🔴 The Gold Standard Economic Crisis Explained (w/ Grant Williams, Simon Mikhailovich & Luke Gromen)

Goal is the one asset which has survived every single panic in recorded history Intact in 2008 Gold’s price fell initially surprising many but the reality was that gold was providing liquidity In an illiquid market place once market stabilized and QE began in earnest Gold’s price soared But how can we expect gold to act in the next financial crisis? So I think it’s very I think it’s very difficult To speculate on what is going to happen to gold and what’s gonna happen to? – how it’s gonna happen but I think what is safe to say is that gold is inversely correlated to confidence in the financial system and the fact that gold is independent from The government’s from the banking system is what Creon scares is what creates a tremendous potential Value, I don’t think we’re gonna have another 2008. I mean we’re gonna have something that’s different from 2008 the reason I don’t think necessarily that’s going to be the same is because the problem that 2008 revealed which is excessive debts and excessive leverage Has essentially been kicked upstairs on the to the sovereign level. And so what was a private debt crisis is likely Will come back as a sovereign debt crisis Which is a completely different animal with very different Parameters, so whereas a lot of people are telling me now or I hear a lot of people saying well the banking system is much Safer because the leverage is lower because there’s less rehypothecation The answer that well that may be true but if the currency in which they measure everything is debauch is debauched or devalued and That may happen overnight in a very different way that what happened in 2008 happened We know the endgame we know that all of these debts cannot be paid We know that the unfunded liabilities cannot be met in terms of real purchasing power So then the question is how does that gets resolved? Well, they’re only a couple of ways it can get resolved is either through inflation or deflation deflation meaning defaults in the likely event that we do have some form of situations similar to that of 2008 and no matter what form that event might take Gold remains one of the few ways that you can protect yourself and preserve both your wealth and purchasing power Men’s connection to gold is not just a financial one. However history is filled with deeply personal stories that demonstrate Gold’s role as a store of wealth as protection from government confiscation V inflation and debasement and as an insurance policy that when called upon Pays out in ways that change the lives of those who own it. I know a person who grew up in Vietnam His father was a translator for the US military during Vietnam War and when the u.s left Vietnam they were unable to leave with the unite with the US forces and so they were left behind and having been left behind they obviously were subjected to Oppression by the communist regime it so happened that the family of fourteen one of the uncle’s there was a dentist and he was able to accumulate over the next whatever ten to twelve years a certain amount of gold so that in the late 80s This family was able to pay seven ounces of gold per person So times fourteen over a hundred ounces of gold to get fourteen seats on a boat that left Saigon in the middle of the night lost power and the next day drifted at sea for a few days and Eventually was towed to a Malaysian coast by the Malaysian Coast Guard. They spend two years in a camp for displaced persons They eventually made their way to Singapore where the father was able to go to the US Embassy Present his credentials showed that he was a translator for the u.s for interpreter for the US forces and the whole family of fourteen was given these visas to come to the United States and That’s you know, these people’s lives were saved And what did it do? It’s you know, what did it take? It took seven ounces of gold per person for a family of fourteen and so I think that’s as good an example of Gold being Plan B as I can come up with a couple years ago. I was at a wedding and Some friends of ours. I was talking with some friends of ours and they were They were Russian and Ukrainian and had emigrated here. We’re now American citizens and we got to talking about What happened in the 1990s in Russia they described to me the woman my her father had been a doctor in her village in the Ukraine and She said we’d had enough saved in the bank He we were the richest family in the village and we had enough in the bank to buy five cars which were apparently for that village was quite a bit and she said they they closed the banks for two weeks and When they reopened the banks, we took the money out. We bought groceries for one month and You know the her husband said yes similar story I was saving up to buy a motorcycle and Had enough saved to buy a motorcycle. My dad wouldn’t let me buy it closed the bank for two weeks banks open back up I took the money out and bought up a carton of cigarettes So I said to them I said, so I probably don’t need to explain to you I said How did gold do and they both laughed and they said anyone that had gold silver jewelry they did they did totally fine I love the story of how the French Spirited their gold out of France and off to Canada and various other places when that when the when the Germans arrive It’s a great story and they have to make a movie out of it yeah, I mean it’s really good and basically what I mean, they split up their gold reserves into Into tiny little portions and they went off on, you know, mule carts and fishing boats and and they they got their nation’s wealth Out of the country and they did it before the advancing army I mean it was it’s a it’s a story of derring-do and all of that sort of stuff fantastic. I once heard a story about the Soviet Union Where gold obviously was was forbidden. You could go to jail if you had physical gold, but you were allowed to have Wedding rings gold wedding rings and that was a smart guy And and he had like 50 wedding rings. So every month or every couple of month He went to the market and and had just enormous purchasing power due to his gold ring and I think this clearly shows that that You just have to own at least some gold You You You

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  1. Typical stinking gold bug talk. Ridiculous anecdotes. While Holding physical gold in tough Times, 100 hundred to one more were murdered for their rat holed gold then lives saved saved by it. You’re appealing to paranoid people. Midas, Scrooge, paranoid people, Judas, and Gold bugs will say anything to tout gold. Cause the horde it themselves. It’ll sink their ships.
    “Gold is independent of Governments.” Are you crazy?
    Governments control the vast amount of all gold. China has the second most gold of any country. They import and mine more then any country. They have 12 analysts in Beijing studying and manipulating round the clock. They collect in over exuberance in the gold maker. And they pay their annual combined salary thousands to 1. Gold has a history of manipulation.
    But thanks for the offer. I prefer to swing trade it along with other commodities and indices. Thx

  2. They were afraid of the Nazi so they sent their gold to American and America imported the Nazi along with the gold and today they are screwing whichever countries they can

  3. Grant, The Videos you done covering gold have been excellent. You have have a gold conference with a panel to discuss the role of gold in finance. Especially's its role as the Apex Predator that destroys Fiat Currency gone amok. Also have some discuss the strong logical reasons and motivations for Central Bankers to suppress the price of gold to delay its role as a financial true serum.

  4. Bitcoin has an intrinsic value of zero. It is infinitely dividable because Zero divides into any number an infinite amount of times.

  5. Thanks for the blatantly obvious infomercial. Most likely fully paid for by the shills promoting gold in the segment. Swindle nations of people but, ok, one guy was saved by his gold (no evidence or proof required). Given the fallacious history of gold my bet is the story in the segment was also wholly fabricated, but the music was sure moving. I almost cried.

  6. Here's the problem I see…not enough people know the true value of PMs.
    Most Americans wouldn't know the value of a gold or silver eagle if it bit them in the ass.
    In a real crisis, you'd be lucky to be offered face value by your average US citizen, so bartering with PMs will prove difficult.
    I hold physical gold and silver, but to me, PMs will shine after the dust settles in an economic meltdown.

  7. Gold is capped at $1400…Fed cannot allow it to rise in the face of new QE and cuts in interest rates….price of gold set on COMEX and Fed totally controls COMEX…wake up folks!

  8. So basically, if you live in a communist country &/or a country with a very unstable economy you better be stacking gold bars. And if you live in a democratic country with a stable, free market economy you good with about 35% of your assets in gold. Got it

  9. Gold is the natural enemy of cocaine. The more of the white powder Wall Street types blow up the noses and the more fraud they inflict on the general public the more shiny yellow bars you need in your floor safe in your garage under heavy tool chest.

  10. A lot of these anecdotes strike me as an endorsement of the Greenback. People from regions characterized by impoverishment and political oppression fleeing to the United States. What gives America it's prosperity? The Greenback backed by the rule of law and a prosperous economy.

  11. Sadly those story on the power of gold are only fiction (I mean there's no facts add to those past stories)For the next crisis maybe you should have a lot of food rather than gold…just guessing

  12. Gold is independent from the government? That’s how you identify the shit talkers…for gold and Bitcoin.

    Executive Order 6102. Stay tuned for the Bitcoin equivalent.

  13. About the movie how the French getting there gold out of France. They should also tell in that movie that when Belgium tried to do the same, the train with gold was stopped in France. The French confiscated it and gave it to the Nazi's so they could get a better deal after the surrender. That's the thanks you get when you fight allong side the French for 2 world wars.
    It has to be said that after the end of WW2 Charles De Gaulle was embarrased by the French betrayel. So he transfered gold from the French national bank to the Belgian one.
    But still the French handed over a huge ammount of gold to the nazi's that they could use to buy recources from Sweden, Turkey,..

  14. In a a crisis? How? Ummmmm…Ya…I aint got none, and fat ass killer boy does….in a crisis…my crisis.

  15. Define "some gold" I mean these guys all look filthy fiat rich so "some" could be 100oz, what about the 99% wanting to feed their family….is 1oz enough? No?? Then I'd rather stock bullets.

  16. Gold is very important in the role to enclose waterproof radioactive waste for many years. Warren Buffet invest in anything what makes money but without any moral. I hate such people und the planet Earth hates them too.

  17. I also love the story of how the French "Spirited off their Gold" as well. Meanwhile, the UK bankrupted their economy again, saving their ungrateful arses. When asked by the UK for some financial assistance with the liberation costs using all that Gold, they got the usual Non!

  18. Gold is the worst thing to ever buy when investing lol, go ahead folks just look at the average rate if return over the last 100 years

  19. Your Russia and Vietnam story was so lame🤣 Your stories are from countries ran by communist or being invaded by an army 🤣

  20. I heard a story that during the Weimar hyperinflation someone sold their hotel in Germany to another guy for three ounces of gold. The man that bought the hotel went on to run it and make it a very successful establishment. All these years later it’s still in his family…and all because he had three ounces of Au.

  21. You really didn't answer the question of "how gold works in a crisis", so I'll do it for you. During the crisis, people will be purchasing gold to make themselves feel good and safe. All business will be conducted using a decentralized crypto currency system that has been established and tested 😃👌. People will eventually feel comfortable and dump their gold stash for cryptos. Everybody lived happily ever after…accept for banking scumbags. End of story.

  22. Ok wow….someone heard me…thankyou my friend pm is precious metal…ok….I’m going to get more pm…….now….before the reset

  23. The problem with the story at 6:20 was that when the Nazis took over the French premiere of the time actually gave them all of the gold that was in the bank and it was an immense quantity of gold. Also after they took Czechoslovakia the German Representatives went to Britain and insisted that all the gold reserves the checks had kept in London be sent to Germany which they were.
    At present there are huge vaults that have been built contiguous with the Federal Reserve vaults for the Chinese to transfer physical gold into those vaults and then ship it to China. This is in New York where most of the federal reserve's actual gold genuinely is.

    The whole idea behind private ownership of gold is keeping it out of the hands of a government so you have some control over your own life using the gold to do so.

    … am I the only one to notice that just about all of these stories are about someone somehow outsmarting some government?

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