📈 Price Action: iq option live trading, inverse head and shoulders pattern, head and shoulders H&S

Risk Warning: Your invested capital may be at risk.
This video is not an investment advice. You know first of all is a risk warning the invested capital may be a twist onto it with money You cannot effort reduce at this video It’s not a Vespa bias so this means another life trading exploration video of those things Which I explained in my ebook get system of it so preview finds a link in the description This book contains the most important kazakh butter chopped butter by our total trading concept Which can be applied also to forex and digital options, which I gonna? Show you soon so get this ebook is for free or find a link in the description Join the Facebook group. Yes. I have a really I’m really proud of my facebook group stuff. Yes joins this. They are really cool You will only benefit from this Facebook group so anytime Susan’s Facebook group you can do this There is no need to do anything you can apply for this and you will accept it so let me see if I can show you now some trades based of those things which I explained in this ebook and It looks like here like we would have here some kind of Head & Shoulders pattern was a neckline here Yes, and let me see. It’s not a really nice one. I don’t know if this okay, you see that was a neckline and Now already the price is going down, and I’m already too late so I have to see if this not will be some kind of Okay, I will do it foot now because I’m sure that we are heating down because after the head and shoulders here you get Also a strong downtrend, and that’s the reason why I am doing here put yet because I’m expecting that we’re heating down further There’s a strong downtrend, and that’s a reason why I’m doing the puts It’s the same concept like this one what I have a play explained in the previous video where I have trade itself Double cop yet and there’s a reason why you can’t wait those kinds of trading setups really good and binary options over traded because you will have only to get two or three candles based on those kind of chart a Pathan and in this kind of Scenario you will know exactly in what direction the trend is heating yes. That is a advantage impute rate the Trends which appear after such chemists Aquatics on chart patterns, so let me see what is happening here We might hear Nothing, yes, so I have to see her. Okay. This is here You see the concept is easy. We have here Support level here we have Again is support 11 s so at this kind of area acted like resistance then we got broken here, so now depending on what we have if we get here I can decide if I going to do a put or I’m gonna do a call so we have to wait, but I have to wait for the next candle and Then I’m gonna decide what I’m going to do so I have to also aware about faith wait outset But this candlestick here is now telling me that we are heating down further Yes, okay, I got my book now because we argue in a downtrend yes We are here below, or at the level of this kind of Airy is is this case their support area, but this candle here is telling me that Is not the end it will continue to go down. Yes, that is what chemistry analysis They said this can here this pin Vanya is telling me that we are heating down further Maybe not a lot. Yes because you see Candlestick is not because maybe we have to get a round number. Yes, you see this is a reason Why we this chemistry is not unfolding good because we have here a round number yes from which the price can react Reject, but you see the power of this came in here on this area is telling that the continued the trend will continue until Going down, and that’s the reason why I entered into Ok so and now we are getting here in an area s. Where we get a reversal now Because of Z. Yes, I will call now because I waited to get a better entry point I see here You see those mix here 1 2 3 4 is all those four are a strong resistance area yes in this resistance area will Support area now this was first resistance now, it’s support Yes, because you see here it acted already as a support, but it goes down to this level here And so I’m pretty much sure that this will be in the money. I wanted only to expect a Better entry point and you will see how price will go up because of those four weeks yes And that’s the reason why this will work out it. Also is a market is doing some kind of panic I’m pretty much sure that this will be in the money and Because of those weeks here, which are creating here is such the wall of support Yes, and to see prices going up and this will be in the money and who sees in the month so that was this one I Hope this new like success you have seen how you treat Head & Shoulders pattern it and you have to trade the strength yes down yes and almost believing in a continuation of the trend Till you get a good strong support and resistance area then you can go do some other things yes But first of all you think always that the price will go down further So I would say get this eBook join the Facebook group if you liked this video do a like if you didn’t subscribe it’s time to subscribe yet and If you have some questions or anything to say all your choice of Facebook group and ask your questions there You get the help there you get the question-and-answer sale, or you under you can remove some questions in the comments So I’m happy about hope from healings for you, and so I would say stay safe, and bye bye

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  2. Is so great that it happens pretty often, that, , when you start to make a video , at that time, some good pattern start to form, I remember also when you wanted to explain a particular candle or pattern, it happened the most that at that time they were forming out and you could explain them to us.

    Lots of thanks ! 👐

  3. Perfect video. With every video I watch, I learn something new and improve my skills a little bit. You learn how to behave in a certain market situation only by watching and reminding back to that market situation if it occurs in future. Even if you say you have to trade by yourself, the videos are an enormous enrichment!
    At 0:35 – minor downtrend started with strong bearish candle which broke all EMAS at once. After such a strong candle I would expect a retracement candle, BUT a bearish hammer (continuation sign) occur. 20EMA is pointing down in confluence with BB widening – CALL sufing trend?
    At 5:23 – strong support level – after such a downtrend expect at least 1-3 retracement/reversal candles up to a major keylevel- prior candle is a bullish pinbar – sign of reversal of downtrend – if running candle got strong rejection from opening price of pinbar or from support zone below – CALL!

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