis, do you believe that gold (& silver) may sell off if stocks decline due to investors’ perceived need for liquidity, or is this time “different” because we are approaching the end of a massive structure (end of debt supercycle)? Thanks

    A: “Think that we are now in a late 1970s environment in which money is flowing out of stocks into gold and related. Hence more rapid drop in stocks likely to further boost gold/silver. Synchronicity between them ended in 2011 in our view. “

  13. Q: what specific BBB corporate bond etf / stock /index would you be short on e.g.which one is most likely to lose value in next crisis

  14. With the inevitable drop in general equities, how do you think the gold miners will fair? Would they rise with gold as investors move to the yellow metal and miners as a safe haven?

  15. there's only on chart that matters and that's interest rates and oil. the US "financial economy" was smashed to pieces last year "by the usual." now oil and interest rates are in a dramatic down cycle. certainly a "financial recession"(Knickerbocker Crisis) just as 2008…but no evidence of any broader impacts to the US economy writ large at all. In fact one could argue the exact opposite and be more right currently. debt continues to soar in value even today…and in particular US Treasuries. taint no shortage of Transfer Payments in the US economy obviously.

  16. Love what Real Vision is doing.
    Q: hello michael, what does your momentum analysis suggest the dollar is likely to do?
    Q: how does your longest-term, quarterly-momentum charts suggest the market will 'return to mean' – sharp, extended, average?

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  18. what about cannabis market? it is not correlated to DOW or SPY, can it save those who do not want go all in gold? what about 5G- it is not a hoax. What is the ticker symbol for t-bonds?

  19. I've been trading commodities living for the past 10 years, and Michael is one of a few people that I listen to. I'm still heavy long Silver, and wanted to know your opinion on @telecoin

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